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Flooring Takeoffs
Flooring Takeoffs
Residential and commercial flooring takeoffs include carpets, luxury vinyl tiles, resilient flooring, wood floors, rubber floors, concrete. etc
Drywall Takeoffs
Drywall Takeoffs
Looking for drywall cost/material estimate? We provide drywall sheet and studs quantities required to construct partition walls.
Lumber Takeoffs
Lumber Takeoffs
Wooden truss quantities, number of joists, wooden beams and columns as well as lumber used in roof construction is quantified.
Electrical Estimates
Electrical Estimates
It includes light fixtures, switches, electric panels, low voltage supplies, conduits, electrical wiring costs etc.
Masonry Estimates
Masonry Estimates
We calculate quantities for face brick, masonry wall, CMU blocks, granite , marble stones etc.
Earthwork Estimates
Earthwork Estimates
The excavation & backfill quantity takeoffs, soil stabilization, soil replacement, trench excavation estimates etc. are also provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started?
Share your project drawings with us through email or upload them to our dropbox. We will send you a proposal for the takeoff/estimate. Contact Us
What are the method of payments?
Our invoice can be paid directly via PayPal. Moreover, we also accept all kinds of debit cards and credit card payments.
Do you provide any samples?
Yes we can provide you free samples of our previous estimates before getting started. Please see our samples page or email us for more information.


  • Email your project plans to us or upload them to our dropbox. Get a proposal including charges and turnarond time required to complete the estimate.
  • Receive invoice and make the payment in order to let us get started on your project. Payments can be made via PayPal or credit/debit cards. After the payment confirmation, we will assign your project to our expert estimators.
  • Receive the material takeoff/estimate via email. An excel spreadsheet will be provided that will contain all the material quantities. We also offer free updates for minor changes/modifications in the takeoff sheet.


What is a Construction Estimate?

A construction estimate forecasts the costs required for a construction project. It is a list of materials and activities that are required for construction. It includes material quantities along with unit material rates and labor hours. It is just like a BOQ and contains a list of all the construction materials along with their costs. Construction estimates are useful for bidding and also help in controlling costs during the executing phase of the project.

How Construction Estimates are Prepared?

The first step is to measure and list down the materials required for the construction project. Measuring the material quantities is called “take-off” in construction. After having a list of materials, we need to put the unit costs for the labor, material and then multiply them with the material quantities. This will give us the total cost of each line item. Finally we sum up all the costs in order to get the construction estimate.

Different Types of Estimates

There are 5 fundamental types of construction estimates based on accuracy. These include;

  • Rough Order to Magnitude: When very limited information is available (very early stage of the project) then (ROM) can give a ballpark figure for project cost. (variance: -25% to +75%)
  • Feasibility Estimates: Estimates prepared to study the feasibility of the project and make go/no-go decisions.
  • Preliminary Estimates: A high-level estimate that doesn’t include a detailed breakdown. It is used to compare alternatives.
  • Substantive Estimates: After the completion of the design phase, the substantive estimate is prepared which is much accurate.
  • Definitive: It is a detailed and most-accurate estimate with a detailed breakdown of all the materials and costs required for a construction project.

Construction Estimating Services

Construction estimation is the process of preparing a detailed cost estimate of a project. It is carried out very early in the project lifecycle. When it comes to estimating the cost associated with your upcoming construction projects, you have come to the right place. Our qualified and professional cost estimators will be able to accurately detail the quantity takeoff for your upcoming building projects.

QTO Estimating company will help you get fast and reliable construction, and building material estimates that will enable you to win more bids. It pays to speak to the best when it comes to construction estimating services.

Why Outsourcing Estimation Services Makes Sense!

There is no doubt that the construction industry is a finely tuned industry that requires attention to detail. Accurate estimation can make the difference between winning and losing bids and can also affect profit margins at the end of a project. The last thing that you want to be doing is spending hours doing estimates. This is the reason why general contractors prefer to outsource construction estimates instead of doing it by themselves. QTO Estimating stood best among the construction estimating companies in the USA because of its accurate cost estimates, fast turnaround, and support. We provide services to homebuilders, developers, architects, and general contractors. We have been involved in the construction and building industry for decades, and our professional engineers understand what’s involved with creating detailed and accurate material takeoffs and estimates for construction and building projects.

Why Contractors Outsource Estimating Services?

Outsourcing estimates from construction estimating companies like QTO will give you more time to focus on getting your projects completed and less time sitting in front of your computer. By outsourcing cost estimates, you’ll have more time to focus on growing and managing your business while also successfully bidding on and winning more projects.

Let our estimating professionals take the headaches and stress out of putting together your material lists and building costs estimates. Once you start working with QTO Estimating, you’ll never look back, and your business and employees will benefit in the long run!

Why Choose QTO Estimating?

QTO Estimating has been offering estimation services to general contractors, builders, homeowners, etc. for many years. We have a team of experienced quantity surveyors and estimators. We got extensive experience in the preparation of material takeoffs and cost estimates for all kinds of construction projects.

Our professional estimating services for residential and commercial construction projects are useful for companies of all sizes. We have worked on hundreds of remodeling and new construction projects. We also offer material takeoffs for specific CSI divisions/trades. Let’s say if a sub-contractor in New York needs material quantities only for specific items like lumber only or concrete only then they can also take benefit from our professional assistance.

We have qualified staff who knows how to use the latest estimating tools like PlanSwift, Bluebeam, and MS Excel, etc. So If you are looking for a freelance cost estimator to reduce in-house labor costs, then you have come to the right place. Our rates are affordable and we deliver the estimates really quickly so that the contractors don’t miss the bidding deadline.

What Construction Estimating Services We Offer?

When it comes to estimation, QTO Estimating has several different services available for you to choose from. With our qualified team of industry professionals, you can take the hard work and stress out of preparing your next construction or building estimate for tender proposal.

  • Site works: include earthwork, site demolition, utilities, site concrete, asphalt pavement, concrete pavement, landscaping, structural excavation, structural concrete, reinforcing & metals, structural steel, waterproofing, and pavement markings.
  • Interior works: include ceiling, flooring, wall panels, carpentry, insulation, windows, doors, frames & hardware, metal framing, drywall, acoustical ceiling tiles, FRP, toilet partitions, fixture installations, and painting quantity takeoffs.
  • Exterior works: include face brickwork, roof replacement, parapet walls, lintel replacement, painting, terracotta work, stucco work, facade renovation, limestone panels, windows replacement, AC installation, ornamental stones, and other exterior renovation work.

The construction estimating services offered by us include;

  1. House Construction Estimates
  2. Remodeling Estimates
  3. Preliminary Estimates
  4. Civil Works Estimates
  5. Flooring Estimates
  6. Drywall Estimates
  7. Electrical Estimates
  8. HVAC Estimates
  9. Concrete & Rebar Estimates
  10. Masonry Veneer
  11. Facade Repair Works
  12. Exterior Finishes
  13. CMU & Bricks Estimates
  14. Structural Steel Works
  15. Lumber & Sheathing
  16. Roofing & Siding
  17. Insulation Estimates
  18. Caulking
  19. Doors & Windows
  20. Paint
  21. etc.

QTO Estimating Services Also Include

  • Residential Estimates: It’s not an easy matter to quantify residential properties as no two homes are the same. We will take the headache of estimating your residential building projects. We have worked with some of the best real estate developers and material suppliers from around the world and we understand what works and what doesn’t. Our professional team will be able to quickly and accurately help you with all your bidding requirements.
  • Commercial Estimates: Commercial construction estimating services and all business projects require fast turnaround times and accurate quantities. We understand that profit margins are tight, and accurate material estimation leads to profitable projects completed on time and budget. So don’t hesitate to contact us for your next commercial estimate.
  • Civil Works Estimates: If you have to plan large civil works and require detailed quantity takeoffs for civil engineering projects, then our team is ready to help! We have helped plan and estimate civil works around the world and understand that attention to detail and accurate bill of quantities are essential for the success of the project.
  • Interior Renovation Estimates: Whether it’s just a simple remodel or a complete renovation of the building, accurately determining the equipment costs, labor hours and material prices is vital to producing an accurate budget. The thing you don’t want to do is get halfway through a project and realize you’ve miscalculated. QTO Estimating will be able to help you with your interior renovation quantity takeoffs.
  • Exterior Renovation Estimates: When it comes to your exterior renovation projects, we will be able to help and guide you throughout the entire duration of the project regarding the supply of material and equipment. You’ll receive a detailed list of equipment, materials, and labor hours required to complete the job.
  • All Other Works: Whether it’s specific material measurements, concrete quantity, material calculation, labor hours prediction, or equipment supply estimates, we would love to assist you. The expert team at QTO Estimating inc is highly qualified and has a vast experience in estimating USA construction projects.

QTO Estimating Service Areas & Locations

We are offering estimating services in the USA, Canada, and Australian regions and we have many successful client-base in the following states including New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts, Illinois, South Carolina, Michigan, Oregon, Arizona, Alabama, Minnesota.

How Do We Work?

You just need to send us drawings or bid packagess along with your requirements via email. We will review the project blueprints as well as specifications and prepare a proposal for you. Our proposal will include the cost as well as the timeframe required to finish the material takeoff. After the client accepts the proposal, we send out the invoice and assign the project to our estimation team.

Material Takeoff Spreadsheet by QTO

Moreover, we also provide addons that include marked-up screenshots from the PlanSwift software and the native PlanSwift project files that can be used to double-check the quantities in the excel spreadsheet. Our takeoff service includes a detailed and well-organized breakdown of all activities as well as materials quantities required to finish the job. The spreadsheets are organized in BOQ format and just by putting the unit price of each line item, once can get the cost estimate (or bidding price) for each CSI division as well as for the whole project.

What Other Services We Will Offer?

BIM Modeling Services

Considering the big change that Building Information Modeling (BIM) has brought in the construction industry, QTO Estimating has started working on BIM modeling. BIM is an innovative and modern technology that is being adopted & implemented by many countries around the globe. It makes the construction process simpler, faster, and more reliable. So if your company also follows the BIM methodology then don’t forget to take benefit of our BIM modeling services.

Project Leads

Soon we are going to start offering free construction leads to general contractors and sub-contractors. We will be able to provide you with detailed information about the upcoming tenders and projects that will be taking place in your region or state. This will include each and every detail related to tenders; like bid dates, project drawings, specifications, and addenda. This valuable service will allow you to get advance notice of upcoming construction projects & tenders in your region.

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