10 Places to Find Subcontractors for Construction Works

Let’s assume you are a project manager and are in charge of 2-3 projects, or you are a General Contractor who is about to start an intricate project. Either the situation; you have to hire a subcontractor at some point to make your project worthwhile. But a question arises;

Where to find subcontractors for your project?

Hiring subcontractors for construction work is not an easy job, and it becomes a daunting task. But we believe that hiring does not have to be an unpleasant experience. That’s why we have handpicked a list of places for you from where you can hire competent subs so to complete your construction project successfully.

Places to Find Potential Subcontractors


Find Subcontractors

1. Internet is Your Best Friend

Finding subcontractors on the internet is one of the least time-consuming ways. The Internet makes the job easy for you as this process is more efficient, and you can also curate them quickly. There are different sites which you can use for this purpose including;

And the best thing about finding them on the internet is that you can easily determine their potential and performance on other projects. Also, you can get the opportunity to hire reliable subs.

You only need to put the right phrases and terms while searching online. Moreover, online community groups are a great help, and you can hire the best from these communities.

You can find the local sub-contractors in your area using Google. Try to search for keywords like “electrical sub-contractor near me”. You can also get a list of registered businesses in your area by searching like “painting subcontractors in New York”.

2. Use Permit Records

This works great when you are in search of a particular trade. You can use the city’s building department and find relevant permits online. For example, if you want to hire a plumber, you can search for a licensed sub-contractors related to plumbing. Before hiring through online portals, make sure to record their names so you can ask the owner and find out how that tradesman performed.

3. Ask Around

Asking around does not harm and is the most obvious strategy. You can ask your neighbors, relatives, or close friends for references. Moreover, you can also consider asking around other people if they know any potential subcontractors.

Another way to ask around is from people who are related to the construction industry as they are willing to lend a hand. They have hands-on experience and can help you find subcontractors who give exceptional services.

4. Drive-By

Drive by and know your surroundings. You can scout your surrounding area and find places where similar projects have been done or are in progress. Introduce yourself to people on the worksite and ask for their business cards. Doing this will help you determine or look at the work done by them.

5. Previous Subcontractors to the Rescue

Relationships in the construction jobs are essential, and we recommend you to stay connected with all those subcontractors who have worked with you on any project in the past. It is advisable as regular interaction helps create trust, and you can easily avail of their services in the future. 

In case they are not available, you can ask them for their go-to recommendations.

6. Social Media or Communities

Social media is the platform where you can find many groups, boards, or forums relevant to your requirements, region, or location. Within these, people ask many general questions that might be of help to you. Moreover, you can also take help from members of these groups by asking them to recommend a good source. The results are very surprising as people there like to help others. There are hundreds of groups on Facebook and Linkedin where you will find trade-specific sub-contractors and get a free estimate for your project.

7. Post an Ad

Make a list of your requirements needed in a subcontractor, list the nature of the job, and post an ad in the local newspaper. You can also post the ad on the websites and look at whether the site allows you to run the ad nationwide or choose major cities, so your ad gets a large audience. We recommend you check how long the ad will run on-site so you can renew the ad accordingly.

8. Networking

Keeping a strong network and staying in touch with like-minded people can help you find potential subs that can make your project reach new heights. You can;

  • Go to seminars, attend networking functions or events to meet subs in person
  • Make connections with other general contractors as they can pass on their subs to you
  • Give your name cards to the subs present at the events you attend

9. Agencies

Hiring can be stressful, but we advise not to rush for hiring the first person you find. Seeking a staffing service understanding your project can be of great help. There are agencies where you can employ subs, including concrete workers, supervisors, or general laborers. Such agencies enable you to fill in the gap for a short time period by offering skilled tradespersons or an entire crew.

Besides, there is an added advantage that you get to know the skills and attitude of the employee without committing for the long term.

10. Job Fairs

Seek out industry-specific job fairs in your region. This way, it will be highly likely for you to meet the right candidates who will serve your company in the right way. For finding and attending the fairs, start checking universities or colleges in your area. You can prepare yourself ahead of time to make the most out of that fair, or if you are unable to plan, pick your colleagues or knowledgeable people and make a list of questions likely to be asked to the subs. Also, prepare the right materials, including job descriptions, business cards, and brochures.

It is no brainer that hiring subs is a complicated process, and one often gets confused from where to find reliable persons for their construction company. And that’s why we have listed all the places where you can search for competent subcontractors.

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