5 Best Quantity Takeoff Softwares in 2023

Construction is not as simple as it seems. It not only needs a workforce for building but also requires tedious work for the calculation of material quantities, costs, and expenses. With the emergence of advanced software, there is a solution for every lengthy process. Today, a number of construction estimating software are available in the market. Contractors use these applications to quickly do the estimates and prepare bids.

These programs help the contractor quickly estimate the budget for a new contract according to the available drawings and the client’s requirements. Otherwise, there are chances of miscalculation that may lead to a big loss for the construction company. So if you are looking for best quantity takeoff software in 2023, you are at the right place.

Best Quantity Takeoff Softwares for Construction Estimates


1. PlanSwift

PlanSwift is a digital construction estimating software, which is suitable for all kinds of construction projects including commercial and residential buildings. You can create a new job and import the project drawings in PDF/TIF/DWG format. After that, scale the drawing manually or by selecting a pre-defined scale from the options panel. Finally, use the digitizing feature to draw lines, areas, and polygons in order to calculate the lengths, areas, and volumes of various items. You can also count items like doors, windows, accessories, etc. using PlanSwift. So that there is no chance of missing any item or quantity. This is the most used software for doing flooring takeoffs and drywall estimates.


Once the takeoff is done, set the unit rate for each and every line item and simply export the quantity takeoff in excel format. So now you have the complete editable BOQ in the excel spreadsheet. Adjust the rates to get the final bidding price of the project.

You can use PlanSwift plugins for quick estimation of plumbing items, drywall, sloped flooring, landscapes, etc. You can download PlanSwift free trial for 14 days. Once the trial gets finished or expired, you have to buy the software for $1,195. The software costs only a one-time download fee. You can get professional training for the PlanSwift for a reasonable price, i.e., $295.

This software can be installed on Windows system and requires a minimum ram of 4GB. The drawback of PlanSwift is that it is not available for MAC users. It is economical and user-friendly quantity takeoff software that can improve work efficiency and bring more profit to your company.

2. Bluebeam

Accuracy in construction estimation is critical if you want to win projects with profit. Any mistake in calculation can lead to bidding loss. Keeping in mind the crucial requirements of quantity estimation, Bluebeam take-off software has developed the best tools for estimating services and preparation of construction proposals.

With the Design Review feature, your partner can review the project details anytime he wants and shares ideas with you. Document management feature helps you to place all the relevant files of the project in one place. So everyone can have access to them.


Bluebeam is quite advanced software as compared to PlanSwift and you can directly import PDFs from Civil Engineering design software like Revit, Navisworks, Sketchup, etc. You can markup the PDF with lines, clouds, callouts, symbols, and images with simple clicks and get the quantity estimates. Moreover, it is possible to overlay a file over another PDF in order to compare the changes.

This one is also a paid software but you can download Bluebeam free for 30 days trial period. The one-time fee to purchase this software is only $349. You can install it on a system operating Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

3. Esticom

It is one of the best construction estimating on-screen software which is suitable for MEP as well as civil works estimation. It is a cloud-based application and you don’t need to download it. So don’t worry about the up-gradation and other issues. Just put all your project plans inside a new job and start estimating the quantities and costs. With a few clicks, you will be able to quickly estimate the material quantities and figure out the construction cost of the project. You can win more bids by doing the construction takeoffs with Esticom.


The features you are getting with Esticom are accounting integration, audit trail, plumbing estimation, project management, HVAC estimating, and project analytics. It is a web-based software that is ideal to be used by every type of business operator. You can create an account on the website and manage your project files directly from the dashboard. The software is compatible to be used on all devices.

You can get a free trial of the software for 14 days without the use of a credit card. After that, you need to pay $99 per month to use the services of Esticom software. Another option is to purchase it fully by paying a one-time fee of $999. The software interface is very user-friendly and you can watch online video tutorials to get a full grip on all features of Esticom.

4. ProEst

What is better than getting connected with your project team in one single place? You don’t need to deal with your project members separately and this way you can save a lot of time. With ProEst construction estimating software, access your clients, group members, and project team in one single place. A team of estimators/quantity surveyors can easily collaborate, doing the quantity takeoff for a big construction project using ProEst software.

Whether you are a person working in the construction industry or a subcontractor, you can easily estimate the project cost as well as material quantities with this software. This software is very user-friendly and considered a very powerful estimating tool.


You can do account integration, and estimation for plumbing, HVAC, civil works, etc. Moreover, some pre-built templates for project estimation are available which can be customized easily based on the requirements. You can also overview the project plans and estimated quantities to remove any errors and collaborate with other members.

This one is also web-based software. You can get a free demo, but the starting annual price for the subscription is $5000. With the help of ProEst, forget the manual estimation process and create compelling digital bids for your construction business.

Many customers have satisfactory remarks about the software, but they think it has the potential to do more. It is comparatively expensive.

5. Square Takeoff

Here comes another cool web-based software for estimating the construction cost of materials and labor for a project. If you are looking for software that can be used easily on mobile devices as well as on computers then this is a good choice for you. It works efficiently on mobiles, tablets, and computers.

Whether you are working on a commercial project or a residential project, quickly estimate your quantities and construction costs for bidding purposes with Square Takeoff software. Upload your plans on the software and do the takeoff by simply digitizing the PDF document. The software will calculate the costs based on areas, material required, and labor required. You can input your own unit costs, considering the profit margins to get the accurate bidding price with good profit. You can also use customized template designs for the preparation of bid proposals. Moreover, It is also possible to share your digital estimation data with the clients for review.


This software not only works on a Windows device but also performs well on Mac. You can manage your bids on any device and share them whenever and wherever you want. Save your time and money by doing quantity takeoffs for construction projects using square takeoff services.

You can get a free 14 days trial by registering at their official website. After that, you will pay a subscription fee of $1000 for the first year, and then a $399 fee per year. It is user-friendly software and offers features like a custom take-off tool, roof area tool, and free product updates.

So which construction estimating software is the best in your opinion? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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