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Estimated Costs to Remove Drywall in 2022

Most of the contractors charge a huge sum of money when you ask them to remove drywall. Avoid hiring such contractors and avoid becoming the victim of such hidden and unpleasant surprises. Here you can check out the estimated cost to remove and take off drywall from your home.

If you have hired an experienced and licensed home improvement contractor, then we are sure that he may demand a fair price from you. This total cost of removing drywall varies from country to country and depends on other factors as well like job size, finishing options, and work environment conditions. On an average basis, the cost to replace drywall varies between $3.49-$4.33 per square foot.

Estimated Costs to Remove Drywall for 100 square feet area

We can tell you about the estimated and approximate cost to remove drywall for 100 square feet area. Furthermore, we have penned down these price quotes by mentioning the low, mid, and high price ranges.

First of all, the labor and materials price for removing drywall for 100 square feet area, the low price range is $326 – $361. The mid-price range is $426 – $526. And the high price range is $551 – $651.

Waste and haul away costs for removing drywall for 100 square feet area, the low price range is $51 – $61. The mid-price range is around and about $62 – $66. And the high price range comes out to be $67 – $86.

Total drywall removal cost for 100 square feet area, its low price range is $376 – $411. The mid-price range is predicted to be $486 – $591. And the high price range is $626 – $736.

These are just the estimated price ranges and if you are not going to hire a licensed contractor for this job, then these costs are going to add up and get amplified quickly.

Checklist to Estimate Costs to Remove Drywall

There is a specific checklist that you have to keep in mind if you wish to remove your drywall and replace it with some top-notch one.

Before you hire a contractor for this project, make sure to get 4 to 5 price quote estimates from different contractors. On the basis of these offered quotes, you can choose your desired general or remodeling contractor.

Secondly, stay aware that all contractors are not going to offer the same price quotes for this drywall removal job. Old and high-end companies will offer high price quotes and small, newly established companies may charge less for this job. Always expect different price quotes because each and every company carries a different number of operating expenses as well as overhead expenses.

It is better to precede this drywall removal project during fall or early winter times. This way, you can complete this project in a budget-friendly way. Moreover, during these seasons, you are going to get great pricing discounts. So, it is advised to wait for the contractor’s down season and then remove and replace your drywalls.

Creating a Budget Plan to Properly Estimate Costs for Drywall Removal Project

Make a proper budget plan if you think that your drywall needs immediate replacement. What you can do is to keep additional money in your pocket because you never know when this drywall removal budget gets exceeded. It is due to difficult configurations and mechanical area space that drywall removal job costs may add up. In addition, if the contractor sees additional complexity aspects in your home, then he may increase the price of this job.

The Style of Your Home Impact Total Cost of Drywall Removal Project

Before starting this removal job, consider your home style and then estimate the price accordingly. It is seen that drywall removal price differs because of the enormous presence of multiple styled homes. The total price fluctuates if your home is contemporary looking, colonial-style looking, or carries a cape-cod style, ranch, or designed in the bungalow and Victorian style.

Method to Remove Drywall

If you are a beginner and do not know the proper way of tearing down drywall, then have a look at this method! This method is encapsulated with some helpful steps.

To perform this drywall demolition job, you need a utility knife, hammer, flat bar, handsaw, end nips, power driller, and a reciprocating saw for the sake of removing drywall parts. Furthermore, wear a dust mask while you carry out this job.

Step 1

Firstly, you have to prep your wall. Shut off the power and remove all of the cover plates from your drywall. If drywall is installed at your ceiling corner, then make sure to slice it through the joint compound, and then you can tape it with the help of a utility knife. It is this saw cut that is going to form the boundary to make your removal job easy.

Step 2

The second step is to punch hammer holes completely along the stud bays. This is necessary for the sake of creating handholds for this specific drywall removal job. Besides, carefully and cautiously perform this step and avoid damaging any of the concealed plumbing lines and heat ducts, or any wiring.

Step 3

As soon as your prep your drywall and punch hammer holes in it, now you can remove it. Most importantly, grip the drywall and then you can pull it down. Rip its material and perform this ripping job in the form of manageable chunks. You can take a disposal container and drop all these chunks and pieces in that container.

Hence, this is all about the estimated cost to remove drywall and the detailed method to do that. You can forward your questions if you have any in your mind related to this price estimation method when removing drywall.

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