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Welcome to QTO Estimating, your premier choice for outsourcing electrical estimating services.

If you are looking for electrical cost estimate or a material takeoff, then QTO Estimating should be your first and only call. We have a team of expert electrical estimators with 20+ years of combined experience in estimation for all kinds of electrical construction projects.

In today’s competitive business landscape, finding a reliable and trustworthy estimating company is crucial for the success of your projects. When it comes to meeting your electrical estimating needs, you deserve nothing but the best.

We understand that accurate estimates are the backbone of any successful project. Our team of highly skilled estimators is available to onboard your projects and deliver detailed estimates quickly. They are trained with industry-specific knowledge related to electrical systems installation, repair and renovation.

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Why Outsource Electrical Estimating

Preparing electrical estimates for residential, commercial building, and renovation projects can be an extremely time-consuming and costly experience for any contractor. That’s why businesses come to QTO Estimating for their estimation needs. When you let professionals take care of your estimating needs, it leads to an increased chance of winning bids and it also saves you a lot of time and money.

Outsourcing electrical estimating services to QTO will give you more time to focus on getting your projects completed and finding new projects to bid on. QTO Estimating is a cost-effective solution for your construction business that will give you more opportunities to tender for larger projects. Our thousands of satisfied customers gave us 5/5 rating for our accuracy, efficiency and timely delivery of projects. They are satisfied with our detailed electrical estimates and coming back to us whenever in need of electrical estimating service.

Getting a professional estimate for the electrical work helps avoid costly mistakes further down the road. When your estimate is erring, it can lead to additional material and labor costs that can quickly cause budget overruns and prices to blow out. We are all working in a highly competitive construction industry where profit margins are already extremely thin. Can your business afford to cover the costs of mistakes?

Expert Electrical Estimators

We have an independent electrical estimating department managed by experienced electrical estimators and quantity surveyors with 20+ years of experience in this field. Our estimating team is led by a senior manager who is responsible for assuring the accuracy and timely delivery of projects. We keep our estimators updated with latest industry knowledge and techniques. Our certified estimators have accreditations from notable organizations such as ASPE, NECA, PMI and LEED AP etc. We strictly follow the code compliance and regulations while doing the estimates.

Moreover, we follow a strict quality assurance procedure to make sure that we do not miss any item while preparing the cost estimate. The estimating spreadsheets we prepare go through multiple review stages by our senior estimators before final delivery to our clients. We also have freelance electrical estimators that you can hire only when you need help with estimating. No need to pay hefty monthly salaries and just outsource electrical estimates when you need to.

we offer electrical estimating services that include;

Residential Electrical Estimating

In residential electrical estimating we assess and determine the overall requirements and components required for the electrical system of residential buildings. This include estimation of materials and labor required for single and multi-family houses, apartments, townhouses and other residential buildings. We focus on the following major components in residential electrical estimates;

  • Wiring & Circuitry
  • Electrical panels
  • Light Fixtures
  • Electrical Appliances

  • Fire Protection
  • Safety Features
  • Code Compliance

Commercial Electrical Estimating

We provide commercial electrical estimating services for projects that include offices, hotels, shopping malls, business complexes, retail stores, schools and hospitals etc. Our commercial electrical estimators have the required expertise in estimating the materials and labor requirements for commercial construction projects. Based on your project plans, we will takeoff all the materials and then prepare the cost estimate as per prevailing wages and material rates in your area. Our estimators focus on the following major aspects while preparing commercial electrical estimates;

  • Power Distribution
  • Lighting Systems
  • Networking Systems

  • Data & Communication
    HVAC & Electrical Integration
  • Energy Efficiency

Industrial Electrical Estimating

The electrical estimating requirements for industrial projects are stricter and require experience in the field. That’s why QTO Estimating has a team of expert electrical estimators for industrial projects. We have the expertise in preparing estimates based on the blueprints. We have specialized team for estimating large-scale industrial facilities such as power plants, factories, water treatment facilities, warehouses and manufacturing plants. Some of the items covered in our industrial electrical estimates are;

  • Power systems
  • Control systems
  • Safety systems

  • Power Backups
  • Monitoring systems

Low Voltage Estimating Services

Low voltage estimating involves electrical systems required for data transmission, communication, security and audio-visual facilities at any particular project. QTO’s electrical estimators have hands-on experience in preparing accurate estimates for low voltage supplies that include;

  • Structured Cabling
  • Networking
  • Security Systems
  • Fire alarms

  • Audio & Visual Systems
  • Integration Systems
  • Automation Systems

Electrical Estimating Samples

QTO Estimating delivers hundreds of estimation projects every month to general contractors, electrical contractors and developers. Checkout our example electrical estimates at below links;

You can check sample estimates for other trades such as mechanical, plumbing,  HVAC at this page.

How We Do Electrical Estimates & Takeoffs

To start, we conduct a detailed review of your project plans and specifications in order to fully grasp the scope of work involved. Subsequently, we utilize specialized take-off software, such as Planswift & Bluebeam, to efficiently analyze and measure various components including lighting fixtures, wiring, conduits, low voltage supplies, switches, and panels. By correctly scaling the plans, we ensure accurate measurements for each item.

Electrical Estimating Services and Takeoffs Sample

Additionally, we carefully go through the electrical schedules to quantity each and every electrical item required for your project. Our goal is to identify the different costs associated with electrical installations and the materials essential for your project. To achieve this, we compile all the relevant materials and associated costs into an Excel spreadsheet, resulting in a detailed cost estimate tailored to your requirements.

We offer the flexibility to adjust material and labor pricing according to your preferences. To ensure the utmost accuracy and reliability, we utilize premium tools like RSMeans and the Craftsman Book, that provide us up-to-date pricing information for electrical materials and labor. These tools take the ZIP code of project, guaranteeing that the budget or bid we prepare aligns with the prevailing market rates in your area. By using these industry-leading resources, we ensure that our electrical estimates are not only comprehensive but also accurate.

Electrical Takeoff Services

Our certified electrical estimators are well trained in quantifying various components required for the successful completion of project. We have hands-on experience in preparing detailed electrical estimates for residential and commercial construction projects. Following are the major components that we typically include in our electrical takeoffs;

  • Light fixtures
  • Lighting controls
  • Wirings
  • Cable trays
  • Conduits
  • Receptacles
  • Outlets
  • Switches
  • Low voltage supplies
  • Feeders
  • Distribution boards
  • Wiring devices
  • Feeders
  • Grounding materials

  • Emergency lights
  • Exist signs
  • Circuit breakers
  • Junction boxes
  • Transformers
  • Security systems
  • Audio systems
  • Video systems
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Fire alarm
  • Switchboards
  • Smoke detectors

When you work with QTO Estimating, you’re ensuring that you get a professional estimate and breakdown of your materials, which will allow you to place an accurate bid and subsequently win it.

Electrical Services Offered by QTO

We not only estimate projects but also offer related electrical services such as CAD drawings and scheduling for construction projects. Our estimators are capable of estimating electrical scope for all types of projects. This includes materials, labor and equipment required for the successful completion of project. Following is a list of electrical services that we offer to our esteemed clients;

  • Preliminary Estimates
  • Budget Estimates
  • Residential Estimates
  • Commercial Estimates
  • Industrial Estimates
  • Electrical Bidding

  • Electrical Takeoffs
  • Electrical CAD Drafting
  • Project Scheduling
  • Cost Control
  • Project Leads

Understanding & measuring the full scope of work required to complete the work can be a frustrating and stressful experience for anyone. There is a lot on the line, and even the smallest mistake can end up blowing your quote and losing your potential to win the commercial and residential project as an electrical sub-contractor.

If you manage to land a tender successfully and your material takeoff is not 100% accurate, it could end up costing you a lot of money and ruining your professional relationship. It takes a long time to build your company’s reputation and much less time for it to be ruined by an inaccurate electrical estimate. We will be able to ensure that you understand what your breakeven point is and how you can save costs or reduce costs associated with your upcoming construction project.

Electrical Estimating Software We Use

We use a bunch of specialized electrical estimating software that help us in accurately measuring various items and their quantities. Takeoff software such as Planswift and Bluebeam are the best for doing electrical material takeoffs. For cost estimation, RSMeans and craftsman book are the leading resources that we utilize to price the project accurately as per the ZIP code. Below are the best electrical estimating software utilized for efficiently estimating the project scope as per the plans;

  • Planswift
  • Bluebeam
  • AccuBid

  • Stack
  • McCormick
  • Esticom

  • Electrical Bid Manger
  • Electric Ease
  • RSMeans

Our Clients

We offer our services to contractors and organizations that are linked with electrical projects. Our notable customers include;

  • General Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Architects & Engineers

  • Facility Managers
  • Property Developers
  • Government Agencies

  • Industrial Companies
  • Electrical Vendors
  • Electricians

Let Us Do Handle Your Estimates

1. Upload Plans

If you are planning to bid on a new commercial or residential building project and require electrical estimating, then start by uploading or emailing us the details of the project. Send us all the information that may include drawings, technical specifications, material costs, and relevant details.

2. Pay Invoice

We will go through the project and then give you a price that we will charge for the estimate. If you’re ok with our quote and would like to proceed with the project, then we will send you a formal invoice for the job, and after the payment, we’ll be able to get started.

3. Get Estimate

Our electrical estimators will start working on your project soon after the confirmation of payment. You will receive the estimate within the allocated time which is usually 2 to 4 days.

Our Service Areas

QTO Estimating offers electrical estimation services nationwide and we are aware of local code compliance requirements in your area. We have been serving electrical contractors and companies based in New York, California, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Mississippi, Minnesota, Louisiana, Virginia, Alabama, Michigan, Illinois Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina and other US states.

If you have a project that you would like QTO Estimating to help in preparing estimate, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We would be happy to take a look at your drawings or plans and provide you with a thorough takeoff estimate.

If you have any questions about any of the electrical takeoffs that we have done in the past or upcoming projects that you may have, then we would love to take the opportunity to speak with you about your project.

John Thompson California

QTO Estimating’s electrical estimating services were exceptional. Their attention to detail and clear communication helped us secure a competitive bid for our commercial project. Highly recommended!

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QTO Team provided professional electrical estimates for our residential project in Texas. Their expertise and detailed estimate helped us stay on budget. Impressed and satisfied!

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QTO Estimators surpassed my expectations. Their accurate electrical takeoffs guided our decision-making process for a New York commercial project. Highly satisfied!

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I highly recommend QTO Estimating for their electrical estimating services. They delivered precise cost estimates for our industrial project in Illinois, ensuring a smooth planning process.

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