BIM Modeling Services

Building information modeling or BIM services by QTO Estimating include the services related to the detailed designing and 3D model generation of the building projects. BIM is a relatively more reliable and advanced way of approaching the design and documentation process for construction. So, it provides a basic overview of the whole project and helps the viewers to see what will be the final product.

Why Choose BIM for Your Projects?

The basic idea of using building information modeling is to help out the designers, constructors, as well as cost consultants, have an overview of the actual elements of the construction projects. Previously, everything was done manually and so, the process was not as accurate as it was required to be. Moreover, it was really difficult for the cost consultants to estimate the overall price because of the vague information that was provided to them via 2D design documentation.

The present BIM technology is very advanced and provides everything in detail. The 3D BIM Model provides a comprehensive overview of the overall construction project. In the BIM modeling services, there is a whole team involved, this team mainly consists of software developers, architects, designers of the project, engineers, management consultants, and other people who are involved in the construction project. With the help of involving the whole team, the aim is to bring a diverse perspective of everyone in the BIM modeling as well as the construction process. With the help of this diverse perspective, the team achieves a holistic solution to the problems involved in the project overall, and a whole different solution is achieved as a result.

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By offering BIM services, we provide an opportunity to the architects, engineers, construction professionals, structural designers and other people who are involved in the project, to have complete insight into the project. This way they can get all the necessary information about the overall plan, design, infrastructure, constraints, and building management.  With the help of the building information, the modeling process helps in the overall design management services (DMS).

How We Create 3D BIM Models?

We use modeling software like Revit, ArchiCAD, advance steel, etc. to generate 3D conceptual models of a project with a certain level of detail. Our BIM modeling services include Revit family creation, 3D model generation, BIM quantity estimation, drawings production, and other services related to building information modeling. If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned services then contact us immediately to discuss the project.


BIM Technology for Construction

BIM 360 design technology can be used to work on projects with all teams involved at a time regardless of their location. With proper collaboration, everyone can signup and they will have access to all the necessary information. The team members can make changes or submit model updates accordingly. BIM also offers the client to collaborate with the team and provide services to all the independent stakeholders that are involved in the project. This ensures that the client has all the needs met so there is no issue in the accuracy later.

BIM helps in the overall process of construction as it brings flexibility to the process of designing and management of the construction project. With the help of building information modeling, the designers have an opportunity to customize the project during the planning process and it also helps in easy interoperability between BIM software. By having everything under control right from the beginning, the company can generate the best ratio of return on investment. Moreover, BIM is a time-saving process and helps greatly in the execution of the project successfully.


Why Choose a Professional Company BIM Modeling?

If the company wants the project to be successful and to be completed on time, it is very important to acquire BIM modeling services from a good company. With all these benefits, most companies try to perform the BIM modeling on their own without any assistance from professional service providers. It is very important to know that BIM is not just the work of some tool or technology, it requires serious expertise.

This is the reason; it is very important to leave the technical part to an expert who is good at handling technology, this will help in providing accurate results. It is preferred that this whole work be carried out by a professional company, familiar with the work and has trusted staff who is fully aware of the latest technologies and construction processes.


For providing service regarding BIM modeling and coordination, we have a team of professionals who are capable of handling the latest and most sophisticated BIM technology and tools. we create a collaborative road map with the help of the whole team to deliver our best work-related BIM modeling.

Overall, if the company decides to outsource BIM services, it will be saving a lot of time and money as well as effort. With the help of the BIM model, the chance of on-site rework can be saved.

Within our BIM modeling services, we provide;

  • 3D BIM Modeling
  • Revit Family Creation
  • MEP BIM Services
  • 4D Construction Scheduling
  • 5D Cost Monitoring
  • Site Logistics Control
  • Construction Management
  • BIM Clash Detection Services
  • Quantity Takeoffs
  • Point Cloud to BIM conversion
  • 3D As-built Documentation

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Why We Are the Best in Our Field?

  • We have been working for quite a long time in our field and we have learned that planning is not the main part, execution plays an even more important role. We are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry just for our quantity takeoffs and BIM services.
  • Our clients are some of the biggest names in the civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and design-build industries overall.  
  • We believe in diversity which is the reason we have a diverse team of BIM modelers and design experts with specialization in their profession. All these experts have come together with the sole purpose of making the project successful by maximizing the chance of accuracy.
  • We provide a complete solution with the help of our data-driven approach that is not only based on technology but also on the overall process and the people involved.
  • Our tools and technologies are up to date and our main priority is the work and satisfaction of our client which is the reason we focus mainly on customization and overall digital representation.
  • We deliver our work on time regardless of the time zones and complexity of the work.

If you are looking to outsource BIM services then feel free to contact us via phone/email and we will provide a detailed proposal for your project.

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