9 Best Ways to Promote Construction Business

Any construction business can’t reach the hype without proper marketing. No matter how much you’ve invested in bringing it up, without essential promotional campaigns, it can’t get to the top. Brand names promise a business’s vitality and excellence and are the other name of the experience; which each brand promises to give to its customers. McDonald’s tries its best to keep providing the ‘I’m lovin’ it’ feel to the foodies with each bite of their burgers. And, with every bottle of Coca-Cola, we do ‘Open Happiness.’ Your work should speak for itself, and the effort and commitment which you’ve put in shall reflect in the final product. So, the customers are willing to pay more than once for what you’re offering. 

With the advancements of the media, promoting anything is not a daunting task anymore. Although in the span of a second, any information goes viral. Like any other business, construction business also requires its promotion. It is the word-of-mouth and a good relationship management skill that attracts potential customers towards you. Your past customers are a reflection of your perseverance, and this keeps bringing you more batches of people who are willing to work with you. In this piece of writing, I have summarized a few of the best ways to promote a construction business. 

Top Marketing Strategies for Construction Businesses


A logo is an emblem which aids to promote your work. Design your logo in a way that it reflects your brand’s potential and puts a sneak peek into what you do. Keep it simple and related. Sometimes, while trying to make the logo design unique, we miss the linkage which it should make between our company’s work and the logo itself. If you’re looking for cost-friendly options, then you may design it yourself if you are confident in your creativity and designing skills. But, it’s better suggested to hire an expert and get your logo designed at fair prices. A logo is a reflection of the services which your brand is providing and just by looking at it; it shall stay in people’s minds. If some customers get back to you after seeing the logo, you’ve won it, because it is the main point of having one; to attract and drag the customers to your brand. 

2. Make a website:

Most clients want to search for your brand name if they like the logo. For this, they’ll type your name and tap the search button to get more information about what you’re doing and how you’re progressing in your field. A website will do the job. Make sure that you upload all the related pictures of your previous projects, the before and after looks and the 3D models of your current projects. You can sell your brand by making the website more appealing and fascinating. Keep uploading a few of the many success stories. Also, provide all the relevant contact details and the current address of where your office is located. Briefly state your values and your mission. To boost your online presence, always post search engine optimized content on your website. It will help you appear in local searches more frequently if you choose the right keywords in your website content. Keep your website regularly updated, if you post once in a year you’re not doing the job right. 

3. Schema Tags: 

Push your clients to review their experience working with you and ask them to rate it. You can ask the current and the past customers to write their thoughts on either your website or the social media accounts. Now, use schema tags to mark this text up. In this way, you’ll get a leg up on your competitors when your reviews get attached alongside your business listing. As when visitors will see your reviews, they’ll end up clicking your website, and you’ll get more customers.

4. Create your social media presence: 

Social media is a very promising platform for both small and big business names. If you intend to spread a piece of information without spending a penny, refer to any of your social media accounts. With minimal effort, you can achieve what you want because things spread like a fire in the jungle, on social platforms. 

Be super active on all of your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts. Keep updating your audience about your recent and old projects. You can also post the do’s and don’ts of a successful project, and post anything catchy for the audience. As a small token of affection, you may get short video clips or make a picture story of a project, and later give it to your client. Then, gift it to them but don’t forget to print your logo at the back. It will keep bringing them back to you. Most probably, they’ll share it with their friends and family, so more customers are coming over.

5. Use hoarding signage:

On the site of construction, use hoarding signage. It is a cheap and effective method to promote your business. It is either done on the barriers, fence, or the wall during the construction period. Despite its primary purpose, people often use it for advertisements. Investing in a billboard advertisement is much more demanding on the pockets than a hoarding. Each city has a different set price for hoarding advertisement depending upon the location and the timeframes. The local bodies set the prices for these easy on the pocket and portable promotions. 

6. Get Creative:

Promotion is all about getting creative and making a difference. How you stand out from your competitors is not just a thing, but it puts a lasting impact on your company’s profits. 

While working on a project, you can distribute free bike seat caps for the bikes parked in your vicinity. Print your company’s logo and contact details on the seat caps. It is a useful and cheap strategy to work on. Distribute free hands-free and cold water to the nearby stores and cafes. If you want to go an extra mile, then make small goodie baskets. Put in some chocolates, juices, caps with your company’s logos, vine, and your business cards. Tie-down a short note stating: ‘Thank you for bearing us and the noise, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. It will be over soon.’ It will create a lasting impression of your exceptional emotional quotient. Don’t forget to click a few photos of your give-away, to post on your social media accounts. By adding a bit of human touch, you can win many hearts and many potential customers as well. 

7. Get in touch with local bodies:

Collaborate with the schools, colleges, and universities in your area for budding natural talents. Children develop their interests from an early age; you can reach them and polish their skills to help them grow into profitable citizens. Arrange seminars and webinars and give lectures on how the industry works. What are the pros and cons of joining this business? You can offer jobs to a few students whom you think have the desired potential. Or, ask the head of the institute to plan a site visit with the students to let them see how things happen practically. By the end of the tour, distribute your business cards and flyers to the students. In this way, a positive message about your company gets delivered, and you’ll also save on recruitment costs if you hire a few capable individuals at the spot.

Often the sports teams of the schools and colleges are not funded much, and they’ll be in dire need of sponsors. You can sponsor the equipment or the player-kits. And get your logos printed on the caps or the t-shirts. Sponsoring a sports club is long-term yet a productive investment as it’ll reflect that you think about your community, bringing you more customers. Ask them to place your sign in the outfield to bring you more profits.

8. Budding relationships:

The construction industry is all about building relationships and word of mouth. You’ve to be always in-touch with the suppliers, wholesalers, and sub-contractors, so maintaining an excellent and smooth relationship with them to ensure your longevity and reliability. Doing business and doing business smoothly, without any fights and misbehaving do create a difference. A cordial relationship with property investors can bring bright chances of repeat business. Provide discount offers and coupon codes upon sales and deals. Try to gain their confidence by providing them testimonials, and convince them that their dealing with you will be fruitful. Your past customers are great referrals for your business; ask them to tell others about your work and their experience with you. 

9. Run an Expo:

One of the most excellent marketing strategies is to run an Expo. An Expo is a global event that can attract you with thousands of customers and can boost your sales profitably. The most significant advantage of conducting one is that it attracts people from various cities, having multiple demands and requirements. Thus, it provides you with a big room for offering your services to cater to their needs. You can wisely captivate a big pool of people. Such an event costs a lot, but in the future, it can provide you a lot of customers.

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