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Lumber Takeoff Services

A typical lumber takeoff includes the count of wood elements like blockings, wooden posts, headers above openings, wall studs, wood beams, etc. It also includes roof and floor framing elements like trusses, rafters, outriggers, TJI's, PSL beams, and GLB beams, wooden joists, floor decking. A count of lumber connector hardware like HDUs, straps, nailing, screws, simpson ties, angles etc. is also provided in the lumber list.

The wood beams for roofing and flooring are counted and listed in the takeoff list along with the cross-section and lengths. The number of studs in the wall framing is counted while considering their spacing requirement and cross-section. Normally 2x4 studs are used for the interior wall framing and 2x6 for the exterior walls. Sometimes, designers also use 2x8 wood studs in exterior walls for a multiple-story building. Also, the stair stringers, knee wall framing, and trim joists are included in the lumber estimate. In tenant improvement (TI) projects, the typical lumber scope includes wood wall infill, roof framing infill, RTU supports, plywood decking addition, skylight curbs, roof opening framings, etc.

Plywood sheathing for roof and exterior walls are also quantified and listed in a lumber take-off. The plywood quantity can be measured in square footage. Normally the plywood sheets come in a size of 4'x8'. So the quantity can be divided by the area of one sheet in order to calculate the required number of sheets.

Finally, all the above-mentioned material quantities are listed down in an excel spreadsheet to prepare a detailed lumber takeoff list.

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If you have an upcoming residential or commercial project and require a detailed lumber takeoff, then QTO Estimating should be your first call. We have prepared wood framing estimates for many small to big size construction projects around the world. Our team of experienced and professional estimators has decades of combined experience working on construction projects. Moreover, we understand what is involved in the preparation of complete lumber takeoff or millwork estimates for building projects. By using the latest estimating software, we ensure that our takeoffs are error-free and all the items are quantified accurately.

Our material takeoff sheets (MTO) are well-referenced with drawing # and detail #. So it is easy for our clients to skim through the quantities and verify them by going to the particular detail on drawing from which it was quantified. Furthermore, for ordering lumber in bulk from your supplier, it is possible to use our lumber takeoffs to know the exact quantities of timber required for your particular project. Furthermore, if you are a general contractor and looking for rough carpentry bids from sub-contractors, then you can use our material estimates to get quotations from lumber suppliers or millwork sub-contractors.

Services List

In our lumber takeoff services, we quantify all woodwork of Division 06 as per CSI master format including;

  1. Wooden Studs
  2. Floor Joists
  3. Sheathing for Walls
  4. Fascia
  5. Trim and Siding
  6. Architectural wood work
  7. Case work
  8. Countertops
  9. Wood paneling
  10. Wood stairs & railing
  11. Ornamental wood work
  12. Wood framing
  13. Wooden joists & beams
  14. Rough carpentry
  15. Wood decking
  16. Structural timber
  17. Wood shelving
  18. Wood trusses
Lumber Takeoff Services
Lumber Takeoff and Estimation


The building industry, more now than ever, is highly competitive and requires a detailed eye for attention. Preparing any lumber takeoffs and construction estimates take a plenty of experience and can be extremely time-consuming. All of this before you even get the job. Your time is valuable and could be better spent building and growing your business.

That’s where QTO Estimating can step in and help you out. We can take your takeoff requirements and complete detailed and accurate millwork estimates that will help you win more tenders and ensure you make the maximum amount of money from your projects.

Lumber takeoff and estimating timber requirements is an extremely complicated and time-consuming process that involves a thorough understanding of walls alignment, construction techniques, transportation, timber quality, temporary bracing and reinforcement, labour costs, material costs, and much more. Even the slightest misstep during your lumber takeoff and estimate can cause you to lose a potential job or run over budget.


Building an accurate lumber takeoff requires much more than just a framing takeoff spreadsheet or framing material list. Our dedicated estimating specialists will breakdown your project and focus on one small piece at a time. We will evaluate your building drawings or plans and go through them step by step to complete the estimate.

Some of the things that we look at when calculating your estimate are calculating the lumber required for framing, estimating all wood framing required to complete the project, type of timber required, wall studs, insulation gaps and requirements, timber accessories, fittings, rough carpentry and accessories. We also look at the wholesale lumber costs, delivery costs, and transportation fees, and vehicle requirements.

Another component that we take into consideration when we prepare your lumber takeoff and estimation is how much labour will be required to complete the project. This includes both skilled and unskilled labour required to complete the wood construction project. Moreover, project management costs, bonds, insurances, safety costs etc. can never be neglected.

If you have recommended timber supplier companies that you work with, we can prepare the takeoff using their costs, or we can source suppliers ourselves. If you have your labour or teams of specialists that you work with and can supply labour costs, we can incorporate them into your detailed lumber takeoff to give you exact cost estimate of your project.

With any construction estimate, there are a lot of hidden costs that are easily overlooked, but that can lead to additional hours and costs being put onto the project. That’s where our expertise in preparing quantity takeoffs shines through!


Curious about how we do the timber construction takeoffs? Below are the major steps that we follow to prepare a typical lumber framing estimate;

  1. Accurately Measure the Entire Project – The first step in preparing lumber takeoff is to go through the drawings or plans and establishing what lengths and sizes of timber you’ll need to complete the project.
  2. Type of Material – Once we have an accurate and detailed outline of the project, we can then break it down into different materials that you’ll need for wall framing, framing, ceiling joists, and internal framing. We’ll check if somthing is required for temporary bracing or not.
  3. Cut Lengths and Plan – When we know what material you need and how long the different types of timber need to be cut, we can prepare an accurate lumber cut schedule. This will help to ensure that you are getting the maximum amount of lengths of timber without wastage on cutting from full lengths of wood.
  4. Labor Costs – When we have the size of the project and lumber required we’ll be able to use your labor force to develop an accurate estimate of hours required to complete the job and factor in different experience levels, different parts of the project including ceilings, internal walls, and framing.
  5. Lumber Accessories and Consumables – The final part of the project is taking into account braces, HDU's, screws, nails, saw blades, equipment, and miscellaneous things such as site cleanup, repairs, transportation costs, fees, and permits.
Typical Wood Framing Structure
A typical lumber framing project
Wooden Trusses Estimating
Wooden Trusses & Framing


It doesn’t matter if you require a complete lumber takeoff spreadsheet or just a lumber takeoff cost per square foot for residential or commercial project. QTO Estimating can get it done for you. Our friendly and professional estimators have had decades of experience working on both residential and commercial projects around the world. Our experience and eye for details speak for itself on every project we complete.

If you have an estimate that you would like QTO Estimating to help you prepare, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. We would be happy to take a look at your drawings or plans and provide you with thorough and detailed lumber takeoffs.

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