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Accurately forecasting the cost of projects is vital to the success of any construction business. Often residential takeoffs have one simple mistake or oversight that can result in spending hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars extra on the total cost of a construction project. That’s why it’s crucial to find a residential takeoff estimator company that’s experienced and accurate, saving you time and money, resulting in you being able to bid on more residential projects.

Residential Material Takeoff Services

Experts in preliminary and pre-construction final takeoffs, QTO Estimating provides an accurate estimation for the material quantities of all kinds of residential buildings. Our team analyzes your blueprints, scaling and measuring the quantities of your whole project. All of the materials will be listed on an excel spreadsheet, helping you get a better overview of your whole project before you start.

Services List

For provide material takeoffs for these kinds of residential buildings;

  1. Single-Family Houses
  2. Multi-Family Houses
  3. Apartments
  4. Bungalows
  5. Cottages
  6. Duplex/Triplex Houses
  7. Condominium
  8. Mansions & Townhouses
  9. Semi-detached houses
  10. And more..
Construction of Residential House
Residential Construction Takeoff Spreadsheet Excel

Single Family House Cost Estimate

House Elevation Quantity Takeoff with PlanSwift


We are residential cost estimators expert in providing material takeoffs to contractors, sub-contractors, developers, and architects etc. QTO Estimating helps you win more bids with an accurate residential takeoffs at a very nominal cost. With years of experience and industry insight, we understand the detailed activity descriptions and material quantities are a basic necessity of a successful residential construction project. There are hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide who are using our residential takeoff services, and you can be the next. Get an in-depth view of the materials needed for your residential construction project today and have a profitable business.

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