Costs to Remove Floor Tiles – A Complete Guide

There are numerous methods and procedures are available that can help you in calculating floor tile removal cost, but the simplest of all procedures is here mentioned for you.

The average cost to remove tile specifically ranges between $3.25 and $6.50 per square foot. Furthermore, the actual price of this tile floor removal job depends on job size and conditions as well as on the finish options that you choose.


The Trend of Incorporating Floor Tiles


Most importantly, tile is a durable material that is why it is mainly used and availed for flooring. This has become a popular choice and commonly installed in kitchens, bathrooms as well as in laundry rooms. In addition, tile is known for their overall resilience and durability. At the same time, it is water-resistant and demands low maintenance.

Individuals prefer removing their tiles so that that they can replace them with more aesthetically better ones. Furthermore, outdated tiles are generally replaced and removed. One needs to understand the concept of tile installation and tile removal costs in this regard.

We have seen that the average cost to remove any kind of floor tile is around $1,485. On the other hand, tile removal costs on a per square foot basis vary from $3.25 and $6.50. There are lots of factors that may affect the overall cost to take off tiles. As an example, your location and job size and also labor costs and conditions may impact this price.

Average Cost Range for Tile Removal

As we have already told you that if you are thinking to replace your current tiles, then keep in mind that the national average materials cost to remove tile is in between $3.25 and $6.50 per square foot. Moreover, the total price linked to labor and materials is $4.40 per square foot and the average price comes in between $2.90 to $5.90. If you want to remove tiles from 300 square foot area, then the total project cost will be $1,325 and the average range will come out to be $879 to $1,786.

Factors to Consider for Cost Computation

Individuals should consider and keep in mind all of the cost factors that are linked to this tile demolition job. One should be aware that floor tile removal is one of the labor-intensive processes. The bulk of costs are generally linked to manpower who is involved in removing tile from your flooring. This one is a multi-step process where each piece of the tile is detached from the backing surface. Then the tiles are detached completely from the floor and further broken down into pieces. The labor cost to demolish and remove tile range between $725 and $1, 6000 to complete a 300-square-foot job. This whole process needs 40 hours.

Manual Tile Removal Costs

To manually remove a tile, this includes and incorporates the use of a hammer to break every single piece of a tile. Moreover, a chisel and prybar are used to remove the remaining section of a tile. In addition, a floor scraping tool is availed for the sake of removing any of the remaining scraps. The cost of manually removing a tile is actually tedious as well as labor-intensive. It is not at all suitable to implement on large square footage rooms. 

Use of Power Tools and Tile Removing Machines

Most noteworthy, powered hand tools and tile removing machines have become the common trend to precede this job. They are suitable ways to remove floor tiles in a budget-friendly and cost-friendly manner. It depends on your tile flooring setup that what kind of removal method you want to go for. Like, if your floor tiles are installed over a wood subfloor, then it is recommended to use a powered cutting tool. Moreover, high-powered tools are used for large-scale floor tile removal job. It is noticed that a large tile removing machine is an efficient option to reduce your tile demolition and removal cost and this same machine take less time finish its job.

Tile Removal Permits

Those who carry out tile removal job on their personal property, they do not require any kind of permits. However, you should check and read about your city’s ordinances so that you can get this assurance whether you need any of the permits or not.

Tile Removal Cost per Hour

We can provide you with another way to assess and easily estimate the floor tile removal job and it is about computing the cost per hour. It is seen that a 40-hour project costs between $725 and $1,600. In other words, the hourly charge falls between about $17 and $41.

Other Factors to Consider

You need to decide whether you want to hire a pro or feel like completing this project on your own. If it is a small room, then you can finish this home improvement project on your own. Besides, if it is a complex task, then it is advised to assign this job to a pro.

All experienced DIYers can easily and seamlessly tackle this tile removal job. We have even observed that handy novices who possess the right tools can chip and remove all kinds of tile flooring easily. However, a pro and experienced person can complete this job more efficiently and effectively.

Lastly, the size of your floor determines the cost of your tile removal project. If you want to remove the tile in a small bathroom, then this job is achievable and possible to complete by a skilled person. And a spacious basement tile removal job needs a pro.

What other questions you have in your mind about computing costs on tile floor removal job, do let us know about those questions. And stay tuned with us as more methods on tile floor removal job computation costs are coming up.

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