QTO Estimating offers construction cost estimating services and material take-offs to builders and general contractors. We have a team of certified estimators have 20+ years of experience in construction cost estimation field. Our team has estimated thousands residential and commercial projects in US and helped hundreds of contractors in winning bids.



Numerous contractors are currently preoccupied with ongoing projects, leaving them with insufficient time to bid on new jobs. Consequently, failing to bid on potential projects could result in loss for your company. A rough approximation suggests that contractors lose roughly $150,000 yearly due to inaccurate estimates and missed bids.

For small contractors, employing a full-time construction estimator can prove to be financially challenging. To solve your construction cost estimation requirements, consider utilizing a QTO estimating service tailored for builders.

You can save money by getting help with estimating your construction costs from us instead of hiring a full-time estimator. Our services are offered at a nominal fee for both full and trade-specific estimates, allowing you to save money.
Our team of professional cost estimators is available 24/7 to address any inquiries you may have via phone or email. We offer ongoing support and revisions, even after delivering the estimates to ensure your satisfaction.
Our team of certified estimators specializes in preparing construction estimates. Working collaboratively allows us to deliver estimates in a timely manner, ensuring that you meet your deadline.
Our estimates comply with local construction specifications, material, and labor rates. By utilizing state-of-the-art software such as PlanSwift and Bluebeam, we guarantee our clients receive the most precise cost estimates for their project.


QTO Estimating is a leading construction estimating company offering cost estimation service and material take-offs for residential and commercial construction projects in USA. We are a team of expert construction cost estimators having 20+ years of experience in estimating, budgeting and bidding services. We have been offering construction estimating services to builders, general contractors, sub-contractors, architects and developers.

Our estimators have the job-site construction experience and knowledge and hence we are able to estimate the construction project accurately. Moreover, our access to local pricing databases enable us to do ZIP-code based cost budgeting that aligns with the local material and labor rates. We offer our estimation services throughout United States and we have prepared construction cost estimates for thousands of mega construction projects in New York, Florida, California, Texas and other states. We are also associated with notable organizations such as American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE), American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) and Project Management Institute (PMI).

Construction estimators working on computer


  • General Contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Remodeling Contractors

  • Homebuilders
  • Homeowners
  • Material Suppliers

  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Designers


We specialize in providing detailed construction cost estimates for residential and commercial projects. This includes full project estimates as well as trade-specific estimates for all the CSI divisions. Our construction estimating services include;


Concrete Estimating Services

Our Concrete estimates include concrete, rebar and formwork quantities for foundations, concrete pavements, retaining walls, slabs, beam, columns etc.


Paint Estimating Services

Our detailed painting estimates include priming, scraping and painting for walls, ceilings, doors & metal railings etc. We also estimate special coatings and wall coverings.


Masonry Estimates

Our full masonry estimating service include CMU block estimate, brick work, stone work, masonry joint and grout infill, rebar infill, anchors, ties etc.


Earthwork Estimates

In our earthwork estimating services, we include site grading, excavation, backfill, soil stabilization, soil replacement, trench excavation estimates etc.


Drywall Estimating Services

Our drywall estimating service include drywall sheets count, metal stud quantities, taping, mudding and joint compounds etc.


Flooring Takeoffs

Residential and commercial flooring estimates include carpets, luxury vinyl tiles, resilient flooring, wood floors, rubber floors, concrete. etc.


Lumber Takeoff

Our lumber takeoffs service include all the lumber framing that includes wall studs, joists, rafters, floor beams, PSLs, LVLs, wood decking, plywood sheathing.


Electrical Estimating Services

Our electrical estimates include light fixtures & receptacles count, conduits and wiring lengths, electric panels count etc.


 We’re excited to offer new customers an exclusive discount of up to 30% off their first estimate. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer! Contact us today to learn more about our construction cost estimating services and how we can help you with your project management requirements. 



Simply send us your project plans via email or upload them to our secure dropbox, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive proposal that includes charges and turnaround time.



Receive your invoice and make a secure payment via PayPal or credit/debit card. Once your payment is confirmed, we’ll assign your project to our experienced and skilled estimators, who will work diligently to deliver accurate and reliable estimates in a timely manner.


Receive a detailed material takeoff and cost estimate via email, complete with an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet that contains all the material quantities you need. And the best part? We offer free updates for minor changes and modifications in the takeoff sheet, ensuring that your project stays on track and on budget.

What is a Construction Estimating?

Construction estimating is the process of calculating the material quantities and costs involved in a construction project. It starts with a review of project plans and specifications. After that, the drawings are loaded into the estimating software, scaled and then the various materials such as concrete, drywall, masonry, steel framing etc. are measured. Then the unit costs for labor and material are calculated based on the project location. The unit prices are then multiplied with material quantities to prepare a detailed construction cost estimate of the project. Construction estimating services are useful for general contractors, builders, project owners and other stakeholders included in a project. A preliminary construction estimate helps the stakeholders in making informed decisions and in determining the feasibility of project.

Construction Cost Estimating Services

We have a team of certified construction cost estimators having plenty of experience in preparing cost estimates and budgets for building projects. Accurate cost estimates are essential for any residential and or commercial projects. Our construction cost estimating service helps our customers with bidding, budgeting, and construction cost management of project.

Our freelance construction estimators can prepare estimates that include the material, labor and equipment costs along with the takeoffs for the following major trades;

  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Drywall
  • Steel
  • Lumber
  • Trims
  • Siding
  • Decking

  • Painting
  • Coatings
  • Flooring
  • Ceilings
  • Roofing
  • Millwork
  • Insulation
  • Flashings

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Specialties
  • Signages
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC

  • Equipment
  • Conveying Systems
  • Furnishings
  • Earthworks
  • Landscaping
  • Utilities

Building Estimating Services

We offer detailed building estimates for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Our professional building cost estimators are quite proficient in estimating new construction, remodeling, expansion and home-improvement projects. Our qualified team of estimators can accurately estimate;

  • Site works: include earthwork, site demolition, utilities, site concrete, asphalt pavement, concrete pavement, landscaping, structural excavation, structural concrete, reinforcing & metals, structural steel, waterproofing, and pavement markings.
  • Interior works: include ceiling, flooring, wall panels, carpentry, insulation, windows, doors, frames & hardware, metal framing, drywall, acoustical ceiling tiles, FRP, toilet partitions, fixture installations, and painting quantity takeoffs.
  • Exterior works: include face brickwork, roof replacement, parapet walls, lintel replacement, painting, terracotta work, stucco work, façade renovation, limestone panels, windows replacement, AC installation, ornamental stones, and other exterior renovation work.

Residential Estimating

Residential Construction Estimating Services

At QTO Estimating we offer residential construction estimating services to builders and contractors. Our residential estimates comprise of a detailed breakdown of construction costs associated with projects. We work with homebuilders nationwide who construct like a few dozen to a hundred of houses every year. QTO Estimating team prepared estimates for all sizes of houses that include from small ADUs to big mansions with area upto 25,000 SF with more than $10 million budget value. Our residential construction estimators are expert in estimating house construction costs and material take-off lists. Our up to date cost database contains the latest ZIP-code based pricing for material and labor for all the US states. We use out cost database along with premium tools like RSMeans to price the project accurately. We worked on thousands of housing projects that include single-family homes, multi-family residences, townhouses, duplexes, triplexes, assisted living facilities, apartment buildings etc.

Commercial Estimating

Commercial Construction Estimating Service

Our expert commercial construction cost estimators have practical field experience and we estimated thousands of commercial projects including offices, retails, hospitality, educational, industrial, recreational and mixed-use buildings. QTO team has estimated commercial projects ranging from $1million value to multi-million dollar mega construction projects. We are well aware of commercial building codes, pricing guidelines and estimating techniques and our skilled commercial building estimators use the latest software to do takeoffs quickly and accurately. The construction rates for commercial buildings differ greatly from residential construction and we consider this factor while estimating the costs of commercial projects.

Industrial Estimating

Get detailed industrial building estimating services for projects such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers,

Industrial Construction Cost Estimation

research facilities, development facilities, power generation buildings, utility buildings and food processing facilities etc. Our industrial building estimates include everything from structural steel framing to concrete panels and from foundations to roofing.

We have estimated construction costs for many complex industrial construction projects with a budget ranging up to $25 million. We also offer specialized project management service for industrial projects to ensure that our clients complete the project as per the timeline schedule and within the allocated budget.


Civil Works Estimating

In civil estimation, we estimate site works developments as per the civil work plans of the project. The scope of work we estimate under this

Civil Works Estimation Service

trade include site preparation works such as grading, excavation, backfill etc. It also includes estimate for concrete pavements, asphalt pavements, utility lines including sewers, electrical and water supply lines, landscaping etc. We also include the cost of heavy equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes and dumpsters while preparing a budget estimate for civil works. Furthermore, we include the fees for the permits, mobilization, supervision, project closeouts along with suitable overheads and profits in the estimate.


We have estimated thousands of projects nationwide and our experience in construction projects pricing enable us to prepare accurate cost estimates as per your local area. We keep our pricing database updated with the local area materials and labor rates throughout the United States. Moreover, we have premium subscriptions with RSMeans and Craftsman National Construction Estimator that are local pricing and costing providers and help us in preparing accurate cost estimates as per the project location ZIP code.

Local ZIP Code Based Pricing


Here are a few projects that we have estimated for our customers. You can request samples for other trades by sending is an email directly or by reaching us from the contact us page.

Checkout sample estimates for all other trades on this page. You can email us if you want to see an example estimate of some specific trade.

Cost Estimates You Can Rely Upon

We pride ourselves on being a reliable source for your construction cost estimating needs. Our team of expert and professional construction cost estimators is dedicated to providing you with fast, accurate, and dependable quantity takeoff estimates for construction projects of all sizes. We understand that reliability is key in the construction industry, and we strive to consistently deliver accurate cost estimates with fast turnaround.

We use latest construction estimating software including Planswift, bluebeam, xactimate, Trimble, On-screen takeoff and IMHS Marks Systems to take off material quantities and estimate project accurately. For pricing data, we keep ourselves updated with the latest materials pricing available in your area. Pricing sources such as RSMeans and Homewyse and our historical construction pricing database also help us to compile an accurate labor and material estimate for your construction project. Our professional estimators ensure that your project costs are in line with the latest ZIP code-based labor and material pricing.

Outsourcing estimates from construction estimating companies like QTO will give you more time to focus on getting your projects completed and less time sitting in front of your computer and doing estimates. By outsourcing construction estimates, you’ll have more time to focus on growing and managing your business while also successfully bidding on and winning more projects. Let our professional estimators take the headaches and stress out of putting together your material lists and building costs estimates. Once you start working with QTO Estimating, you’ll never look back, and your business and employees will benefit in the long run!


Case Study #1: How QTO Estimating Helped Framing Company In Winning 30% More Projects Annually

ABC Framers (name withheld for privacy) is a carpentry company based in California that encountered difficulties handling numerous RFQs and bid inquiries from potential customers due to their small estimating team. To alleviate this challenge, the company’s president sought the services of QTO Estimating and executed a contract for outsourcing lumber framing estimates.

QTO Estimating utilized a custom framing estimating template containing framing item lists along with material, labor, equipment rates etc., and Planswift was employed for performing takeoffs. ABC Framers began submitting multiple bids per week to QTO Estimating, and our team of framing estimators handled the entire workload, including takeoffs in Planswift, inputting framing items into the template, and completing bid proposal forms. The finished products were then submitted to the Estimating head of ABC Framers for review, after which necessary tweaks were made, and the final bid was sent to the customer.

After several months, the bid submission task was delegated to QTO Estimating. On behalf of ABC Framers, we prepared and submitted over 350 framing bids annually, resulting in savings of approximately $200,000 per year while also freeing up the company’s time from mundane estimation tasks. By outsourcing their estimates to QTO Estimating instead of hiring full-time estimators, ABC Framers was able to efficiently submit bids and win 30% more projects annually with our accurate and reliable estimates.

Case Study #2: How Louisiana Based Builder is Saving $250,000 Annually With QTO Estimating

One of our longstanding clients is a house builder based in Louisiana. Over the last 20 years, he constructed many single-family homes and multi-family units for rental and sale. Prior to engaging QTO Estimating, the client handled all of their own estimating work, resulting in an annual output of only 5 to 7 houses.

QTO Estimating was initially contracted to provide framing estimates, with the builder subsequently utilizing our lumber order lists to place framing orders with a local lumber supplier. Our expertise in accurately estimating materials led to a noticeable reduction in project waste, which prompted the builder to engage our services for a wider range of construction materials, including sheetrock, plywood sheathing, flooring, roofing, and siding.

The builder was able to realize substantial savings from our material estimates, as well as benefit from the significant time savings associated with no longer having to perform estimating work themselves. This increased efficiency enabled the builder to undertake more projects, resulting in an annual output of over 20 houses. QTO Estimating also provided support in other areas such as CAD drafting, 3D modeling, and project scheduling, further alleviating the builder’s workload.


Being a national cost estimating firm, we have completed estimates for many local and federal government projects. The private projects estimated by us include residential buildings, office buildings, warehouses etc. Furthermore, we have worked on projects issued by government authorities such as School Construction Authority (SCA), Department of Design and Construction (DDC), Dasny etc. Moreover, we also worked on many US military projects in Japan as well as in Guam. The projects include Parks development, Machine gun rage construction, Warehouse buildings, Combat Logistics Battalion buildings, Airforce Staff Residential buildings etc. We have estimated both prevailing wage and non-prevailing wage projects for various authorities.

QTO Estimating Service Areas & Locations

We are offering estimating services in the USA, Canada, and Australian regions and we have many successful client-base in the following states

QTO Estimating Service Areas

including New York, New Jersey, CaliforniaFlorida, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts, Illinois, South Carolina, Michigan, Oregon, Arizona, Alabama, Minnesota.

Our construction cost estimating services are designed to help you win more bids, stay within your budget, and achieve your construction goals with confidence. When you work with us, you can trust that our team will go above and beyond to ensure that your project is accurately estimated from start to finish.

Don’t settle for anything less than reliable when it comes to your construction cost estimating needs. Trust the professionals at QTO Estimating to provide you with the results you need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help take your construction project to the next level.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Sarah Rodriguez San Francisco, California

QTO Estimating has completely changed the game for our construction projects. Their accurate and detailed estimates have helped us to streamline our bidding process and win projects. Their team is always responsive, professional, and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend QTO Estimating for any construction estimating needs.

Matthew Kim New York

I have been using QTO Estimating for over a year now and have been consistently impressed with their work. They are able to quickly and accurately provide estimates for all of our construction projects, which has saved us both time and money. Their team is knowledgeable, reliable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. I highly recommend QTO Estimating to anyone in need of construction estimating services.

Emily Nguyen Houston, Texas

I was extremely impressed with the level of detail and accuracy that QTO Estimating provided for my home renovation project. They were able to provide me with a comprehensive estimate that helped me to better understand the scope of the project and the costs associated with it. Their team was always available to answer any questions I had and made the entire process seamless. I would highly recommend QTO Estimating to anyone looking for construction estimating services.

Andrew Lee Miami, Florida

As a general contractor, I have worked with many different construction estimating services, but none compare to QTO Estimating. Their team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that they bring to every project. They are able to provide us with accurate estimates that have helped us to stay on budget and complete projects on time. We have complete trust in their abilities and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of construction estimating services


How much do you charge for an estimate?

Our estimating service fee depend on project size and scope of works. You can email plans and the scope of works to in order to get a quote for the estimate. For a single trade estimate our charges usually start from $100.

How long it takes to do an estimate?

Our typical turnaround time is 3 to 5 calendar days. However if there is a rush then we can deliver the estimate within 24 hours.

From where do you get local pricing?

We have an extensive cost database that contains the historical pricing of material and labor in all the US states. We also use RSMeans and Craftsman National Construction Estimator to get latest updated material and labor pricing as per ZIP Code of project.

What software do you use for estimating?

We use takeoff software such as planswift, bluebeam, xactimate and onscreen takeoffs to do the material take-offs. Then we use RSMeans and Craftsman to do the cost estimate and the final estimate is provided in an excel spreadsheet.

How to try out QTO’s construction estimating service?

To get started, simply send us plans via email to or upload them to our dropbox link provided on the contact us page. From there, we will promptly provide you with a comprehensive proposal for your takeoff and estimation needs.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept various payment methods, including PayPal and all major debit and credit cards. Our invoices can be paid online via any credit card, and we’re happy to work with you to ensure that payment is easy and convenient.

Do you provide samples of your previous estimates?

Yes, we understand the importance of transparency and want to ensure that you’re confident in our abilities. We’re happy to provide you with free samples of construction costs estimates prepared by our expert team. Please visit our samples page or email us if you are looking for samples of some particular trade.

What are the types of estimates you provide?

We specialize in provide construction cost estimates for residential projects that include single family, multi family houses, apartment buildings. We also do commercial cost estimates for offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, warehouses etc. We also offer construction estimates based on the current stage of your project. This includes conceptual estimate, preliminary estimate, design-stage estimate, bid estimate, comprehensive materials estimate etc.

We provide full GC estimates and trade-specific estimates for CSI divisions such as drywall, concrete, masonry, painting etc. Also we offer a comprehensive take-off service for ordering material such as lumber framing, painting and drywall etc. Our charges for bid estimating service are lesser than what we charge for detailed material breakdown that is used for material ordering purposes.

What is the difference between estimate and take-off?

A takeoff is a list of material quantities required for a construction project. It includes quantity of materials such as concrete, masonry, drywall, steel etc. On the other hand, an estimate also includes the pricing for the labor, equipment and material along with the material take-off in excel spreadsheet.

At QTO Estimating, we pride ourselves on providing professional and efficient construction estimating services. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about how we can assist with your project cost estimation needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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