What We Offer

Construction Takeoff Services (QTO)

QTO Estimating offers construction takeoff services and material estimates to contractors for many years. Our estimates are detailed, well-referenced, and accurate. That's why contractors, home remodelers, suppliers, architects, and homeowners take benefit from the quantity takeoffs provided by us. We deal with all kinds of material and cost estimates for residential as well as commercial construction projects.

Moreover, the latest software like Planswift helps our estimators in preparing the most accurate and fast estimates for any kind of project. Our services are for everyone looking for material quantities or cost estimation of construction projects. Whether its a new construction or renovation of existing building or site, we can do the estimates hassle-free & provide you a detailed excel spreadsheet that can help you in tendering, ordering materials, and cost management of the project.

What is QTO?

"QTO" stands for quantity takeoff and it is basically a list of material quantities required to complete a construction project. The construction takeoff services are usually offered by professional estimators and can be outsourced from companies like QTO Estimating. Most of the companies hire full-time staff to do the task of measuring quantities and for the preparation of BOQs. But there are still many contractors and housebuilders who outsource material estimating services in order to reduce the load on in-house estimators.

Material Takeoff Spreadsheet

Flooring Takeoffs

We provide flooring estimates and quantity takeoffs for all kinds of construction projects. Our flooring takeoffs include tiles, carpet, wood floors, VCT, LVT, concrete floors any many more.

Drywall Takeoffs

Our drywall takeoffs are categorized based on the type, fire-rating, no of boards, type of insulation, etc. Moreover, we also provide the number of sheets, headers, and metal studs quantities and costs for drywall estimates.

Lumber Takeoffs

Lumber takeoff services include wood framing quantities for trusses, joists, headers etc. based on sizes and type. The lumber quantities are provided in linear footage and can be priced easily based on quantity takeoffs prepared by us.

Electrical Estimates

Our detailed electrical takeoffs includes number of light fixtures based on types, switches, power panels, conduits, low voltage supplies etc. The detailed electrical cost estimates by QTO Estimating can help electrical sub-contractors in winning more bids.

Masonry Estimates

Our masonry estimates for contractors include interior brickwork, exterior face bricks, CMU blocks, stone takeoffs like granite, marble, limestone, concrete blocks etc. Get in touch with us to get a free quote for masonry quantity takeoffs.

Earthwork Estimates

If you need quantities for the excavation, backfill, slope stabilization, or the earthwork quantities for changes in topography etc. then we can help you in this regard. Our earthwork takeoffs and cost estimates are used by civil contractors from all over the world.




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