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Structural Steel Estimating Services

Structural Steel Takeoffs & Estimates

At QTO Estimating, we deliver metal estimating services for contractors, fabricators, framers, distributors, and many other buyers. Producing verified and accurate material takeoff helps to cut costs, prevent waste, and protect the environment. Let’s discuss how we can help you through quality structural steel estimating services.

Streamline The Estimating Process

You can put certain things on autopilot. Staying efficient and productive is the key to coming in under budget. We’ll take care of the time-consuming task and perform your material take off with pleasure. Utilize our services to get more bids out, reduce waste, save revenue, and master your time.

Metallic Construction Materials

QTO manages a team of professional structural steel estimators ready to put their years of experience to use. Better control Structural Steel Estimating Servicesyour costs by mitigating waste and streamlining productivity. Never worry about material takeoffs again. Our team will help you with everything from structural steel to decking, stairs, railing, grating, castings, and trusses.

We offer our partners the opportunity to leverage accurate structural steel takeoff services. By utilizing top of the line digital software and industry techniques, we’ll generate nothing short of accurate structural steel takeoffs. Empower your staff to focus their attention on more important tasks and leave the construction estimation services to us.

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What Type of Materials Do You Estimate?

Our metals estimating services can be used for a wide range of materials and labor costs. Some of the materials we measure under metals division 05 include;

  • Lintels
  • Nuts & bolts
  • Cleats
  • Fasteners & Revits
  • Angles & Channel sections
  • W & I-beams
  • IPE & IPN beams
  • Steel beams & columns
  • Built-up sections
  • Steel Girders
  • Steel Anchors
  • Metal joists
  • Steel gratings
  • Wall stud framing
  • Metal decking
  • Metal stairs & treads
  • Handrails & railings
  • Dome structure
  • Nosing strips
  • Corner beads
  • HDPE Pipes
  • French drains
  • Ornamental ironwork
  • Base plates
  • Gusset plates
  • Steel trusses
  • Hollow metal doors
  • Aluminum Doors & frames
  • Window guards
  • Ladder takeoffs
  • Fireproofing
  • Aluminum flashing
  • Copper flashing

How We Guarantee the Quality of Our Estimating Services?

Accurate and affordable construction cost estimates come from experienced professionals that understand the job. In addition to Structural Steel Takeoff Sampleour passion for the industry, our testimonials speak volumes. You can always tell the caliber of an organization by the quality of their reviews.

We offer a quality assurance that guarantees we’ll get the job done on time, and up to your standards of excellence. Through a combination of technical expertise, sophisticated software, and advanced personnel, we’ll help go above and beyond your structural steel estimation services expectations.

In addition to our reputation, working with us gives you:

  • Dedicated estimator available 24/7
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Lower overhead
  • Improved productivity
  • Accurate takeoffs
  • Fast services
  • Affordable rates

How Do We Handle Big Structural Steel Construction Projects?

Our team of estimators has plenty of experience working on big projects for property owners, engineers, architects, and even general contractors. By having the resources to assign a dedicated estimator to your project, we ensure you always feel like someone is standing by your side.

This way, we’re able to assist you in delivering structural steel estimating services for projects of any size and complexity. We focus on precision. By not just being focused on getting the job done, our estimators ensure they are as accurate as possible, no matter the project size.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Let’s get to work in doing what we do best. Save yourself the time and energy of doing it yourself. Additionally, leaving it up to the professionals means a smaller margin of error and more money saved in your pocket. How does that sound?

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