Flooring Takeoffs & Estimating Services

The job of doing flooring takeoffs can be a headache if it’s a commercial project and you need flooring quantities to prepare a cost estimate. In order to save time, it’s always recommended to outsource flooring estimating services from a professional company like us. This will save you a lot time to focus on other aspects of managing bids.

Our estimators are experts in the industry and they know how to quickly estimate various kinds of flooring works. This includes VCT tiles, LVT floors, carpets, rubber tiling, wooden flooring, etc. No matter how big is the size of the project, our freelance flooring estimators can easily handle the big commercial jobs using advanced software like PlanSwift. We have done flooring estimates for Residential buildings, Hotels, Apartments, Arenas, Schools, etc. We understand that accuracy is critical in flooring estimates and therefore, we prefer to spend some extra time in double-checking each and every quantity before the final delivery of our flooring takeoffs. This way, we make sure that all the flooring or wall base quantities are accurate and you can proceed with the cost estimate.

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Flooring Quantity Takeoffs

What Does a Typical Flooring Estimate Include?

Our typical flooring takeoff is provided in an excel spreadsheet format. It contains quantities of various floor areas as per the finish schedule provided in the drawings. The most commonly used floorings include Armstrong vinyl composite tiles (VCT), resilient tiles, carpet flooring, Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) Flooring, Wooden floors, Rubber & Ceramic tiles, Concrete floors, etc. Moreover, we also provide the wall base, wainscoting, wall tiles, cove base quantities as per the client’s requirement.

Why Use our Flooring Takeoff Service?

We are committed to providing the best flooring estimation services to contractors, architects, consultants, and house constructors. We have many recurring clients because;

  • Our estimates are 99.99% accurate.
  • Our turnaround time is quick 24-72 hours.
  • You save lots of time & money.
  • You get takeoffs at very cheap rates.
  • We provide digitized screenshots.
  • We provide free revisions.

So if you have a project and need a flooring quantity estimate, then please send us the drawings through email or contact form. We will get back to you shortly with a proposal.

Flooring Cost Estimation Per Square Foot

Traditional method:

The traditional method to calculate the per square foot cost of flooring is very simple. First, measure the total area of the house. For instance, if you want to install flooring tiles in one room, then measure the area of the floor by an inches tape. Multiply the length by the width to get the total area of the room. It is better to convert the entire area into inches for more efficient calculations. As one foot has twelve inches, multiply the total area by the square of twelve to convert into inches. You can do this manually or by using a calculator to convert into the SF. There are several online foolproof calculators available for the calculation of this cost.

New Method:

With the advancement of technology in the construction industry, some useful softwares like PlanSwift, Blue Beam, Autocad, etc. are used for all kinds of estimation jobs including floor areas. Softwares like NavisWorks are also being employed in the BIM industry to do automatic quantity calculation and costing of projects. The process is very simple; you just need to import the digital drawings into the software, scale them and start drawing the areas for each kind of flooring type. This way, the software will automatically calculate the areas as well as the cost of flooring. Finally, you can export the quantities to MS Excel spreadsheet and price the material takeoff sheet to get the total bidding cost of the project.

Estimate Cost for Carpet and Tile Flooring

Cost of Tile Flooring:

Now that you’ve decided you want to tile your house with some fancy tiles, you should know how heavy it’s going to be on your pockets. In the market, there are ceramic and porcelain tiles, stone tiles, tiles in different polygonal shapes, and so on. If you don’t overextend your liking, still it would be easier for you if you know the exact cost of installing tiles in your house. For this, measure your floor and its total area which you need to cover with tiles. However, the cost factors for tile flooring include the type, installation charges, sales tax, shipment, grading, and the brand.

The generic cost of tiles mainly depends on your choice. You can go for cheaper options or the more high-end ones, it all depends upon you. To calculate the total cost of tile flooring, first, measure the area where you want to install the tiles. After getting the total area, multiply it by 110%. The extra ten percent accounts for any miscalculations, edges, and manual mistakes. Now that you have calculated the total amount of tiles required, you can estimate the budget. On average, tiles cost vary between $8-$24/sq.ft. This price includes the material as well as installation costs.

Cost of Carpet Floors:

The carpet flooring material and installation cost range between $2 to $3 per sq ft on average. Carpets come in three main categories which are builder grade, mid-grade, and high grade. And the prices mainly depend on the quality. However, the material and style are its cost determinants. The builder-grade carpets get sold at lower $ rate per sq. foot. Whereas, the ones made of delicate material are comparatively expensive.

The installation cost of carpet flooring is usually $0.65/sq.ft. They come in a house-friendly variant called peel and stick. Moreover, the different sizes available are 12 feet by 12 feet, 18 feet by 18 feet, and 24 feet by 24 feet.  The carpet installation costs depend upon a lot of factors like the size and shape of the room, furniture removal, hauling out the old flooring, style, and labor.

Online Cost Per Square Foot Calculators

There are various construction area calculators available online. However, to rank a few as best and most accurate are; Square footage calculator and cost per square foot calculator

The square footage calculator has a lot of options and helps in making calculations of any kind of area. For complex area, the software divides it into simpler shapes. And then after individually calculating the area of each regular shape; it adds up to make the whole area resulting in the total flooring cost per square foot.

For a rectangular shape, enter the measured length and width. A drop-down box lets you choose from various units including per SF, yards, meters, inches, and cm. You’ll have to add inner diameter and an outer diameter in cases of circular and ring shapes. For calculating the area of a rectangular border, the required details will be the inner length, inner width, and border width. Overall, this is a unique and rewarding tool that helps you save on money and effort.

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