5 Key Tips for Floor Tiles Installation

While you plan to get new tiles for your floor, there are certain key tips that you should remember. Apart from selecting eye-catchy tiles design, it is recommended to install them properly as well.

No matter you have hired a professional for this job, it is paramount for you to read these tips. Upon properly and perfectly installing your floor tiles, you will not get any nasty and messy surprises later on.


Thoroughly Check Your Tiles Quality


Before you install your tiles on the floor, it is critical for you to check their quality thoroughly and deeply. In other words, check for any kind of discoloration and damage or any shade difference. If you see that there are any defective tiles present in your order, then replace them as soon as possible. During installation, request your contractor to carefully handle your floor tiles. We know that tiles are extremely delicate, and they get damaged instantly on a minor fall, so it is better to handle them with care. When tiles are installed on floors, they might have to cut down to get properly fitted. During cutting, contractors should cautiously cut their tiles instead of damaging them. Also, it is important to consider a wastage while preparing the flooring takeoffs or estimates.

Carefully Decide your Tile Pattern and Layout

Secondly, you should carefully and wisely decide your tile pattern as well as its layout. Some people like to mix and match different kinds of tiles on their floors, so in this regard, they have to show extra creativity. Before you start to install your floor tiles, it is essential for you to draw the layout on a piece of paper. You can even seek suggestion from tiling contractors regarding what kind of layout is suitable for your floor. Furthermore, if an individual plans to install tiles carrying a uniform design, then he needs to make sure to cut minimum of tiles so that the wastage is minimum. If you fail to decide the tile layout beforehand, then there is a probability that your floor tile installation project may turn out to be a failure.

Prepare your Floor Surface

Before starting the job of tiles installation, prepare your floor surface. In other words, your floor should look even and properly prepared before sticking tiles on them. If you think that your floor is a little bit damaged and needs repairing, then it is better to repair it before installing any tile on it. Proper sticking and installation of tiles are ensured if your floor is properly leveled. Furthermore, your floor surface has to look clean, dry as well as dust-free. Remove all loose materials from your floor and get rid of all hardened cement granules.

Use Good Adhesives

For perfect installation of floor tiles, it is suggested to use good-quality adhesives. Upon using a good installer or good adhesive, your tiles will never detach from the floor. Moreover, if you are using porcelain floor tiles, then make sure to stick them together with the help of flexible and cement-based adhesive. If it is a high-performance tile adhesive, then it will not end up showing some movement as well as vibration. Moreover, look for an adhesive that delivers exceptional adhesion and rapid setting times.

Waterproof the Substrate While Tiling a Bathroom Floor

This piece of advice is given by the experts that while you plan to tile your bathroom floor, you should waterproof your substrate. This same practice needs to be implemented while you plan to tile your wet rooms. Upon waterproofing the substrate and sealing the room, the quality of your tiles may remain top-notch. We have seen that porcelain tiles are usually non-porous, and water can easily and conveniently seep down completely through their grout joints. For the sake of ensuring a watertight seal, you can follow this tip and try making your bathroom and wet room floor tiles waterproof.

More Tips for Floor Tiles Installation

Before installing new tiles on your floor, make sure to properly clean them and try to make them dust-free once you take them out from the box. You can use a moist cloth to clean your tiles.

After some weeks, you can further clean them up by dipping the sponge in some diluted soap solution. Rub this sponge on your floor tiles and remove any haze and residue from them.

Avoid using any of the acid cleaners on your tiles. In addition, you should avoid rubbing any kind of strong soap-based cleaner on your tiles. By doing so, they may become rough and extremely damaged.

Lastly, when tiling a floor, it is best to handover this job to a pro. Avoid doing it on your own because extensive skills and expertise are needed to do this job. It is only an experienced tile installer who can show the best results and take the best actions to perform this job.

All rooms are different and different tile installation techniques are implemented for different areas. So, it is wise to hire an expert who can professionally and keenly assess individual parts of your home and helps you accomplish this tile installation job with ease.

Hence, avoid rushing into this floor tile installation activity and perform this job with patience and great care. You can only see the desired results if you know the tactics of properly installing floor tiles. Good luck!

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