Outsource Estimating Services & Win More Bids

Outsourcing Construction Estimating Services

Businesses secure services for certain jobs, such as marketing or accounting. But when it comes to generating construction estimates, most of the companies don’t secure this service. Why? Probably they think that it is an additional outlay, and estimation can be made easily by themselves. And here’s where the companies are wrong. Construction estimation requires … Read more

11 Tips to Pick Best Tiles for Bathroom & Kitchen


If you have to list down two of the most used places in the house, you will definitely point out the kitchen and bathroom. Coincidently, these are the only two places that remain wet most of the times and still we use these two rooms the most. When we talk about the aesthetic, clean kitchen, … Read more

How To: Find Wholesale Suppliers for Construction Projects


Are you looking for wholesale suppliers for your construction company? Or Are you a home builder, Architect, or a Contractor? It is quite easy to find a wholesale construction material supplier if you’re specific about your project needs. If you are already aware of your sole business purpose, and you know what to sell, here … Read more

10 Secret Tips to Win Construction Bids


Are you a construction contractor? Do you bid on construction projects and end up losing big projects? Well! Don’t worry, in this article; we’ll discuss ten secret tips to win a construction bid. We’ll also discuss how you can make a precise bid proposal and end up with a big construction project. These tips will … Read more

Preliminary Estimate Services – Get Conceptual Estimates

Preliminary Estimate for Construction Projects

A preliminary estimate is the approximate cost of the project that is calculated at the conceptual stage of the project. When the project drawings and specifications are not available, a preliminary estimate is prepared by an estimating company like us. It forecasts the total budgeted cost of the specific construction project. Apart from new construction, … Read more

Construction Material Takeoff – Excel Spreadsheet & Templates

Drywall Estimate by QTO Estimating

Construction Material takeoff is the name given to the list of materials that are needed to build something. This term is most commonly used in engineering and construction. For any kind of residential or commercial construction project, the need of construction material takeoff can never be underestimated. It is commonly prepared on Excel spreadsheets. This … Read more

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