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Concrete Estimating Services

Concrete is widely used in the construction industry and its a key material required for the construction of the building as well as civil works. The accurate estimation of concrete quantity is very important and a basic step for bidding on a new job or tender. For complex projects, it becomes a little bit complicated to do the concrete takeoff. More importantly, if there are concrete pavements of varying dimensions and thicknesses. There might be a case where a lot of cast-in-place concrete is required to construct the building foundation. Another case is the concrete estimate for the structural walls, beams, and columns, etc. Moreover, many contractors also want to estimate the rebar quantity to place the order with the supplier. In such scenarios, it becomes quite difficult for a contractor to do the concrete estimate. So outsourcing concrete estimating services from some notable companies like QTO Estimating can make the job easy for you.

Why Outsource Concrete Estimates?

If you are a construction company and you want to win a tender, it is very important to take part in the bidding process. To win a tender, the bid needs to be lower as the overall bidding process is very transparent. For your bidding to be the lowest you need an accurate material takeoff and pricing estimate for your project.

By taking benefit from out concrete estimating services, your bid will be closest and you will not only end up winning the tender with a huge profit but you will also be saving your time, money and resources. We have designed a method that is not only effective but also accurate and quick. We value the overall time and money of our clients because we value the work you do. With our help, you can just focus on the construction and design process while we handle the overall estimation of your projects.

Why Professional Help Is Important For Concrete Estimation?

One of the main reasons people believe in QTO Estimating is because we provide an accurate estimate and this increases the chance of winning bids depending on how much money they quote. For construction companies, where the business depends on winning a project through bidding, the quantity estimation plays an important role.

Another important reason you should get a price quote via an external and professional estimating company is that you don’t want to waste time and money. Most of the construction estimating softwares are very expensive and it requires a lot of effort and money to master the software. Also, the construction companies should focus on their actual project rather than wasting money on buying software and then training their employees to use that software.

Why do You Need to Have Detailed Concrete Takeoffs?

Before starting concrete construction, it is very important to have a bill of quantity (BOQ) or concrete takeoff for a project. Apart from this it also helps in estimating the project budget. The construction material takeoff also indicates how much material will be required and how much raw material you should have in stock. This will be very important for the construction companies because it ensures that the supply chain runs smoothly and work never stops at any given time.

If you are looking for construction estimation services to get a detailed concrete material takeoff, QTO Estimating should be your first choice. We provide detailed concrete estimating for bulk concreting works which include pavements, concrete curbs, driveways, reinforced concrete slabs, beams, columns, raft foundations, cast-in-situ slabs, stairs, decorative concrete items and many more. Moreover, if you are a concrete supplier then you can also take benefit from our services by getting an accurate measure of bulk concreting for your projects.

How Do We Prepare Concrete Takeoffs?

Our team of professionals doesn’t only rely on the manual method of estimation. We use the latest estimation software like planswift to calculate the various constriction materials that include concrete, reinforcement, gravel base, pavements, etc. Furthermore, we also verify the quantities manually with a calculator before preparing the MTO sheet. Most people think buying software will help them get accurate results for concrete estimation, however, it is not true in all cases. Operating software requires a lot of effort and skill, which means only a professional estimating company will be able to provide a proper estimate.

We provide estimation for commercial building sites, renovation projects as well as private buildings like houses. Our company has devised a way where our team starts with manual estimation and then team up to work via software, by the end of the process both manual results and on-screen takeoffs are compared and the material takeoff sheet is generated.

What Kind Of Estimation Services Do We Provide?

We provide detailed concrete estimating spreadsheets that include cubic yards of concrete for various construction purposes. To go further in detail, you can get the quantity of reinforcement, cement quantity, sand, and aggregate, etc. Apart from this, the overall construction estimate is also provided in the form of excel sheet that includes a list of all construction activities and material quantities.

Within our concrete estimating services, we provide an estimation of slabs, tie beams, concrete footers and overall driveway construction estimate. This service is provided for both residential as well as commercial construction projects. In addition to this, we also provide an overall estimate for all construction materials including structural rebar, stirrup, dowels, anchors, wire mesh, accessories for pouring concrete and Visqueen.

How to Become Our Client?

You just need to send us the project drawings link through email and mention the items that you want to include or exclude from the quantity takeoff sheet. After reviewing the drawings, we will send you a quote including the pricing as well as turnaround time to complete the estimate. After the approval of the same, we will start working on the project. If you need the cost estimate then send us the material cost list as well. It is quite important because we provide services around the globe and the price of the material varies from place to place.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our estimating services then feel free to reach us via phone/email and one of our representatives will be in touch with you.

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