CoConstruct vs Buildertrend vs Procore

The practice of using technology in construction projects has become unavoidable. These days, it seems impossible to complete renovation and remodeling projects at a 100% success rate if you are not using good-quality construction management software.

That is why here we have reviewed for you the 3 best construction management software i.e. CoConstruct, Buildertrend, and Procore. They work exceptionally well, ensure the highest success rates, process your project tasks with ease and simplicity, make the bidding process faster, and create effective proposals that you can show to your clients.

In the 21st century, one cannot disconnect technology from construction. They are hard to separate because the usage of such software options guarantees to bring success in your construction projects. We have discovered these top 3 choices for you and hopefully, they will meet your requirements.

Indeed, these are the most dynamic and easy-to-use software picks that are available for construction industry professionals. They help you in creating contracts, organizing finances, and also managing mountains of documents. If you have always thought managing projects of renovation and remodeling has never been an easier task, you are wrong!

With the arrival of technology, all processes have become synchronized and also on one page. Stop doing cost estimates manually because accuracy in this part is ensured with the use of CoConstruct, Buildertrend, and Procore. They help you take electronic signatures, create customer logins, send instant reminders and alerts to your field teams and clients.

In addition, hundreds of software’s are out there but CoConstruct, Buildertrend, and Procore capture our attention in a second. Below we have mentioned in-depth information about their features, pricing structures. If you have any questions regarding how they are used and integrated with other software, feel free to let us know and we will guide you extensively.

1 CoConstruct


Undoubtedly, CoConstruct is more than just construction management software. Its community now consists of more than 100,000 building pros. If your construction tasks are not meeting their milestones and you experience a lot of hassle while commencing them, try this CoConstruct software right now. It has become the ideal pick for home builders and remodelers. It eventually helps you in taking your projects to the next level.

In addition, this respective software is excessively used by both commercial level and residential construction industry professionals. By using CoConstruct, you will get the golden opportunity to learn a lot and also grow. So, it is time to become the king in the construction industry and that seems only possible if you are using handy software.


Features of CoConstruct

Uncountable features are part of this software. Its usage will definitely bring improvement in your construction project handling tasks. You get into the position to easily manage projects, contractors, and clients because CoConstruct is at your side.

Helps you track construction projects performance from start to finish

Most noteworthy, it makes it easy for the user to track the performance of projects from start to finish. No matter, you are at the field or away from the site, using this software will keep you updated regarding all details about the project status. Its usage gives immense control and authority to the user while handling all project phases no matter how complex they are!

If you feel like winning more and more remodeling and renovation projects, try using such software options then! It eventually assists you in getting more jobs, more projects and allows you to controls your financials in the best manner.

Thus, it is not merely home builder software but more than that. For superior performance in home building projects, it helps you master the skills so that range of projects gets completed by you without any hassle. All in all, CoConstruct has all the features that a builder needs right under one login, how amazing it is.

Seamless and Effective Communication Practices

CoConstruct runs on the cloud-based system and it automatically helps you stay connected to your whole project team. If there is no communication between you and the team, the whole project will face failure.

On the other hand, effective communication practice keeps you informed how your team is performing and what the current status of the project is! With the help of this software, you will be allowed to access all project communication in a matter of seconds and be able to document every message

Streamlined Financial operations

Lastly, home builders have perceived CoConstruct as a blessing for them. With its launching, they have brought their construction project financial operations in a streamlined manner. Such software options have made it quite easy and simple for contractors to manage fixed-price as well as open-book jobs. You can now quickly change orders, generate more revenue and end up growing your building company.

Helps in doing Single Entry Estimating

The catchy part is that this software helps in doing single-entry estimating at ease. There is no need to use a bunch number of estimating tools, simply use CoConstruct and perform your cost estimation part in a second.

In addition, it assists you in creating exact cost estimates and automatically builds your specs at the same time. We know that preparing cost estimates is one of the most time-consuming tasks of any remodeling project. But with the use of CoConstruct, the whole task has become quick.

Helps you make Right Selection Decisions

The factor of flexibility for completing custom projects is accomplished with the help of this software. If you think that lot of chaos is there while selecting projects and making the right decisions, software options like these can help you out.

Lastly, it shows Cross-feature Integration. It means that with the help of this software, you will be able to immediately update the price and budget, as well as projected cost for both kinds of fixed-price and open-book projects.

Integrate and streamline with Your Accounting System

Your accounting system gets streamlined and integrated with the support of CoConstruct. The accounting integration feature will make your project completion phase easier. It brings together all the systems on one page and reduces mistakes.

It ends Budget Double-entry practice. With the help of automatic data pulls, you will be in the position to constantly be up-to-date with your spending and projected costs from QuickBooks.

Moreover, it creates accurate invoices. Coming up with clear and consistent invoices is the topmost factor that should be well-catered by contractors. And this task gets done with accuracy with the backing of CoConstruct.

In addition, it is compatible with other software options. Like, it works worldwide with options like QuickBooks Desktop and also QuickBooks Online.

Track Construction Jobsite Activities and Progress

It is very much important for the contractor to know what is going on at the site! In this concern, CoConstruct can keep you fully updated.

You can view daily history and future meetings schedule across all of your construction projects. It automatically keeps your clients informed about the project’s progress. You can choose which log notes they can view and which ones they cannot!

Furthermore, it helps you in spotting trends overtimes. It will be easy for you to report on issues and spot all of the recurring issues linked with your ongoing and future projects.

Your team members will be allowed to input log notes with the help of CoConstruct mobile app typing or with the help of the voice-to-text feature.

Streamline Bidding Process

The whole bidding process has now been streamlined with the support of this reviewed software. End-to-end integration features make accurate and detailed bid requests. It carries out trade partner communication, as well as estimates updates in the fastest manner. Now, you can make Detailed Bid Requests in just a few minutes.

Assists you in making Effortless Proposals

Making effortless proposals has become a piece of cake because we have CoConstruct. You will be given prospects about your future construction projects and you end up making the best proposal. In addition, it keeps the data and figures all in one place and pushes you to win more jobs and projects upon creating an effective proposal.

Helps you keep on tracking Change Orders and Expenses

Lastly, CoConstruct helps you keep on tracking the processing of change orders and expenses. It constantly informs your clients where the project status actually stands.

Whenever the order gets changed, it brings a lot of headaches for contractors but now this problem has been solved. Changing orders will no longer be a hassle because CoConstruct has arrived. It instantly makes desired changes in your orders and makes it approved by both parties. In addition, it automatically creates accurate invoices all in QuickBooks.

Pricing of CoConstruct

If you are interested in buying this construction management software, you can go ahead, and below are the exact pricing details of it:

The standard plan costs $99 per month and it will become $299 after 2 months.

On the other hand, the Plus plan charges $200 per month and after 3 months; the charges will become $299.

2. Buildertrend

Lots of users have ranked Buildertrend as the world’s number 1 construction management software. Its arrival has made our lives easier and now business can be dealt with in a better manner. Those days are gone when you used to prepare cost estimates manually and all in handwritten form. Here we have mentioned complete details on this software; you can have a look at them.

Through the use of Buildertrend, you will be in the position to accurately plan projects and track expenses. In addition, lots of industry experts have marked this option as a good investment so far.


Features of Buildertrend

Buildertrend has come out as the simplest solution that you should opt for managing complex construction project processes of yours. Most importantly, it helps you in the pre-sales process, project management, is packed with lots of financial tools, and carries out customer management in the best manner.

Pre-sales process

Buildertrend helps you extensively in the pre-sales process. With the utilization of it, you get in the ideal position while managing leads and landing more and more jobs for your construction business. As an example, it helps you in the areas of making bid requests, creating estimates and proposals, managing leads and CRM, doing email marketing and processing integrations and partnerships.

  • Estimates and Proposals: You can build estimates and deliver customized proposals on time. This practice will eventually help you in closing more sales.
  • Leads and Client Relationship Management: This software comes in the form of best hubs where you can create, capture as well as close maximum number of prospective projects.
  • Email Marketing: Through this feature, you can respond to leads in less time. It is high time that you should be putting your best foot forward while completing your construction projects and this software ensures this practice.

Project management

If you wish to keep your construction projects running smoothly, get hold of Buildertrend then! It has features linked with project management and time tracking. It assists you in making daily logs, scheduling, plan markup, and document storage. 

  • Daily Logs: Making daily logs will not be a hassle for you. It helps you in documenting as well as sharing important information with your clients and team members. You can send them notifications along with updates. In addition, it helps you make voice notes.
  • To-Do’s: Through this feature, you can create and also assign tasks to your team members with ease. You can set reminders and alerts for your clients. Simply add to-do’s, attach documents, files and photos.
  • Scheduling: It is a must for you to use the Schedule feature of Buildertrend It has believed to be the backbone of this software. With its use, you can make necessary changes in the schedule as well as notify key parties whenever you feel like! Even more, you can synchronize schedules with Google Calendar, or Outlook.
  • Storing Documents and Photos: This software allows unlimited file sharing feature. It means your whole team will be able to access those files anytime and anywhere.
  • Send Messages: Buildertrend has made it possible to send messages quickly and automatically. You can write job-specific comments and decide which content you want to be viewable.
  • Work in Progress Report: With the help of Buildertrend’s Work in Progress report, it will be easy for you to efficiently create project reports. Real-time and comprehensive WIP reports are developed by it.
  • Warranty: Electronic warranty helps you track claims. In addition, scheduling appointments, attaching files for supporting your claims and doing custom reporting is carried out with the help of Buildertrend.
  • Plan Markup: With the use of your tablet, you can make desired and necessary changes to your project plans directly from the field. In addition, you can draw on screen with the assistance of touch controls.

Financial tools

There is no need to use any other cheap software for keeping track of your construction project billing, Buildertrend is the right option. It performs tasks like invoicing, budgeting, payment processing, change and purchase orders as well as offer integrations.

  • Invoicing: Creating line-item invoices will not be any problem for you. Moreover, you can integrate your Buildertrend account completely with QuickBooks.
  • Bid Requests: Creating, comparing and also sending and storing bids have become an easy task.
  • Payment Processing: Online payments are accepted using Buildertrend. This way, you will be paid faster. Besides, the user is allowed to automatically update invoices as soon as the payment is received.
  • Budget: Your budget is tracked real-time with the use of this software. It keeps you informed about the labor, materials and equipment costs, POs and billing. Beyond, you can track finances on the go with the utilization of Buildertrend app.
  • Purchase Orders: This software is all packed with easy-to-use functionality when it comes to your PO processing. You track approvals, PO status and all possible details about invoices.
  • Integrations: The catchy quality is that Buildertrend integrates and synchronizes with software options like QuickBooks and Chase. It means that your workflow will never and ever get interrupted.
  • Lien Waivers: Managing lien waiver documents has become possible with this software. It tracks status and keeps you informed about the online approvals.
  • Time Clock: For tracking the working time of your team and field crews, you can have Buildertrend. You can easily check who’s clocked in the office or gets out from the site!

Customer management

Lastly, Buildertrend ensures customer management. It endorses the practice that your clients remain happy, satisfied and fully updated about the performance of projects. This software provides customer login, surveys, reviews, selections and communication.

  • Customer Login: With the instant use of it, you will be able to deliver excellent customer service. Create customer logins, upload photos as well as send messages to inform them about the project status.
  • Selections: Buildertrend has overall simplified your communication choices. Your client remains aware and fully updated about the project progress and products pricing. Moreover, it allows you get electronic signature from your clients.
  • Surveys/Reviews: Through this feature, you and your clients will stay in-tune about the project processing. They will give positive or negative responses so that your future performance may get improved.
  • Communication: All of your emails, comments as well as messages will remain automatically organized.

No doubt, this is powerful and high in demand software and you should definitely try it out. It has grown as the true project partner for all professional level remodelers and renovators. It helps you succeed in every single project and you get in the position to better tackle and manage it.

Better and improved client experience

Most importantly, Buildertrend operates on a single portal and no hassle is faced by the contractors while using it. With its help, all communication and processes can be centralized. It has now become convenient for the contractors to share progress updates and constantly manage selections. All in all, this software informs your clients minute by minute and gives them unparalleled access to their renovation projects.

The estimating process becomes accurate and quick

It gets a lot more tiring when you have to prepare cost estimates from scratch and gets unsatisfactory results as well. So, what to do then? Try using Buildertrend and make your cost estimates accurate. It has automated the whole process of preparing estimates.

Updating and adjusting scheduling the way you want to!

With the support of this exemplary construction management software, you can update and adjust the scheduling the way you want to. It motivates your entire team to update schedules with ease anytime and anywhere.

Tracking projects down to the last and minute detailing

The success of any project is only guaranteed if you keep an eye on minute detailing and it is only possible with the use of Buildertrend. No matter whether you are managing multiple numbers projects; you can track down their status and performance with this software. It keeps you informed about the project status at your fingertips. You can store multiple files in it and thus keep your project all organized.

How Buildertrend has helped out specialty contractors?

This software has come out as a blessing for specialty contractors. It is a kind of project management software that fully adapts to your specialty area. In addition, it has become the top pick for pool builders, plumbers, and electricians. It does not matter in which construction area you are trading; this one is the perfect tech tool that you should go for. It gives you the high project volume that too along with success!

Centralized job documentation processing

The life of a specialty contractor is always jam-packed with lots of jobs and shorter timelines. And to tackle such situations, having a centralized job documentation processing matters a lot, so get hold of Buildertrend because it will help you in this respective area! Your project details remain safe and they do not get lost at all. In addition, it has a Daily Logs feature that backs your recording and tracking progress. It acts as one tool to document all details of your project.

Assists you in re-scheduling the tasks and tackling delays

Now, it will no longer be a challenge to re-schedule the tasks and tackle delays. Simply use Buildertrend and see how it gets hassle-free for you to meet deadlines, tackle delays and reschedule tasks.

Buildertrend for commercial contractors

Talking about commercial contractors, Buildertrend can manage and well handle all your job complexities of yours. We know that there is no formula for success but it can be earned if you use such software options. It streamlines and integrates your workflows.

Buildertrend assists them in managing job schedules. You tend to quickly view documents and it gets easy for you to create mark-up project plans. Your project processes stay organized. Moreover, do use its financial features like Estimates, Budget as well as Change Orders.

Pricing of Buildertrend

The core plan is $99 per month. And after 2 months, it will charge you $299.

The pro plan costs $299 per month and after 2 months, it will become $499.

3. Procore

The last construction management software that grabbed our attention is Procore. It guarantees to increase your project effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, it brings a boost in your project accountability and you tend to streamline and integrate your operations. You get real-time data, prevent costly risks as well as delays and thus bring success at your doorstep.

The whole software is packed with an award-winning combination of project management tools. Millions of users have registered for it and you can be one of them as well. Its usage is highly praised by contractors across the globe. No matter, what kind of construction project you have been assigned, use Procore and streamline your tasks. It is meant to be used by people who work at industrial plants, apartment complexes, retail centers, and more.

  • Procore encourages contractors stay on schedule and also on budget! It gives you a unified view of your entire project performance. You get into the position to understand what your project currently lacks as well as prevent rework.
  • In addition, it gets easy for you to collaborate from construction site to office. It has lots of mobile collaboration tools so you and your team remain fully updated.
  • This is the kind of software that helps you understand the financial status of your construction project. It gives you real-time insight and centralized accurate data while connecting yourself with stakeholders.
  • All in all, it makes you connected with your teams and synchronizes your project information so you always make better and faster decisions for ensuring project success.

Features of Procore

Below we have highlighted important features of Procore:

Mobile collaboration tools

Procore is encompassed by lots of effective mobile communication tools. This respective software is specifically meant and designed for the construction field. It gives you a clear understanding of where your project performance stands and what needs to be further done in the future. It helps you stay on schedule and also prevents rework. Besides, it manages all project correspondence and never leaves any team member or client out of the loop.

Keep information centralized and accurate

Procore keeps the information centralized and accurate. It makes the information accessible to all stakeholders and keeps it in an easy-to-understand format as well. The information and all data related to the project remain updated instantly and no single minute details are missed out by you. It is these information logs that display the whole storyline of your project.

Keeps the contractor stay ahead of his project

It seems possible to stay ahead in all of your construction projects because Procore has arrived. It helps you identify potential issues and what impact they will bring to your project schedule. In addition, the use of this software avoids unwanted surprises and constantly gives you better visibility. You get a project overview, track all steps, and further speed up the overall approval process.

Minimize risk and maximize profits

Do you know that with the use of Procore, you can minimize risk and maximize the profits of your construction project? Yes, it is true! It has come out as the only industry’s construction management solution that has made it trouble-free for you to collaboratively manage all complex projects.

Budget wisely

Preparing budget wisely and creating cost estimates have become achievable with the help of Procore. It helps you in managing real-time changes at the construction site, creates precise budgets, and also detailed financial reports.

Identifying and tracking critical costs

Alongside, you keep on identifying and tracking critical costs. This processing is done with the help of forecasting tools that are embedded in this software. The provided details will tell you how much you have spent today and yesterday and how much overspending you did in the past!

Meeting deadlines and reducing project delays

Procore reduces project delays. Its usage motivates your project teams and pushes them to use the real-time data for resolving disputes as well as initiating change.

Control Labor Costs

Procore automatically and instantly updates your budget and helps you in controlling labor costs as well. Procore gives you a better understanding of the financial impact that labor costs might bring on your project.

Purpose-built for the construction field

Procore identifies, corrects, and resolves all the issues before they become a big problem for your project. Through this software, it becomes a lot more convenient for your field teams to keep on contributing and remain compliant with construction safety regulations.

Execute project operations from one controlled location

Executing project operations from one controlled location seems possible to do with the support of Procore. It ensures accountability and keeps your documentation, records, and reference materials up to date. You eventually get a clear understanding of what leads your project to greater profit or risk.

Predict and improve your project performance

Procore predicts as well as improves your project performance. It keeps your everyday tasks streamlined. In addition, it helps you identify risks as well as track opportunities for future project improvement.


No doubt, all of these construction management softwares, CoConstruct vs Buildertrend vs Procore work fabulously and bring ease to your project operations. They ensure your projects get completed on time. In addition, both clients and teams remain updated about the progress, and delays are avoided.

You can share with us which construction management software you are currently using and the experience you take from it! All in all, their usage facilitates faster approvals, guarantees more accurate communication, and eliminates risk from your projects. Stay tuned and connected for more updates.

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