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Spray Foam Insulation Costs – All You Need to Know

The trend of incorporating spray foam insulation on the entire house, attic floors, attic ceilings and walls, full basement and exterior walls are getting increased day by day. This concept is known for its superior effectiveness and durability.  Most of the individuals who have been using fiberglass insulation have switched to the spray foam insulation trend. However, it is not budget-friendly and costs much higher as compared to fiberglass insulation.

Here we have explained the total cost and complete guide if you feel like covering your house, walls, ceilings or attic floors with this kind of insulation.

All about Spray Foam Insulation

This sort of insulation has become a rising trend and preferred choice instead of opting for fiberglass insulation. Most importantly, this insulation is not installed in sheets; instead you may have seen that it is sprayed right inside the walls. Furthermore, it manages to expand 100 times in terms of its volume and hardens so that space can be filled in properly.

Types of Spray Foam Insulation

We have closed-cell spray foam insulation and open-cell spray foam insulation. The former is extremely effective and remains to stay much harder. In addition, it holds its shape for a long time, however, it is more expensive and not so cost-friendly than open cell. In open-cell spray foam insulation; there are a large number of pockets that are made to hold as well as trap air so that insulation process can be carried out effectively. It is less rigid than closed-cell but it is also less expensive.

The Cost of Spray Foam Insulation

Here we have penned down the average cost of spray foam insulation by board foot and you can even get to know about its overall installation cost.

First of all, the insulation cost of spray foam on per board foot basis varies whether you have opted for open cell spray foam or closed cell spray foam.

As an example, open-cell spray foam insulation costs vary and ranges in between $0.42 and $0.62 per board foot. And if one prefers to go for closed-cell spray foam insulation, then the average cost shall lie between $0.91 and $1.51 per board foot.

Spray Foam Insulation Cost by Thickness

As you are going to apply more and thicker layers, this practice increases the spray foam insulation cost. Here you can check out how the overall cost of spray foam insulation specifically and actually varies by thickness.

If your spray foam insulation is 1” thick, then the cost will be $0.43 to $1.51 per square foot. Moreover, 2” thick spray foam insulation may charge you $0.87 to $3.01 per square foot.

On the other hand, 3” thick insulation charges $1.33 to $4.51 per square foot and 4” thick spray foam insulation price around and about $1.77 to $6.01 per square foot.

Material Costs & Installation Costs

One should understand that this whole process of completing spray foam insulation should be carried out by a professional. It is comparatively a tough and complicated process and should get handled with care. This insulation practice needs a lot of precision and skill.

Giving you a rough idea, open-cell spray foam insulation material cost is $0.42 – $0.62 per board foot and closed-cell spray foam insulation material cost $0.91 – $1.51 per board foot. However, open cell and close cell insulation installation cost per square foot range between $1.51 – $4.91.

Other Factors to Consider

While calculating the estimated spray foam insulation cost, do not forget to add the hiring cost of an expert who is going to install it. This total cost should include the cost of materials, hired professional’s salary, and installation cost. It is observed that many pros and experts demand $2,600 to perform this installation job for 1000 square foot area.

To spray foam a garage door, the cost range is $183 – $323. The estimated cost for garage ceiling is $545 – $1425. If you feel like spraying foam your garage walls, then the price lies in between $2700 – $4100.

All the costs that are above-mentioned are estimated  and computed on the basis of thickness and also installation factors.

How to Determine Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

The process to carry out the complete cost estimation job for this spray foam insulation is a tough process to do. In this insulation task, lots of factors and elements have to be considered while computing this cost. These factors may decrease or increase the price that you are currently paying for your spray foam insulation.

The Size of Your Home

Firstly, larger homes cost more for this spray foam insulation job than smaller homes. The square footage of your home determines the average cost of this insulation. Like, if a home is of 7,000 square feet, it eventually has to pay more for this insulation as compared to the home that is of 1,200 square foot.

The Number of Interior Walls

Apart from considering the total square footage, the number of interior walls also impacts your spray foam insulation price. If there are many rooms in your home, then the total cost of insulating your home may get increased.

The Type of Spray Foam Used

Furthermore, spray foam types play a huge role in determining and estimating spray foam insulation cost. As we have already mentioned to you that open-cell spray foam insulation is less expensive. For insulating a residential building, open-cell spray foam is a reliable option because it manages to offer amazing insulation qualities and sound dampening, as well as minimal air leakage. 

Materials and Equipment Used

Lastly, materials and equipment needed to perform this installation job and labor bring a significant change in this cost computation process. If you have hired a certified professional, then he may charge more.

Final Words

So, this is the complete guide on computing spray foam insulation prices. It is generally seen that such a kind of foam insulation successfully holds its shape for 80+ years. It fails to fall and sag. Besides, it does not allow pollen and any dust particles to get enter your home. Hence, for the sake of a better energy efficiency mechanism, this insulation is recommended. You can talk anytime with professional contractors and experts so that they can better guide which insulation type is better for your home.

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