Hardie Plank Siding Cost Estimation Guide

To all those individuals who love to carry out high-end and top-notch remodeling projects, for them, going for Hardie Plank siding is a feasible and beautiful option so far. Choice of Hardie siding in your house remodeling practice instantly increases your home value. Furthermore, it brings magic and appealing factor to its overall look. Such a kind of siding gives a new look to your dull and old home.

Moreover, Hardie Board plank siding is the name of offering great durability and longevity. It demands low maintenance and remains intact for years and years. Let us have a look at Hardie Plank siding cost estimation and if you have any questions, then freely ask us.


Total Average cost to install Hardie Plank siding


The total average cost to install and mount Hardie Plank siding is around and about $9.22 for one sq. ft. or you can say that it is $14,800 for a 1600 sq. ft. home. This cost is for primed and unpainted Hardie planks. On the other hand, if you have got a factory-painted Hardie siding, then it is going to cost you 5-7% more.

To estimate this cost, you have to keep in mind other factors as well like your location and local living costs. Also, consider whether you want to go for primed-only Hardie Plank siding or you wish to go for factory painted one.

As an example, if your house is of 1500 square feet and it does not carry any of the complex looking architectural details, then the Hardie Plank siding installation cost will come out to be $14,000 – $17,000.

The cost comes out to be more if you have to remove the old siding of yours. We have seen that in a few of the areas and sites, this old siding removal cost is tremendously high.

We can give you a rough idea for removing old siding, you need to pay in between $900 – $3400. Some individuals do this removal job on their own just to bring down the total cost.

Per Hour Hardie Plank siding Installation Cost

We have seen this practice on an average basis that most of the siding contractors charge approximately $40-60/hour for this Hardie Plank siding installation job. Keep in mind that these per-hour charges depend on which company and contractor you have chosen. If it is a high-reputed company, then it may charge more for this job.

Cost Saving Tips for Hardie Plank Siding

It is better to get a bunch of detailed price quotes from different companies and contractors so that you can make a sensible choice in terms of selecting the right person for this job.

Avoid choosing those companies and contractors who offer low bids. Low bids end up giving you not so experienced and undocumented workers. Companies who offer low bids give you no insurance as well.

To complete this Hardie Plank siding installation job with perfection, it is advised to schedule and commence this project during the slow season. Avoid scheduling this project during summers because it turns out to be the busiest time and charge highest prices. Preceding this project in slow season comes with more negotiating power.

Below you can check out further cost saving tips:

Cost Saving Tip # 1

It is advised to choose wider exposure boards while going for a Hardie Plank siding installation job. This is a budget-friendly tip that you can go for. Selecting wider exposure boards reduces Hardie material costs and installation costs. Keep in mind that common exposures for clapboard are generally and mainly 4″, 5″, and also 6″ and 7″ wide. This is a general rule that the wider exposure you have means that the less Hardie Plank siding installation cost per square foot will come out to be.

Cost Saving Tip # 2

Moreover, one should select factory-painted boards if he wishes to pursue this Hardie Plank siding installation job. Factory painted boards cost $1.8-2.05/sq.ft. On the other hand, pre-primed boards or unpainted boards cost around and about $1.5/sq.ft. But the cost becomes immensely higher when incorporating other factors like painting and hiring labor. So, choosing factory-painted boards is always a preferable option.

Cost Saving Tip # 3

When going for siding renovation, choose trim boards as they are of high-density nature. Furthermore, they comparatively last the longest and fail to become rot. Brands producing top-notch trim boards allow you to save money without compromising the factor of quality. You can go for Hardie trim boards as well as they are already pre-painted and last a lot longer.

Final words

Hardie Plank siding is the oldest fiber cement siding material that is witnessed in the USA. Lots of other brands are big competitors of it. As Hardie Plank is a huge brand, that is why you have to pay a huge premium price! This brand offers top-quality siding and charge premium prices because its services and products are encapsulated with years of extensive research and innovation. Their siding designs and options are known for their superior looks and offer long warranties to their customers.

Moreover, the price of Hardie Plank siding and wood siding are almost similar. If you want to incorporate wood on your house exterior, then instead of using real wood, you can have Hardie Plank siding because it successfully replicates and copies the look of wood.

Hence, the elaborated guide on Hardie Plank siding cost estimation may have solved all your ambiguities. This kind of siding renovation does not need costly and regular maintenance and that is the impressive part of it. Compared with real wood siding, this Hardie Plank siding option is more resistant to moisture and rot. And it is more durable and turns out to be a longer-lasting choice. If you are planning to go with this home renovation practice, then you can share with us what type of siding types you prefer to install in your home.

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