Outsource Estimating Services & Win More Bids

Businesses secure services for certain jobs, such as marketing or accounting. But when it comes to generating construction estimates, most of the companies don’t secure this service. Why? Probably they think that it is an additional outlay, and estimation can be made easily by themselves.

And here’s where the companies are wrong. Construction estimation requires a considerable amount of work along with the expertise to yield precise results. Moreover, they don’t always have the professionals or tools to complete the estimating services by themselves. An inaccurate estimate can make or break the company, or companies might run in loss and reduce the margin of revenue, leading to costly delays.

With these inaccuracies in estimating costs, it becomes a need of the hour for general contractors to be more agile and keep pace with the rapidly changing market. And we have the best solution for this; Outsource Construction Estimating Services.

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We know you might be wondering why you should outsource construction estimation from estimating companies like us. Keep on reading as there are diverse reasons and benefits if you leverage outsourcing.

Outsourcing Construction Estimating Services

Why Outsource Construction Estimating Services?


1. It Will Save You Money

We understand that you don’t require a full-time construction estimator as you have to pay them even if they are sitting idle. When you outsource the construction estimating task, you don’t have to invest in an in-house estimator for full-time. You will just pay when you need an estimate for a new job or tender, which will, in turn, help you save money for other prospects.

2. You Can Generate High Profits

The advantages of outsourcing are not only limited to saving some money. It also presents an opportunity and allows you to generate high margins of profits. The expenditures of the company directly impact revenue. When you choose to hire someone outside of your company, the expertise of the estimator helps you keep your expenses within limit and lower the cost of business.

Hence, the lower the outgoings, the higher will be your financial gains.

3. More Time for Your Business

When it comes to business, time becomes a precious commodity. In-house estimation can be more time consuming because of certain factors, including the inability to manage things or lack of expertise. 

When you outsource the estimation to skilled professionals, you will get peace of mind along with a lot of time to pay attention to enhancing the overall productivity of your business. Though this might be a small benefit, you will be surprised to see the impact this can have because you will have enough on your plate. Also, it will be easier to manage your company and divert your attention towards the more important matters like bidding on more jobs and grow your business.

4. You Don’t Need to Be an IT Genius

It takes technicalities and certain skills to do construction estimates. You need to be an IT geek with having a skillset to run and manage software or do upgrades or take the training required.

Therefore, instead of spending a good amount of time trying and installing updates, you can simplify the estimating project by outsourcing it. This will allow you to cut the expenses as you will not have to pay hefty bills for the software, and you can focus on the drumming up the existing projects or getting new projects. Let the freelance estimators do their job while you sit back and relax.

Residential Construction Takeoff Spreadsheet Excel

5. Reduces Hassle and Alleviates Headaches

With outsourcing, you won’t have to run behind price changes in the materials. Aluminum is down, or copper is bouncing like a ping-pong will not be a headache anymore. You don’t need to be there, chasing the prices or looking for the latest price sheets. Neither you will have to enter inaccurate details due to a lack of knowledge regarding the change of prices. You will get the leverage to avoid hassles that come in the process of estimating.

Let our skilled estimators handle it for you.

6. Gear Towards Bidding Confidently

To bidding and winning construction projects, the accurate cost estimation is significant as it takes into account even minor details that are involved during the project. A professional and skilled estimator covers everything, including new construction or facility management. Hence you can bid on any project in a more confident way than ever, and it will help you get the project right away.

7. Win More Clients

Do you want to seize the opportunity to win more clients? Outsourcing estimating services allows you to do that. Once you hire professional freelance estimators, you will get more chances to chase the opportunities, and the likelihood of winning more clients will increase.

8. Competitive Advantage

When you outsource estimating services to a skilled construction estimating company based in the USA, their out of the box thinking approach and strategies align with you. This allows them to provide you a competitive advantage in the market. Moreover, outsourcing provides firms to execute within new markets. You can focus on the competencies and build skills that will add value.

9. Double Check Quantities

While taking benefit from the services of professional estimating companies, you need not worry about the accuracy of quantities of items. They take your material estimate as more than mere counting of the material as they understand that it is the best tool to control costs. In any case, they provide you with the screenshots so you can double-check the quantities along with a detailed reference note for each item.

10. Get Material Costs Quickly & Accurately

For each material item listed in the material takeoff sheet, you need to estimate the material costs as well, just as you estimate other costs. It is necessary to stay up-to-date with the current cost data as there are chances that you might be provided with a lump sum price. This can be an added hassle as most of the time; it becomes difficult to determine the material costs. Here’s when outsourcing estimating services come to the rescue. These services help you to determine the quantities of various kinds of materials, size, rates, and several other factors.

11. Focusing on Core Areas

Outsourcing helps you venture into the new markets more easily, and you can focus on core strengths and strategies. The construction companies can be more efficient as they can do what they are best in rather than focusing on or wasting time in developing new areas of expertise. 

12. Flexibility

We understand that you might have been over-worked due to your hectic routine or busy season. By outsourcing estimation services, you can get the flexibility to operate your business at a manageable pace. And instead of spending your time managing seasonal variations, you can utilize that time on other important factors such as investing in yourself or giving time to your family/friends.

13. Reduction in Technology Expenses

Outsourcing technology experts will save you from added expenses and help increase your business’s efficiency. It will save you from the expense of buying expensive software, and you won’t have to learn the technicalities of how to run an estimating software or to accurately estimate the cost.

14. Know Approved Material Suppliers

Keeping up to date with the market and the authorized or approved material suppliers holds great significance. Failing to do so might lead you towards a blind hole, and your company might end up in loss. But that’s not the case when you have an accurate list of materials for your construction project. The construction estimating companies knows the market and the approved suppliers, so you never get faulty materials.

Commercial Construction Takeoff - PlanSwift

15. Accuracy

For some services, the estimation is fairly easy to calculate while services that require highly specific input, the estimation becomes quite difficult. In such cases, outsourcing becomes inevitable. This ensures that the estimating services provided to you are precise with attention to even minor detail.

16. Order Material Quickly and Precisely

Don’t worry about ordering material anymore! The estimation companies provide you with an accurate list of materials for your construction project. You will get a detailed excel spreadsheet containing all the material list. Just send the MTO sheet to your supplier and get the exact material you need for your construction project. 

Get your desired material quickly and precisely by outsourcing estimation services. Let them take the burden off your shoulders.

17. Get a Detailed Overview of Project

By leveraging outsourcing, you get a detailed overview of your project. Estimators are detail-oriented and provide you with all the things, including quantity schedules, equipment details, cost estimation, and others. All these accuracies are put together in an Excel sheet, which ensures that everything is reflected upon.

Construction Estimating Services are imperative to the success of a project. An estimation that is finely honed can put you in a win-win situation and provides you added benefits—hence making those benefits worthwhile for your company.

Therefore, outsource the best estimating services for your construction projects to earn more dividends.

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