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Residential Cost Estimating & Material Takeoff Services

Accurately forecasting the cost of projects is vital to the success of any construction business. Often residential takeoffs have one simple mistake or oversight that can result in spending hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars extra on the total cost of a construction project. That’s why it’s crucial to find a residential takeoff estimator company that’s experienced and accurate, saving you time and money, resulting in you being able to bid on more residential projects.

Residential Material Takeoff Services

Experts in preliminary and pre-construction final takeoffs, QTO Estimating provides an accurate estimation for the material quantities of all kinds of residential buildings. Our team analyzes your blueprints, scaling and measuring the quantities of your whole project. All of the materials will be listed on an excel spreadsheet, helping you get a better overview of your whole project before you start.

Services List

For provide material takeoffs for these kinds of residential buildings;

  1. Single-Family Houses
  2. Multi-Family Houses
  3. Apartments
  4. Bungalows
  5. Cottages
  6. Duplex/Triplex Houses
  7. Condominium
  8. Mansions & Townhouses
  9. Semi-detached houses
  10. And more…

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Construction of Residential House
Residential Construction Takeoff Spreadsheet Excel


What is Residential Building Estimation?

Residential estimation or material takeoff is the process of measuring the quantities required to construct a house or other domestic building. Its the foundation of a construction project on which the entire construction workflow relies. Moreover, it also leads to the calculation of the potential cost of a construction project.

For a project to be built, the estimation of the residential building material costs is a basic necessity to secure financing and allocate a budget. This allows owners and developers to calculate their markup and make a decision on which contractor to choose for their project.

Why is Residential Building Estimation Important?

As most construction projects go over time and over budget, having a residential material takeoff that quantifies all the materials needed to complete building, structure, or project is crucial. Having a detailed requirement of the raw materials including lumber, concrete, shingles, floor tiles, to prefabricated materials such as bricks, plumbing pipes, light fixtures, and lengths of electrical cable can save you thousands, sometimes millions of dollars. In addition to the measuring the material quantity, the type of material is also included in the house construction estimate.

What Does A Residential Takeoff Include?

QTO Estimating provides a comprehensive list of material for your project, providing you a reference for what materials need to be ordered for your house construction. There are 4 major kinds of quantities that are listed in your residential material takeoff including;

  1. A list of prefabricated materials in numbers. This includes light fixtures, windows, doors, and hinges etc.
  2. A list of material quantified in terms of length. For example, steel piping, lumber, moldings, and ducts, curbs, railings. Each material will have length and width measurements in the description.
  3. A list of material quantified in terms of volume. This includes activities like concreting, excavation, backfill etc.
  4. A list of materials quantified in the units of area. For example, Tiles, roofing, painting, plastering and flooring.

A standard residential takeoff or estimate includes the following material quantities their costs;

All of our material takeoffs description and quantities are detailed and accurate, providing peace of mind knowing that you have the right amount of materials to complete your project, saving you time, money, and hassle in unnecessary change orders.

Why Choose QTO Estimating For Residential Material Takeoffs?

Performing residential cost estimates and material takeoffs is a very time-consuming task. With hundreds of materials needing to be checked, you can easily miscount or forget an item. QTO Estimating saves you time and stress by accurately returning a completed material takeoff within 24 to 48 hours. Perfect for getting an overview of your home construction project, helping you create better business decisions before investing weeks and thousands of dollars into it.

How we do Material Estimation of a Residential Building?

Project Overview

We take the blueprints , schematic  plans, and specifications that you provided. A brief overview of the project is carriedout by checking the drawings, scales, specifications and addenda etc. Once everything is matched and verified, we import the drawings to the PlanSwift software in order to proceed with the takeoff operation.

the sc After that, we analyze each material or item given on the plans and check the corresponding sections. Carefully checking for dimensions and scales, ensuring you get a detailed takeoff of the materials needed.

Material Takeoff Preparation

The latest version of drawings are imported into the planswift software and the blueprints are scaled precisely for accurate measurement of quantities. Then we go through the plans to measure the quantities and corresponding sections are checked in order to prepare a detailed residential material takeoff that can be used for cost estimation of houses.

After completing the on-screen takeoff using the software, we export each and everything to excel spreadsheet. Finally, the descriptions are refined further for a better understanding of activities and items required to carry out the construction of house. We also provide reference of drawing number and detail number along with each line item so that the client can directly go to the referred drawing and verify the quantity if required.

Excel Spreadsheet Delivery

A well-formatted residential takeoff spreadsheet is delivered within allocated timeframe to the client. It can be used further to prepare a detailed cost estimation of residential building. Moreover, screenshots & source files from the takeoff software can also be requested from us if required for the verification of material quantities. 

Single Family House Cost Estimate

House Elevation Quantity Takeoff with PlanSwift


We are residential cost estimators expert in providing material takeoffs to contractors, sub-contractors, developers, and architects etc. QTO Estimating helps you win more bids with an accurate residential takeoffs at a very nominal cost. With years of experience and industry insight, we understand the detailed activity descriptions and material quantities are a basic necessity of a successful residential construction project. There are hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide who are using our residential takeoff services, and you can be the next. Get an in-depth view of the materials needed for your residential construction project today and have a profitable business.

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