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Ultimate Guide to Find Construction Tenders in New York

Finding a tender and winning it as a project of profit is not so easy. Most of the government construction tenders in New York come up with very high competition among the giant contractors; having plenty of experience in the construction world. So it’s always very difficult for a newly growing construction business to step into the market and win public contracts. You can find open tenders from different online tender offering services and newspapers. There are many websites that offer such kinds of options to contractors, that keep them updated regarding the publication of new tenders, upcoming projects and addenda too. To start, you can try visiting some of those tender publication websites that we will discuss later in this article.

Government Construction Tenders in NYC

You can also try using some public service web portals where you can find contract opportunities from organizations like the New York department of design and construction (DDC), New York school construction Authority (NYCSCA), Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and many more. There are many other local authorities, housing associations, trusts, schools, and colleges that offer government construction tenders in New York. On those portals, you can create a free account. You can also set up profiles so that the organization, as well as other contractors, can see your services or products.

NYC-SCA-DDC New York Construction

Private Sector Construction Tenders in NYC

If we talk about private sector contracts; it’s not so easy. But there are several ways. Building good relationships with your potential customers is an obvious one. You can research deals outside your business sector, which may produce secondary contracts for you. For example, if a new office block is being built or refurbished, it will need an office desk, stationery, cleaning service, etc. You can additionally supply these items by discussing with clients and this way you can grow your business. Keep developing your network, and continually pick up marketing intelligence via your business contacts. If that sounds a bit difficult, there are tender notification services like we discussed earlier. These online services send you aggregated information about several opportunities based on your profile settings. Once you become familiar with the process, you’ll be surprised by the opportunities available to your company. For best results, consider hiring a tender professional who is able to handle all these tender finding related tasks and manage everything for you.

Register Your Company with Department of Buildings NYC

If you’re a contractor looking for a construction project in New York City, you will most likely need to have a tracking number from the department of buildings. To obtain a tracking number, you need to have general liability, worker’s compensation, and disability insurance. You can get the tracking number in just a few days if you hire an expeditor. He will review the insurance certificates, revise the insurance certificates if required, and submit the IC to the Dept. of buildings for you to get a license. The insurance certificates have to be formatted very correctly as per the requirements, or the DOBs can reject them. So once you are registered with the department of buildings, you will have more chances to win construction jobs; being a registered contractor.

The Do’s & Don’ts for Tender Submission

It is advised to submit the tender proposal on time and in the required format. The tender submission date is usually provided by the client and you should always try to submit your bid way before the deadline. Late submissions are typically disqualified by the clients. Do study the tender documents carefully, answer all the questions and let the client know that you are quite expert in doing the job which is advertised. You’ve to show the buyer your capability to carry out the project with good quality, less cost and within a short time. Don’t forcefully influence the buyer’s decision by requesting meetings. They can’t change it during the tender process. If you see any unnamed documents in the tender package; you might have some doubts too. In that case, contact the company immediately and ask for clarification to save time.

If you’re shortlisted, you’ll be invited by the tender evaluation team. Do provide clear and concise contract details like; contact person’s email address, website, and phone numbers. Check your BOQ prices and data thoroughly before finally submitting the tender pricing schedule. Keep going through the policies which you’ve set, regularly. Never send any unrequested information like glossy brochures and marketing materials. Completing all sections of the notice is very important. It ensures that you comply with the buyer’s terms. Get a signed and approved receipt for your tender notice. Keep an eye on whether you’re successful or not. For this, you may ask for a re-brief session.

Get Some Additional Licenses

There are some other licenses that you’re going to need if you want to work on residential buildings. For instance; an apartment owner wants you to do the interior renovation of an apartment; you’ll need a home improvement contractor license, also known as HIC license. In addition to the HIC, you’ll also need a home improvement salesperson. No expeditor can help you in getting this license as you’ll have to go to the department yourself. There they’ll get your fingerprints and then issue you the license.

Licensed Contractor in New York

Another permit required is general contractor registration. It doesn’t deal with interior renovations, but if you want to work beyond interiors. It is required if you’re going to construct 1, 2, or 3 homes. However, if you are going to demolish or enlarge an entire building, you’ll need a safety registration number too. Or even if you’re building a whole new building that’s larger than a three-family home, you’ll need a safety registration number in that case. Once you have a GR or SRN, you’re good for a couple of years; you don’t have to go back to the DOB for a while. When all of this gets done, you’ll able to pull permits pretty soon, and immediately you’ll be eligible to get the tenders.

Best Websites Offering Construction Tenders in New York

There are a lot of online forums for finding public or private contracts in NYC. A few of them are; NYC small business services. This website is an excellent forum to help unlock the human instinct of possessing various economic capabilities. It helps the citizens of New York find good jobs, and construct a fantastic neighborhood. Another top website is Bid ocean Business solutions. It helps you grasp over free bids; you don’t need to pay for any. Along with this, it also provides a lot of tender opportunities across the state. Its aim is to benefit the public at minimal rates. It provides bids for all industries and geographic locations.

The dodge lead center is another hub for getting great projects. Just make a profile there, and you’ll be referred to the best-suited projects for you in the specified area. New York bids is another leading website which is run and administrated locally. It provides you with special contract opportunities which you’re waiting to get for quite a long time. You can search bids and look for tender contracts there.

Bid clerk is also a well-known online forum which is designed to help the people of new york to polish their construction skills. By using this website, you can contact a lot of people and choose the tenders; you are interested in.

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