Insulation Estimating Services

Insulation estimation is one of the most important aspects to be considered in construction. Different forms of insulations are used in the construction industry to limit the transmission of thermal energy from outside to the inside of the building. Thermal insulation keeps the rooms warm in winter and cool in the summer season. The most commonly used building materials have in-built insulation properties. However, if the weather is harsh then the use of insulation becomes mandatory. The selection of appropriate thermal insulation is usually based on the climate, location, and type of building under consideration.

QTO Estimating offers you the best insulation estimating services while being reliable, timely, and precise to meet the requirements of our clients. Insulation estimation includes measuring quantities of sprayed foam insulation, batt insulation, rigid fiberboard insulation, concrete foam insulation, etc. Most of these are measured in the units of square footage (area).

Here at QTO Estimating, we follow a simple principle;

To ensure accuracy of estimates and client's satisfaction!

Services List

Clients we work for:

  1. Insulation Contractors
  2. Weatherproofing Contractors
  3. Mechanical Piping Contractors
  4. Architects
  5. EPC Contractors
  6. Installers
  7. General Contractors
  8. Acoustical Contractors
  9. HVAC Contractors
  10. Insulation Vendors

Our Deliverables include:

  • Color-coded marked up plans
  • Digital takeoff file
  • Material lists
  • Material & labor costs (If required)

We take pride in our years of diverse experience in estimating different types of insulation. From fiberglass to mineral wool insulation estimation, name it, and the team will do it for you. The professionals in our team work closely with the clients and meet the expectations and requirements of the project with sheer accuracy and expertise.

Over the years, the estimating knowledge and skill we acquired, enabled us to bring a goal-oriented and client-centric approach.

This, in turn, helps our customers to get accurate insulation take-offs for bidding and ordering materials.  Build on transparency and professionalism; we ensure that your project material list is prepared accurately as per the local construction standards and project specifications.

Home Roof Insulation
insulation takeoff

Services We Provide

We offer diverse and complete insulation estimating services to our clients with accurate measurements. We understand the installation procedures, construction techniques, and this helps us in accurately measuring the insulation quantity required for a project. Afterwards, we prepare a cost estimate based on the ZIP code of the project. We use the latest market rates in order to reach the most precise insulation cost required for the project.

Our insulation estimating services include:

Residential & Commercial Insulation Estimation

The team we have; carefully carries out the insulation takeoff whether you want it for a residential or commercial project. It doesn't matter whether you need the estimate for new construction or an existing building renovation project. Besides, we also provide estimating solutions for old insulation barriers to owners, contractors, or homebuilders.

Our estimators determine all types of insulation used for soundproofing, moisture protection, and waterproofing of residential or commercial buildings.

insulated concrete foams
Insulated Concrete Foams
Rigid Fiberboard Insulation
Rigid Fiberboard Insulation
loose fill and blown-in insulation
Loose fill and blown-in Insulation
Sprayed Foam & Foamed-in-place
Sprayed Foam & Foamed-in-place
Liquid Foam Insulation
Liquid Foram Insulation
blanket and batt insulation
Blanket and batt Insulation

Mechanical Insulation Estimating

Sometimes you have to consistently juggle between the meeting schedules and dreaded working hours. Not just that, you also have to struggle with incomplete drawing plans, bid documents, and outdated specifications.

As you have already enough on your plate, we offer assistance and provide mechanical insulation estimates for industrial duct or piping, fire-stopping, plumbing, and HVAC duct or piping. Furthermore, you also get a review of bid documents along with the estimations. We provide services for both industrial buildings and commercial sectors. The typical mechanical insulation services are for the following works;

  • Ductwork Insulation
  • Plumbing Pipes
  • Generator Exhausts
  • Firestopping
  • Petrochemical Pipes
  • Central Utility Plants
  • Weatherproofing
  • Waterproofing
  • Removable Insulation Systems
  • Tank Farms
  • Refrigeration Pipes
  • Cooling Towers

Thermal Insulation Estimating

Being a professional estimating partner, we offer high quality and precise estimation of insulation, so you don't have to deal with profit cut down. Besides, we work closely with our clients to help them avoid issues such as reordering and rechecking of estimates as well as takeoffs. Our estimators make sure that you have the right amount of insulation available on site. Throughout the project, we thoroughly and closely work with you.

We provide estimates for the following thermal insulation materials including,

  • Extruded Polystyrene
  • Nail base Insulation
  • EIFS Specialties
  • Fiber Insulation
  • Deck Insulation
  • Weather-Resistive Barriers
  • Masonry Insulation Systems
  • Cladding Attachment & Continuous Insulation
  • And many others

The magnitude of the project does not matter, and our exposure to estimating a variety of projects speaks for us. While using digital software, we accurately measure everything.

We provide estimates for the following thermal insulation materials including,

  • Extruded Polystyrene
  • Nail base Insulation
  • EIFS Specialties
  • Fiber Insulation
  • Deck Insulation
  • Weather-Resistive Barriers
  • Masonry Insulation Systems
  • Cladding Attachment & Continuous Insulation
  • And many others

Besides, we cater to our clients who need insulation estimating services including,

  • Bid Estimates
  • Preliminary Estimates
  • Pre-built Material Estimate
  • Bidding Assistance
  • Bid Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Budget Estimates
  • Project Cost Management
  • Change Order Estimates
  • Project Lead Generation
  • Material Takeoffs
  • Insulation estimation for ductwork, pipework, HVAC systems, plumbing, etc.

You can get rid of unexpected nuisances and problems in your project with the help of our services as our estimation techniques are adjustable and tailored for our clients.

Besides, insulation estimation for new buildings or those constructed, we also serve those involved in the insulation installation for repairs, upgrades, modifications, or outages of the buildings.


House Insulation Estimates

House Elevation Quantity Takeoff with PlanSwift

insulation takeoff


What is the advantage of getting estimates for insulation?

You can save maximum on your project after getting the estimation from us. With this, you can avoid any trouble during the project, with no added expenses. Besides, you can bid accurately.

Can I get the estimate of an already constructed building?

Absolutely! You can get estimates any time you want. Whether you are about to start a project, or you have completed the project, our team will help you in insulation estimating. Just email us the plans along with the scope of works in order to get a quote for your project.

How much the typical insulation cost?

The typical insulation cost varies depending on the type and magnitude of the project. Usually, for a single family home, it can cost between $1700-$2000.

Sell more projects and bid accurately every time with our professional estimators.  Contact us to get a quote today; that will save you from biding too high or too low!

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