11 Tips to Pick Best Tiles for Bathroom & Kitchen

If you have to list down two of the most used places in the house, you will definitely point out the kitchen and bathroom. Coincidently, these are the only two places that remain wet most of the times and still we use these two rooms the most. When we talk about the aesthetic, clean kitchen, and bathroom are the two things that reflect the true aesthetic of a house. However, what makes it different from other rooms is the flooring and walls. In these two rooms, you can add a pop of color as tiles come in all colors, shapes, and sizes or you can just follow your instinct and make the whole place monochrome. The main question is how to select the best tiles for the bathroom and kitchen?

Usually, people don’t understand that both rooms might have tiles but the selection of these tiles is not the same. So, to make it easy here is a beginner’s guide to choosing the best tiles for the kitchen and bathroom.

How To Choose The Best Tiles for Kitchen:


The kitchen is the most important room, even if you don’t entrain your guest, you still want your kitchen to look neat and beautiful. Glossy floor and epic backdrop color can convince anyone to cook even if you are not interested. Usually, the main issue that people face while selecting tiles for the kitchen is if it’s safe to walk on. To make it easy, here are a few tips to keep in mind:


1. Check The Place

Selecting material means you need to know where you will be installing these tiles, backsplash behind the stove, walls, floors or countertop, all have different criteria and must not be taken for granted. This will determine the overall look of your kitchen.

2. Know Your Tile

Tile selection might come out as an easy and fun task because all you have to do is look for colors but that is not true. The selection of tile means material that you will select, this means porcelain, glass, bamboo, cork, or any other kind of tile. All these tiles are used for a different purpose; a simple example is the use of glass tile for the backsplash.  

3. Start Budgeting

Budgeting is essential for any renovation project; you don’t want to select tiles that are expensive and out of your budget limit. Vinyl, linoleum, and other inexpensive options are best if you are on a budget. Otherwise, the sky is the limit and you can get expensive tiles if you have a good enough budget.

4. Know Your Lifestyle

While selecting a good kitchen tile, keep in mind about the way you live. If you have kids you need to clean everything very thoroughly which just means more work. So you want something that is durable. Selecting ceramic tile in this situation can be a bad choice because they chip very easily and sometimes they are uneven too, aiming it quite a challenge to clean.

5. Select The Backsplash

Once you are done with everything now is the time for the fun part, selection of the backsplash tiles. You can select glossy and painted tiles if you want something for behind the stove. You should go for something that can take the oil splashes and grease without getting black. Apart from this make sure you clean everything daily so you don’t have to torture yourself after a month with deep cleaning.

How to Choose The Best Tiles for Bathroom:

Remodeling bathroom is like changing the whole aesthetic of your house, you don’t want to overdo anything but you still don’t want to miss the basics. Most people go for a glossy white finish and they feel it is perfect for them. While others want to add a pop of color but the question is between the shiny, matt, big small, light or dark, what do you think is best for you?


For beginners, here is a quick guide to best bathroom tile selection and how you can beat the odds to get the best out of your bathroom remodeling project.

1. Know Your Aesthetic

When it comes to aesthetics, you don’t want to overdo something just to make it look like something that you saw online. Knowing your aesthetic means to know what you truly feel when you imagine getting a hot bath. Going monochrome with glossy white finish is perfectly alright if you have patience to clean it or you can go overboard with extreme hint of colors if that’s your aesthetic.

2. Think Out of the Box

When you chose tiles for your bathroom, look for something that catches your eye first time. This means something with an interesting shape or with an interesting print or even if you want, you can go with a theme that matches your inner charisma. There is nothing too dull or too loud when it comes to the bathroom tile. You can also select a big old tile and lay around with it plain tiles if you want.

3. Budget and Bag

Know your budget limit, when it comes to tile, there are so many options that every option feels tempting. You want to get something that is inexpensive yet stands out, this will take a lot of time. If you can mix and match, you might be able to save a lot of money and still, get the best thing for your bathroom.

4. Focus On Flooring

Getting graphic prints for the bathroom floor might not be the best choice. Also, go easy on the ceramic tiles because they chip very easily. You have to select something that is simple yet elegant. So, if you have already selected something simple for the wall, get a pattern tile for the floor but if you have something floral and colorful for walls already then don’t try this with the floor. You can also get the wooden effect with the help of tiles or get a rustic matt finish with glossy white walls, the choice is all yours.

5. Size Selection

The basic rule for tile size selection for the bathroom is that if the room is small, you need to have big tiles in your space. This will make a room look bigger but if your bathroom is already big then it’s your choice, you can go for a small tile or you can experiment with mosaic there is no limit to it.

6. Focus On the Finish

Once you are done, make sure that the tile installation finish is smooth. You can add texture on the wall but clean and neat vibes will make a bathroom feel ideal. Heavily embossed tiles with a lot of colors everywhere will make a room look too much especially if you plan to add metallic finish taps and bathtub. It is better to stay minimalist if you want to stand out.

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