Top Certifications for Cost Estimators in 2023


Though diverse backgrounds, cost analysts and estimators have been most important in the construction business. However, for all varied disciplines, the fundamental principles of cost estimating are universally applicable. With the projects and budgets soaring into the millions of dollars, a little error can be costly. But the realms behind the varied disciplines make the … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Bowling Alley


Building a bowling alley can be a significant investment, both financially and in terms of time and effort. The cost of building a bowling alley can vary greatly depending on factors such as location, size, amenities, and materials. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the cost involved in building a bowling alley and … Read more

CoConstruct vs Buildertrend vs Procore


The practice of using technology in construction projects has become unavoidable. These days, it seems impossible to complete renovation and remodeling projects at a 100% success rate if you are not using good-quality construction management software. That is why here we have reviewed for you the 3 best construction management software i.e. CoConstruct, Buildertrend, and … Read more

20 Websites for Contractors to Get Construction Leads

Get Construction Leads

Construction is an unpredictable business. Unlike e-commerce businesses with a loyal customer base that results in regular sales, or other companies where you get annual or monthly profit, it is not the case with the construction business. Because a customer who might get a house made one time might not need another construction work to … Read more

How to Estimate Bathroom Remodeling Costs? Ultimate Guide


Fully renovated bathrooms always look spic and span. They continually turn out to be the most desired area that adds a lot of real estate value to your home. Remodeling costs differ if you want to redo a small to mid-size bathroom or master to a custom-style bathroom. Here we have shared the complete guide … Read more

25 Secret Marketing Tips for Construction Companies


The construction industry is a high-demand industry. In a society where people always want an upgrade in their living standards, they need these construction companies to build new modern houses for easy living, build roads for transport, renovate old roads, and build new supermarkets, malls, schools, hospitals, etc. We are dependent on these companies to … Read more

National Building Cost Manual 2023 Review – Download Links


The national building cost manual 2023 is one of the best resources for estimators, quantity surveyors, and builders in the USA. It helps in estimating the construction costs based on the building type, location, and size. One can easily estimate the construction costs based on the square footage and considering the building type. Here is … Read more

How to Calculate Man-Hours to Build a House


WHAT ARE MAN-HOURS?Contents A man-hour is also known as a ‘person hour,’ which is the amount of work performed or done by one average person in one hour. Man-hour is used to estimate the total number of hours of uninterrupted work that the workers have done. This includes the work that has been done without … Read more

7 Types of Cost Estimates Used in Project Management


The relation between project managers and the use of cost estimate techniques seems quite evident. Various cost estimation techniques have arrived as of today. You can incorporate them into your project management tasks. Let have a look at the detailed explanation of cost estimation techniques used in the construction industry. Planning for a project budget … Read more

5 Best Quantity Takeoff Softwares in 2023


Construction is not as simple as it seems. It not only needs a workforce for building but also requires tedious work for the calculation of material quantities, costs, and expenses. With the emergence of advanced software, there is a solution for every lengthy process. Today, a number of construction estimating software are available in the … Read more

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