20 Websites for Contractors to Get Construction Leads

Construction is an unpredictable business. Unlike e-commerce businesses with a loyal customer base that results in regular sales, or other companies where you get annual or monthly profit, it is not the case with the construction business. Because a customer who might get a house made one time might not need another construction work to be done for years. This is why contractors must have a large number of clients available to ensure that they have work available around the clock to earn a better profit and make good money.

However, finding more clients and customers is not an easy task. You have to focus on many areas to attract clients to your business. You need to market yourself, build your network, advertise, find leads online, and so much more. This task becomes a thousand times easier if you have reliable sites which you can use to get more customers and more projects for yourself without any additional costs or any extra efforts.

Some of these sites are mentioned below. These are some of the best websites and soft wares which help contractors and construction companies get more projects and, in turn, more jobs. Thus they are a source of many leads for your construction business. You can choose any one of the following and will be able to notice the excellent results yourself.

Get Construction Leads

20 Best Websites for New Bidding Opportunities


1. Constructionwire.com

Construction wire is a site that helps find the appropriate information about all active construction projects. It has trained researchers who gather information about even the hard-to-find private projects as well as public projects. It gives you three options. First, to get information about new construction projects that are currently in the planning or preconstruction stages. Secondly, it helps you provide details about new construction companies presently working on new projects. It tells you the status, the location, and other information about the owner, the tenant, the contractors, the architect, etc. The third thing it provides you with detailed information about the key decision-makers of any construction company. Here it includes the details about the managers of companies, heads of projects, contractors, and other essential people who manage the various construction projects and companies. These details are contact name, title, email, phone number, etc.

You have to pay to access the data, but it has various packages suited to each customer and provides a 7-day free trial for new customers. This site helps people know about your company and projects and helps generate leads for customers interested in your work and who would like to hire you for their projects. The contact details help customers have all the information they need if they want to hire a contractor or company for their won construction work.

2. Bidnet.com

Bidnet provides your construction company with government bids and contracts accordingly to the needs of your business. It provides bids for all the products and services you offer but is especially important for construction companies as it helps the contractor bid on the projects best suited to their skills and expertise.

This provides its users with government opportunities that are specifically targeted to their benefit. They even have professional researchers on their site that help provide all the necessary information regarding the bidding opportunities so that contractors can focus on winning the job instead of finding the job. It allows contractors to get the perfect job they want. These bids are trusted and reliable, and at the same time, the website itself is very user-friendly. Therefore it is an ideal solution for all contractors.

3. Planhub.com

Planhub is the best software for construction companies. Companies can quickly post about their projects on this site, win bids, build their network, get more work and more customers. It helps you post your projects online, organize and manage them. It also assists in carrying out a systematic bidding process that helps you to complete any project much faster. It allows contractors and subcontractors to find the projects best suited to their needs on these platforms and bid on those projects.

This enables them to get more jobs and more work. It also provides contractors with information about upcoming commercial projects leading to more opportunities for them. In the same way, it helps to build your network with other contractors and subcontractors, leading to collaborations and partnering on projects together. This keeps the work more efficient, productive, and easy.

It provides free signup and also provides many services as free. However, It also offers some paid services at reasonable prices.

4. Dodge Data and analytics: Construction.com

Dodge Data and analytics provide one of the best software to carry out integrated solutions for your construction company. It helps gather information about product manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors, and service providers. This helps to see the opportunities for growth and use these opportunities to develop your business. It helps contractors understand the market, build their relationships, seek new opportunities for themselves, and work on these opportunities to become successful.

You can find many projects on this site that you can be a part of easily and get specified in it. If the project is according to your needs, you can bid for it and win profitable projects for your company. After selecting the project, you can learn about the products you will need to use for your project. This site helps you choose the best products based on its research and link you to manufacturers from which to buy them. To manage all the work of your project, you can use dodge to add your data on the site to be more organized. At the same time, the analyst and researchers at dodge help you give the best suggestions to get success in the best industry.

5. Constructconnect.com

This site helps to source your construction bidding process by providing effective management and tools as well as high-quality projects for you. They are a great source of leads and bids for general contractors, trade contractors and at the same time also help product manufacturers to sell their products to more companies in need of it. It helps general contractors be a part of a large construction network so they can get leads on all new construction projects. It helps to make bid management easy by creating and sending bids to a huge network of contractors and enabling you to make the most suitable bid, which will give you the best pricing. It also simplifies the process of selecting qualified bidders and subcontractors for your project.

For trade contractors, it helps to find the right projects according to their needs and stay in collaboration with their suppliers and team easily. For product manufacturers, it helps them stay in touch with the needs of the industry. It also helps them to make sure that their products are marketed in front of interested contractors and architects so that their products are visible to them.

It also provides resources for all its users to help them develop more insight into construction-related topics in order to start and manage their own companies better. These resources include webinars, videos, blogs, construction survival kits, and economic resources just to support the contractors in their work.

6. Bidclerk.com

Bid clerk makes bidding a million times easier for its users. With its highly advanced databases, it covers all aspects of bidding. It provides an optimized search that will help you find all the details about projects, contact information, and companies in just a matter of seconds, helping you choose the best opportunity. It also helps you add filters suited to your needs, which helps you view the projects faster. You can also save these filters and receive messages and updates about the projects under these filters. This advanced search helps you sort through the projects easily and find your best match in less time.

Furthermore, it also has vast amounts of information regarding the projects, including the location, project types, specific trades, important dates, documents, and specifications on every project to help you bid for the right project. It also provides information regarding companies and contact details of decision-makers. It also allows you to search for projects based on their location, plans, and specifications.

It builds your network with other professionals in the industry to get more tools and knowledge to make your project a success. This website also has many testimonials, evidence of how reliable and helpful this website is.

7. Constructionbidsource.com

Through this site, you can get to know about a large number of projects from which you can select and bid for the project that you are interested in. It provides the facility of sorting the projects state-wise so that it is easier for you to focus on only those projects that are in the state which is convenient for you to work on. There is information about private projects, contractors looking for a subcontractor, the various recent ads about construction projects.

The most amazing feature about the given website is that it provides Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) solicitations advertising enabling them to look for contractors for their projects. It also provides a good faith efforts service, a documentation package that helps fund projects, and enables bidders to hire DBE. All these services provide support for getting contract bids and other matters related to the project.

8. Governmentbids.com

Government bids are the solution for all businesses, no matter how basic or advanced they are. If you wish to boost your business in the government market and want the right opportunities for your business, then government bids are the answer. This website provides direct and instant access to all government contracts, government bids, and detailed information about all opportunities and projects. The skilled team of researchers helps collect all the information daily from several sites, publications, meeting reports, etc. It helps to provide you with the opportunity for amazing bids daily.  

In addition to that, it surveys the profiles of its customers. It helps to provide opportunities that are best suited to the customers’ needs. To ensure that it includes the services and packages, which enables all the companies with the right combination of work. In addition, it also helps consultants and manufacturers to get the right opportunities.

9. Bidcentral.com

Bid central is a one-stop for providing bidding opportunities for all businesses. It helps to grow and develop your business by providing website links for e-commerce businesses, government contracts, and links to get high-end products like water heaters and air conditioners.

It provides you a space to link your website too so that interested people can easily approach you for their work. Therefore you can get more customers and more leads easily through this website.

10. Isqft.com

SQFT is an advanced online construction bidding software. It helps you know about all the public and private projects in your area to easily search based on the state you want. It helps subcontractors find more projects to work on. It also provides them with a source to get all the latest information about new projects. In addition, it helps them build their networks to get more jobs. It helps general contractors build and manage their construction bidding process through their online software. It allows them to access the vendors and subcontractors, send invitations for bids, and share documents. All in all, this helps them to find the right people and the right project, reducing the risks for failure.

This website provides the largest network for contractors and subcontractors to connect with each other. They can easily share information and get invitations from builders which results in more job opportunities. We can bid on projects with accurate estimates and requirements suited to us. It also provides real-time updates about new and existing projects. It provides you with tools and features to manage your pipeline and construction process efficiently, so you can give attention to the actual work of construction.

11. Cmdgroup.com

Construction Market data is the best online construction data software. They research and provide information about the best commercial construction projects, including coverage from US and Canada. Through the appropriate use of this software, you can find the best construction leads to bid on.  You can search for plans and specifications of different projects so that we can see whether we have the resources and skills needed to complete the projects or not.

Moreover, it also provides CRM resources, helping users download all the data of the project in the CRM to manage it effectively. It develops insight into the construction market and the competitors to provide the best services. This insight is developed by providing information about the construction market through foresight, strategic analysis, market insight, and economic information.

All this helps to improve our position in the market and enables contractors to better be able to deal with the challenges they face in their industry. It also provides a marketing solution for your construction company to ensure that you are in front of some top-notch architects and contractors to help you get more specifications. All in all, this site provides you with the most accurate leads on different projects and provides data that covers a true combination of national US and Canadian leads.

12. Buildingradar.com

Building Radar provides one of the best technologies to develop construction leads. Its advanced technologies help us find new projects at the earliest even before our competitor knows about them. And we don’t have to do any research for finding projects; all the projects are provided to us on one single website. This helps us to win contracts before our competitors and be able to make use of hidden opportunities.

 It also helps these contractors to attract product manufacturers who want to sell their products. Manufacturers can sell their products first before their competitors do. It also allows us for new business growth and to build strategic relationships through the wide range of customers who use building radar. They have the best systems and data analysts to provide their clients with the best, accurate, and up-to-date data services.

13. Bidcentral.ca

Bid central is our one-stop-shop for all construction opportunities. Whether we want to source bidding or take up new projects to work on, bid central provides us with all the construction possibilities we are looking for. It has over 10000 construction companies onboard, all benefiting from its outstanding services. It is a blessing for contractors and suppliers as it provides an easy solution to all their lead growth-related problems. With bid central, we have thousands of products to bid on, and we can easily choose these projects through search engines, automated notifications, and personalized opportunities. We can easily get information on bidding projects, including all the contact details.

We can also get notifications to always stay up to date with our projects and never miss important meetings or agendas. It also provides opportunity matching, which helps bid central to instantly update you about new products which match your keywords. And we no longer have to go through the hassle of daily checking for suitable projects as this work is made easy by daily notifications which tell us of projects near us that are suited to our requirements.

14. Biddingo.com

Bid Dingo connects people who supply various goods and services with people who would be interested in buying them. These include buyers from the provinces, urban buyers, buyers from the educational sector, buyers from Crown Corporation, residential buyers, Construction buyers, buyers from the health sector and, Private companies from across Canada. It posts government contracts for goods and services. The government spends huge amounts of money annually on goods and services. Through bid dingo, you can win these government contracts for goods and services by bidding on them. The manufacturers of the construction industry and contractors are all a part of the clients who can win these bids.

Suppliers who want to sell their services for private and public projects can create their profiles on bid dingo, and they can set their criteria according to the type of contracts they want to work with and so bid dingo sends emails to these suppliers of the bids, which are according to their needs. Bid dingo makes sure that suppliers get to know all the bids that are best suited to them. And then, the suppliers can get a chance to win them, resulting in sales for their business.

The people who are interested in buying also post their documents on bid dingo daily. They have access to all the details and lists, and bid dingo helps buyers fulfill all their purchasing requirements. In this way, bid dingo helps create leads for buyers and suppliers of goods and services.

15. Bidnetdirect.com

Bidnet direct provides you with direct access to all government bids. It shows all the bids posted by buying agencies, including all the specifications and documents. These government bids and contracts are targeted to your construction business. It provides you with instant updates about bids that match your company. It also helps you to connect directly with local purchasing companies, which increases your sales and customers.

You can also select the government bids according to the states. So it allows you to do business efficiently and effectively with state and local government agencies. Managing the bid contracts, providing more information and less documentation creates an easier way to have business between buyers and sellers.

16. Merx.com

Merx provides new business opportunities for Canadian construction companies. Like the previously mentioned sites, this site also helps you to find and work on your next project and contract easily. It provides you with a platform to make your business profile and receive emails based on the projects that match your profile. It helps you bid effectively to win more bids and more projects for your company. It helps to provide information in the market, including insight about potential projects, important buying periods, and many more. It provides you with automatic notifications of any amendments in the bids to keep you updated.

Furthermore, it also helps you develop partnerships with other businesses and contractors. There is also a feature of E-bid submission on Merx, which provides an electronic bid submission feature, making the bidding process faster and efficient. Thus merx.com provided thousands of business opportunities to you on just one website.

17. Smart bid.co

Smartbid is a construction bidding software that makes the preconstruction process easy for contractors and subcontractors. It is a part of construct connect software and is the best management software for all contractors. It provides an online web-based and mobile platform to its users. It helps its users to access data and documents regarding the projects and have easy communications with the subcontractors before the signing of the project.

It also provides different resources, including customer services and education resources. The customer service resources are training subcontractors and arranging webinars for subcontractors. They also provide their phone number, email, and a help center to answer their user’s questions. For education, it provides the services of news, coaches, blogs, reports, and SmartBid Academy, all to help educate the users on matters of construction.

18. Databid.com

Databid helps you to generate quality leads for your construction business in abundance. It helps you to never miss out on the chance of a new project again. It helps to provide detailed information about projects and companies. This information is important to get more jobs for your business. To build your business data bid, provide information on all major projects to help you get more insight into the projects and win them to grow your business on a scale. It also saves time to manually find all the information related to the projects you will be interested in and therefore helps to grow your business faster. The information provided regarding companies helps you to choose the best company for your project. It provides all the bidding information, access to bidding results, and meeting attendees. This increases the company’s chances to win and get more sales and provides all the information at one place regarding a project.

Databid also helps contractors who want more work but at lower prices. It helps to inform contractors virtually about all the public and hard-to-find projects at a much lower price. It also helps subcontractors to get information about construction leads and business intelligence to help subcontractors find the perfect projects that need their trade and services. It also helps product manufacturers by providing real-time information about those companies that have won bids. Thus they can get more products sold to these companies while they are in the early stages of their project. Thus it helps to get more sales and work in all these three domains of the construction process.

19. Constructionmonitor.com

Construction Monitor helps provide accurate and fast information regarding all constructions and building projects in the United States for contractors, subcontractors, builders, and suppliers to target more customers and develop their business.

 It provides fast and real-time information, helps to set up accounts for customers, and identifies powerful leads using highly advanced statistical tools. these advanced tools make construction an easy task.

20. Cisleads.com

CIS is a provider of information regarding the construction industry. Like other sites mentioned above, it also helps to increase bidding opportunities for contractors by providing immediate updates about new projects and updating the projects daily so that they don’t end up missing any jobs. They cover information about public projects, private projects, design projects, and projects for contractors. Information is also provided in an extensive directory about construction companies. It provides a detailed description of companies in the construction industry.


These are some of the sites that are a blessing for contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, project owners, and buyers. Your life will become much easier and stress-free by utilizing the phenomenal services provided by these websites. They not only help you to get more customers but also help to develop your construction business in the long run. They are an excellent source of leads and can be very helpful if used effectively.

These websites can easily be used to manage your business and build a strong network and professional relationships in this industry. You can also increase your insight and knowledge at the same time as growing your business. These sites have the latest technologies and features which can make your construction job 100 times faster and more efficient, and who doesn’t want that? So feel free to check out any of these sites, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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