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Masonry estimating services include measuring items like CMU, brickwork, masonry restoration, face bricks, glazing, etc. If you have been struggling to complete your masonry estimates, then our services can be a great support for you. We have a team of experienced masonry cost estimators that have worked on large construction projects around the world. QTO Estimating has prepared estimates for large commercial and residential projects in many different cities and countries around the world. It including masonry takeoff services in Melbourne, Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Preparing masonry estimates using an online masonry estimating spreadsheet or program can be an absolute nightmare if you are new in the estimation field. You’re putting a lot of trust in a program that you found online and still not sure about the accuracy of results. Not only that but preparing your masonry estimate can be an extremely time-consuming and frustrating process. Wouldn’t that time be better spent elsewhere?

We have an experienced team of dedicated and professional masonry estimators. They are well-qualified to understand your upcoming project needs and takeoff requirements. We provide you with detailed masonry takeoffs that will ensure that you understand your break-even point in any upcoming tenders and decide how to proceed with that.

Services List

Our services include quantifying and preparing masonry cost estimates for all the sub-divisions of Division 04 as per CSI master format. It includes the following major items;

  1. Unit masonry
  2. CMU blocks
  3. Glass unit masonry
  4. Concrete form masonry
  5. Stones (granite, marble, etc.)
  6. Glazed tiles
  7. Facing bricks
  8. Terra cotta estimate
  9. Stucco work
  10. Mortar & plaster quantities
  11. Exterior brick replacement
  12. Masonry anchorage
  13. Masonry flashing
  14. Stonemasonry walls
  15. Restoration & cleaning
Masonry Estimating Services
Masonry Quantity Takeoff Sheet

Sample Masonry Estimates

Concrete Masonry Quantity Takeoff

Masonry Takeoff


It doesn’t matter if you need masonry cost estimate for a small residential job or a big commercial project. QTO Estimating is here to help you in preparation of MTO's, BOQs, pricing sheets etc. Our friendly and professional estimators have years of experience working on both residential and commercial masonry projects around the world so don't worry about the accuracy of estimate. Moreover, we consider deadlines as DEADLINES and take them very serious for the delivery of estimates.

So if you have a masonry estimate that you would like QTO Estimating to help you prepare, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. We would be happy to take a look at your drawings or plans and provide you with a thorough and detailed masonry take off.

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