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We understand that accurate estimates help contractors in winning profitable construction projects. Therefore, we have built an expert team of estimators to help contractors with their estimating related tasks. Our services have been proved very profitable for contractors, sub-contractors & suppliers. By outsourcing the material estimating jobs from our company, you will get accurate estimates in quick time and more chances to WIN the project. So let us take the headache of quantity estimating work and keep yourself focused on new tenders/projects.

Our team is very easily approachable and responsive. We are just a call/email away and ready to help you with quantity estimation related tasks. So if you have a tight schedule and bid date is near then give us a chance to do the takeoffs for you. Our after-sales support is excellent. Even after delivering the estimate and taking the payment, we still provide we 1-week support to make any changes/revisions in quantity takeoff sheet as per the client's requirement. So if you get some new addenda or minor changes in projects, our estimators can do a quick recheck of quantities and provide you the revised quantity takeoff sheet free of cost. Read our privacy policy. We also offer scholarships.

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