How to Estimate Kitchen Remodeling Costs?

Budgeting costs for remodeling a kitchen is a complex task. Without proper construction cost estimates, it has become the next to impossible thing to renovate even a small section of your kitchen. Redoing kitchen spaces makes them fresh-looking again. In addition, remodeled spaces look stunning, well-designed, and functional. They eventually make your cooking experience a breeze.


Here you will know how to upgrade your kitchen and calculate the incurred costs for kitchen renovation. Redoing your home attracts lots of buyers and increases its value as well if you plan to sell it.

It has been researched that remodeling a kitchen cost little as compared to remodeling whole house. If you are going for redoing, the cost might reach $10,000 and $65,000 if you wish to get a full stunning, brand-new kitchen vibe.

This piece of writing will surely give you an accurate picture of how much it cost to remodel kitchens. We have broken down our calculations by giving you a basic overview and estimated costs by feature.

Kitchen Remodeling Costs Overview


Overall, the average kitchen renovation cost varies in terms of size, depth, scale, and finish quality. As an example, the cost varies if your countertop is made of granite or stainless steel, or the cost varies if you add solid wood cabinets. Below you can see further details, and we have categorized the information by estimating cabinetry costs, countertops, appliances, and much more.

Cabinetry- Estimated remodeling cost

For cabinetry, the typical cost range lies in between $1,300 – $2,600 for stock cabinets. The price of semi-custom cabinets falls between $1,900 – $11,000. Custom cabinets will stretch your budget a little bit, and the price will come out to be $8,000 – $19,000. Wood cabinets’ price run from $6,000 to $26,000 and even up. On the other hand, stainless steel cabinets might take your budget from $26,000 to $39,000.

Countertops- Estimated remodeling cost

Countertop materials cost varies depending on the fact which material you have chosen. Like, granite countertops cost between $200 – $1900. Countertops made of marble may charge you $1100 – $10,000. Quartz material price starts from $400 and ends at $8000. Stainless steel kitchen countertops’ price falls between $1,300 – $4000 and $1,100 – $4300 is the price range for counters made of block wood.

When redoing your kitchen, make it a must for you to upgrade your countertops. In doing so, you will transform the whole design impressively. According to experts, upgraded countertops return 20% of their total cost whenever you sell your home.

Appliances- Estimated remodeling cost

When remodeling your kitchen, getting new appliances remains a must. Giving you a general idea, a good-quality refrigerator costs $500 – $11000! Cooking range costs between $500 – $800, cooktop might cost $400 – $4000, double wall oven price falls between $1,900 – $7000, and dishwasher price starts from $400 and ends at $2,000.

Kitchen remodeling cost for minor-scale upgrades

For minor scale kitchen upgradation, the below-mentioned details will tell you how much-estimated remodeling cost will come out to be! It is average $11,000 – $16,000 if you feel like giving just a few of the touch-ups to your dull-looking kitchen space.

In addition, going for minor-scale upgrades tends to become a low-cost improvement project that eventually increases your home’s value and marketability as well. In such a project, you do not redo your whole kitchen and only give a few finishing touches to it.

The general tasks included in this minor-scale and low–cost remodeling project are to paint the cabinets, replace the backsplash, and buy a few of the new appliances. Your whole focus should target only the dated elements of your kitchen space.

Experts advise to give an easy and simple makeover to your cooking space if you do not have much money and need a fresh vibe. Thus, minor remodeling idea has been largely preferred by the homeowners who are part of the middle-income bracket. Thus, changing the hardware, getting a new backsplash, and painting the cabinets bring a new life into their kitchens.

Paint the cabinets on your own and make this whole low-cost remodeling project further budget-friendly. Cabinets painting estimate will price between $300 to $700 and no more than that. If you could not complete this job properly and are interested in hiring a professional, the cost will fall between $500 to $1600. Experts and lots of professionals have suggested painting your cabinets with white along with a hint of navy blue and gray hue because they have been ranked as one of the favorite color picks for 2022.

For this same minor-scale renovation project, try choosing affordable tiles. In this regard, it is better to pick the white subway tiles because they are also cost-friendly. The floor tiles cost a few of the dollars for a square foot. Moreover, low-cost countertops will definitely work if you have planned to renovate your kitchen on a minor scale.

Kitchen remodeling cost for mid-scale upgrades

Moving to the mid-scale upgradation, this one is a bit costly renovation project. Here, you will re-design the cabinets, replace cabinetry hardware, and get quartz or granite countertops. On average, the renovation cost ranges between $18,000 – $35,000.

Those with a bigger budget generally redo their kitchens with mid-scale upgrades. This kind of renovation makes it compulsory to invest in top-quality materials. Thus, give your best, add nice and decent-looking cabinets, install quartz countertops and never compromise on the quality while upgrading your kitchen on a mid-scale.

When performing a mid-scale upgradation, it is suggested to keep your kitchen layout as it is! In other words, keep the layout original so that you do not have to pay the additional cost when doing structural, electrical, and plumbing-related work.

Here you have to upgrade the cabinets, which is a must for you. Reface your cabinets and give a mid-scale remodeling vibe to your kitchen. If your cabinets’ existing layout and structure look fine, there is no need to change them. It would be best to reface them, add new and stylish doors, make their fronts stylish, and emboss the needed hardware in them. The upgradation process of cabinets shall cost you $5000 to $10000.

In addition, the mid-scale upgradation encourages the homeowner only to choose the simplest, sleek, and inexpensive hardware. A single hardware piece should not cost you more than $50.

On the other hand, try investing in getting quality and most premium countertops. In the mid-scale renovating tasks, you have to avoid buying passé grainy granites and prefer having a countertop available in solid color. On per square foot, you should not be paying more than $50 to $ 70. And the total cost will come out to be $3,000 to $ 5000 when installing a countertop made of granite or quartz.

Besides, experts have suggested adding a kitchen island as well. Its average cost depends on its material and size, but you can have it between $10,000 to $21,000. Professionals linked with the niche of home renovations believe that kitchen islands have grown as one of the hottest renovation trends.

Kitchen remodeling cost for major-scale upgrades

For major-scale upgradation of your kitchen, the cost comes in between $30,000 to $65,000. Such a renovation project stretches your budget line a lot. It would be best if you have huge cash while transforming this kitchen space of yours. Here you will be reconfiguring your kitchen’s layout.

In addition, this redoing project expects from the homeowner to make lots of high-end updates. Investing in quality countertops, buying premium cabinets is a must for you. Moreover, a major-scale upgradation includes converting the whole kitchen space into a walk-in pantry.

If you have planned to go for a major kitchen remodeling task, make sure to go for thoughtful structural changes that may not crash your account. This generally includes moving walls and reconfiguring layouts. Moreover, you need to make certain changes while adjusting plumbing and electrical lines.

You can make this major-scale upgradation a cost-friendly project if you mix both high and low-end finishes. Combine affordable and luxury elements and create the best design for your kitchen space. Besides, you can cut costs on hardware, faucets. Get the low-cost lighting fixtures but do not comprise on the quality. Along with that, I prefer adding quality cabinets and premium designed countertops for the sake of holding buyers’ attention.

Adding a walk-in pantry is a must-have that should be included in your newly renovated kitchen. Try giving a modernized look to your kitchen floor plan. It is best to redo your cooking space to lead and open it to the living room or the dining room zone of yours.

Open-plan kitchens have become the biggest trend. Removing the small partition wall will cost you $600. Along with that, a walk-in pantry has become one of the most desired and admired kitchen features. To include this feature, it shall cost you $2000 to $7000

Kitchen remodeling costs for chef’s like upgrades

If you do not feel like giving minor-scale, mid, or major-scale upgradation to your kitchen, then try giving it a chef’s style upgradation. While renovating such a cooking space will cost you between $51,000 – $99,000. Here you will be remodeling your whole kitchen. Hire an expert for this task because he will be the one who will give his best and end up creating a restaurant-style kitchen.

The major tasks included in such a big-scale renovation project are selecting top-of-the-line materials and appliances. Besides, customize the whole layout of your kitchen in the best manner. The recommended idea is to add custom cabinetry because it will bring a chef and restaurant-style vibe into your kitchen.

Renovating an old kitchen to give it a chef’s kitchen vibe has become the hottest and most talked-about trend for 2022. Such a cooking space ensures functionality and efficiency. That is why many homeowners prefer having their kitchens renovated and remodeled in such a manner.

Think about a restaurant-inspired layout and then remodel your kitchen accordingly. The whole project price tag is jaw-opening, so make sure you have enough cash in your hands.  

First of all, you have to install good-quality lighting. You can prefer having pendant lighting right over the island. In addition, place the same kind of lighting set up above the eat-in dining table. A set of light generally costs $107. Along with that, there have to be lighting fixtures below the cabinet. Try going with the option of hidden LED tape lights.

Make sure to buy chic hardware for a chef-style kitchen. And if it is wallet-friendly, then it is super great. When getting cabinet attachments, buy the pulls and knobs whose price remains as low as $4 each.

As the whole renovation project will end up giving you a top-of-the-line kitchen, that is why you have to buy high-end appliances. A fridge shall cost you $4200, and a premium quality cooking range price will be around $4700 respectively.

For such a kitchen redo, you have to install durable and high-end countertops. Ignore choosing granite and get your hands on top-most quality stainless steel countertops. Their price falls between $75 to $200 per square foot. Thus, your whole layout has to look functional; only then your chef-style kitchen remodeling project will become a success!

More tips while estimating the cost for kitchen remodeling projects

It is generally seen that whenever homeowners are given a chance to renovate their home sweet home, the first thing they redo is their kitchen space; yes, it is true! It has become the most admired home section that owners love remodeling and renovating again and again.

They never show hesitation in terms of spending and never worry even if their bank balance gets crashed because they want their kitchen to come out as an inspirational space.

If you spend a lot on redoing your kitchen, you will surely get a return on that investment in the future. A fully upgraded kitchen increases your home’s value. All in all, it makes your home sweet home a deserving property to make a profit.

No doubt, an outdated kitchen looks simply boring. It even makes your cooking job so much gloomy. You get the feel as if your dishes, breakfast, and dinner meals have become tasteless. Thus, you can only maximize the overall return if you renovate and finish the kitchen space according to the latest trends and customer taste preferences.

Generally speaking, we have observed that kitchen remodels show 1: 1 cost to value exchange. It means that whatever you spend, you will get the same amount in return, and no loss will be there.

Experts have stated that minor and mid-scale kitchen remodeling projects add $18,000 to $25,000 to your total sale price. On the other hand, a major kitchen redoing project adds $80,000 to your home’s sale price.

Create a Personal budgeting plan

You need to create a personal budgeting plan when renovating your kitchen. In this manner, you will keep an eye on the cost, and your budget will not stretch unnecessarily as well.

It is suggested to map out a proper budget and estimate the cost for the respective remodeling project. Keep in mind your financial situation and then decide what kind of redoing you expect to see in your kitchen.

You should only be spending 5% to 15% of your entire home’s value if you have decided to remodel your kitchen space. This practice will give you the best return on investment. As an example, if your home’s total value is $200,000, your remodeling budget should not exceed $10,000.

What do experts have to say on the cost estimating task when planning a redo for your kitchen?

According to experts, it is better to keep in mind the one-third rule whenever you have been given the task of deciding the budget for a kitchen remodeling project. Invest one-third of your budget on adding cabinetry. In addition, spend the third section of the budget on upgrades like countertops, sinks, and backsplashes.

Always hire a professional designer! If you want to see quality results, a professional can help you. We have noticed that expert designers charge between $90 to $190 per hour.

Lastly, you should set aside 15% of your budget for unforeseen and unexpected expenses. This will help you cover extra costs like repairing damaged pipes and plumbing leaks.

It is also suggested to get in touch with your local real estate agent. He will give you a sound piece of advice about how the whole process of remodeling will impact your home’s resale value. It does not matter whether you plan to sell your home in the near future; a short meeting with a real estate agent is necessary.

Ask questions to them; enquire how much return on investment you expect to get from the remodeling project. All in all, a professional real estate agent will give you an objective eye for all these kitchen upgradation aspects.

Determine from where the financing will come!

The last section has shed light on the very important aspect of the kitchen remodeling project. It would be best if you determine from where the financing will come. Most homeowners use money from their savings accounts, and others get loans while remodeling their homes. In addition, you can finance such a renovation project by applying for a home equity loan or a personal loan.

The only thing that you have to remember! You should not overspend when renovating your kitchen. In other words, you should not be easily carried away and stretch your budget unnecessarily. Moreover, keep weighing your options and decide which option suits your budget range. The bottom line is to never and ever forget your financial situation when opting for a kitchen renovation project. Thus, maintain a very clear line while determining the budget.


Possessing a beautiful and well-designed kitchen is a must. Try renovating it at least after one to two years. In addition, try elevating its look and overall appeal by embracing the latest trends.

You need to believe that kitchen is the most important part of your home. Never neglect it, and keep it your priority whenever you get the chance to redo any section of your home. Bringing a minor improvement oomph its whole look and you see a drastic difference between its before and after look.

Just think creatively and you will definitely never and ever go wrong while improving your kitchen layout. You can share with us if you have ever redone your home and how you prepare yourself for the whole budgeting and cost estimation process. Never ignore remodeling your kitchen, if it looks impressive, the time you spend over there will be worth it.

So, are you ready to remodel your kitchen? The guide, as mentioned earlier, might have cleared all your queries while preparing budgeting and cost estimates for redoing kitchens. For any questions, you can ask from us anytime. Stay tuned to have more updates.

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