A construction takeoff is the process of measuring various materials required for a construction project. The material quantities are measured from the plans as per the given scale on drawings. The take-off is then used to price the project and create a construction cost estimate. QTO Estimating is a construction estimating firm offering construction takeoff services and material estimates to contractors since 2017.

We have a team of certified construction estimators having 20+ years of combined experience in preparation of quantity take-offs. We have been working with general contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, architects, and homeowners nationwide. At QTO Estimating we offer all types of estimates for residential and commercial projects. These include preliminary estimates, material takeoffs, cost estimates and material order lists.


What is QTO?

"QTO" stands for Quantity TakeOff and it is basically a list of material quantities required to complete a construction project. The takeoff services are offered by professional estimators and can be outsourced from companies like QTO Estimating. Hiring a full-time estimator for your company will lead to very high monthly expenses and cost overheads. So outsourcing take-offs is a viable option to save both money and time.

We offer quantity take-off services nationwide and we have a large client base all over the states including New York, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, Virginia, California, Washington DC, Minnesota, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, South Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Oregon, Massachusetts, Arizona, Alabama.

Avoid over-ordering or under-ordering materials, reduce wastage and save money.
Reduce errors in quantity estimation, leading to more accurate bids and material estimates.
Ensure that the right materials are available when they are needed, and reduce the risk of delays or interruptions.
Quickly determine the materials needed, reduce the time spent on manual estimates.
Better plan and manage budgets, reduce the risk of unexpected costs and delays.
Outsourcing material estimates helps to mitigate the risk of errors and miscalculations that can occur in the takeoff process.


A Construction take-off process involves analyzing the drawings and specifications to determine the material quantities and types of materials required for a project. It includes everything from concrete and masonry to steel framing and wood framing etc. The estimates for other trades like site work, flooring, painting, electrical, mechanical and plumbing etc. are also carried out to get a complete take-off list. Material take-off are very useful for house builders. General contractors, sub-contractors and house builders can manage budgets, reduce wastage and avoid delays caused by material shortage by getting accurate construction takeoff services from professional estimating companies like QTO. Outsourcing takeoffs improves accuracy and efficiency of the overall construction process. They also help in timely completion of project within the allocated budget.

Moreover, Our take-off estimators utilize the latest estimating softwares like Planswift , Bluebeam & Xactimate to prepare most accurate and fast estimates for any type of construction project. Our services are for everyone looking for material quantities or cost estimation of projects. Whether it's new construction or remodeling of an existing building, we can do the blueprint take off hassle-free & provide you a detailed excel spreadsheet that can help you in bidding, ordering materials, and cost management of the project.



Flooring Takeoffs

We provide flooring takeoffs for all projects of all sizes. Our flooring estimates include quantities of tiles, carpet, wood floors, VCT, LVT, rubber floors any many more.


Drywall Estimating Services

Our drywall takeoffs are categorized based on the type, fire-rating, no of boards, type of insulation, etc. Moreover, we also provide drywall sheets count, and metal studs quantities and costs for drywall estimates.


Lumber Takeoff

Lumber takeoff services include wood framing quantities for walls, floors, roofing an ceiling. Framing elements such as studs, joists, rafters, outriggers, headers and lumber hardware quantities are estimated.


Electrical Estimating Services

Our detailed electrical takeoffs includes a count of light fixtures, switches, power panels, conduits, low voltage supplies etc. The detailed electrical cost estimates by QTO Estimating can help electrical sub-contractors in winning more bids.


Masonry Estimates

Our masonry take-offs include CMU blocks, brickwork, stonework, grout infill, vertical rebar in CMU, ties, anchors etc. Get in touch with us to get a free quote for masonry estimating service.


Earthwork Estimates

We provide you with the quantities for the excavation, backfill, slope stabilization and other related earthwork takeoffs as per the topography and layout plans. Our earthwork estimates are used by civil & site contractors nationwide.


Having an accurate list of material quantities is very important for the success of any project. It helps in bidding as well as with material ordering during the construction stage of project. There are many takeoff firms out there but only a few of them do the estimating with accuracy and perfection. This is where construction takeoff services by QTO Estimating come in. Our service involves analyzing drawings and specs to create a detailed material take-off list that contains the quantities and types of materials needed for the project. By utilizing a combination of manual approach and automated software, our expert estimators can accurately determine the material quantities for the project.


At QTO Estimating we have a team of expert residential construction takeoff estimators who can accurately estimate the material quantities for your project. Use of advance takeoff software such as Planswift and Bluebeam helps us in preparing accurate residential construction takeoff estimates and materials list. We use these digital softwares to scale drawings and then accurately measure various materials such as concrete, masonry, framing, painting, drywall, electrical, plumbing etc.

Our residential cost estimators have 20+ years of combined experience in preparing cost estimates and material take offs for houses, villas, apartments and other residential buildings. We have an updated database for preparing budgets and preliminary estimates for house construction anywhere in the US. Moreover, our estimating service for builders is useful to get a material estimate and bid price for their construction projects. Our team know the ins and outs of residential estimating and we can efficiently handle projects such as;

  • Single Family Homes
  • Multi Family Houses
  • Modular Houses

  • Pre-fabricated Houses
  • Town Houses
  • Apartment Buildings

  • Retirement Communities
  • Housing Complexes


We have a team of commercial estimators who are trained in preparing material take offs for commercial construction projects such as hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings etc. We take into consideration all the commercial construction aspects, labor reequipments, rules and regulations while preparing the commercial construction material takeoff for your project. In our commercial takeoff services, we estimate all the trades such as excavation, backfill, civil works, concreting, masonry, finishes, rough carpentry, MEP works etc. Our estimators are equipped with the latest commercial pricing databases that help us in accurately pricing the commercial construction jobs. This helps us in pricing the job as per the ZIP code location of your project. We have worked on commercial takeoffs for various types of projects such as;

  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Retail Stores

  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Educational Buildings

  • Entertainment Venues
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Mixed-use Development


  • General contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Remodeling contractors
  • Home builders
  • Project owners
  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Suppliers

Takeoff Vs Estimate

Construction professionals sometime confuse construction takeoff with estimating and can not differentiate between them. From estimation point of view, its important to know the difference between estimate and takeoff so that you order what your expect from an estimation firm. A construction takeoff is a list of materials and their quantities required for a project. On the other hand, an estimate include the labor and material costs in addition to material takeoff. An MTO is useful to get an idea about the materials and their quantities involved in a project. It is used by contractors and house owners to place material orders with suppliers and get quotes from them.

Moreover, a construction takeoff can also be used to price the project by putting the material, labor and equipment costs. Some additional costs such as overheads, profits, sales tax, mobilization and supervision costs etc. are also added to get a full cost estimate of the project. Builders and general contracting companies use the estimates for budgeting and placing bids on construction projects. An example of structural steel takeoff and structural steel cost estimate is given below;

Construction Takeoffs Example

Built-up Steel Floor65010%715SF
19-W-4 Metal Grating156010%1,716SF
W8x15 Beam163510%1,799LBS
W8x18 Beam154810%1,703LBS
W8x21 Beam277210%3,049LBS


Construction Estimate Example

Built-up Steel Floor65010%715SF $2.05 $4.35 $7.68 $5,491
19-W-4 Metal Grating156010%1,716SF $2.75 $4.90 $9.18 $15,753
W8x15 Beam163510%1,799LBS $0.88 $1.45 $2.80 $5,029
W8x18 Beam154810%1,703LBS $0.88 $1.45 $2.80 $4,761
W8x21 Beam277210% 3,049LBS $0.88 $1.45 $2.80 $8,526


Our certified take-off specialists use a structured process to accurately calculate the quantities of various construction materials required for each project. Here's a brief overview of how our construction take-off services work:

1. Analyzing Plans & Scope: Our quantity takeoff estimators first review all relevant plans and drawings for the project, including civil plans, architectural plans, structural plans and specifications. We review the takeoff scope as detailed by our customers and check the plans for that scope.

2. Material Takeoff Process: Our material takeoff specialists load the PDF plans into our take-off software such as Planswift or bluebeam. Drawings are scaled and the quantity take-off is performed. It involves measuring, counting, and quantifying various materials required for the construction project. Materials such as concrete, masonry, structural steel, lumber framing, roofing, siding painting, flooring etc. are taken-off one by one.

3. Excel Sheet Preparation: We put all the materials and their quantities as per their CSI trades into the excel spreadsheet. Suitable wastage factors are considered for the materials and the final quantities are listed with appropriate unit of measures. We also price the material, labor and equipment costs if required by our customer.

4. Takeoff Delivery: Our final construction takeoff deliverables include a material estimate in excel, color-coded markups in PDF and notes/RFIs related to the project. Our client gets full ownership of all deliverables. The files can edited, modified or shared as needed by the customer.

Our takeoff estimating services have been utilized in a variety of mega construciton projects, from commercial buildings to residential apartments and public infrastructure projects. For example, our take-off services were used during the construction of the Hudson Yards development in New York City to manage the project's cost management requirements.

Construction Takeoff Services
Masonry Takeoff


We are a professional construction estimating firm having a team of certified construction estimators having 20+ years of combined experience in construction takeoff services. Working with QTO Estimating means that your project is in safe hands of experienced estimators who will takeoff the materials of your project accurately. Our estimators have infield experience, construction knowledge and they follow the best estimation practices outlined by the renowned associations. We strictly follow the guidelines provided by organizations such as ASPE, PMI and CSI and keep our estimators updated with latest technology and tools in the industry.

The unique features of our takeoff service that set QTO Estimating apart form our competitors include;

Experienced professionals:
Our estimators have 20+ years of experience in the construction industry and we are trained to provide accurate and efficient take-off services for any project.
State-of-the-art technology:
We use the latest software and technology to quickly do the measurements and quantification of materials, which allows us to deliver results with greater speed and accuracy than manual estimation methods.
Customized solutions:
We understand that each project is unique, and we work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and come up with a customized QTO solutions that meets the need of our client.
Cost-effective pricing:
We offer competitive pricing for our take-off services, which helps our clients stay within their budgets and save money.


So are you ready to streamline your construction takeoffs while saving time and money? Contact us today to learn more about our estimating services and get a quote!


QTO Estimators delivered thousands of construction take-offs and estimate to our esteemed customers. Some of our sapele takeoff spreadsheets and PDFs are provided below;

Checkout sample estimates for all other trades on this page. You can email us if you want to see an example estimate of some specific trade.



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QTO Estimating's  takeoff services have revolutionized our bidding process. Their precise and timely estimates have helped us win more projects in New York City. Thank you, QTO Estimating!

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Thanks to QTO Estimating's material take-off service, our project planning has become more efficient and cost-effective in Chicago. Their attention to detail and expertise have been invaluable. We can't thank them enough!

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QTO Estimating's construction takeoff services have been a game-changer for our business in Los Angeles. Their accurate and comprehensive takeoffs have saved us valuable time and resources. Highly recommended!

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QTO's quantity takeoffs have consistently exceeded our expectations for our commercial construction projects in Houston. Their accurate material quantities and cost estimates have helped us stay on budget and deliver successful projects. We highly endorse QTO Estimating!

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