Use of Artificial Intelligence and ML in Construction Estimates

An accurate cost estimate greatly influences and impacts the planning, bidding, and also the design, management phase of a construction project. Furthermore, cost estimates allow these project managers to evaluate and fully analyze the feasibility of their projects and thus are able to control costs effectively. In addition, the estimate influences the client’s decision regarding whether he should progress with the project or not.

We have seen that old cost estimation methods need a lot of detailed information and they remain to stay very time-consuming as well. Currently, we have various other estimation methods that manage to get introduced because of the advancements made in the field of computing power.

Here we talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning that work on the latest cost estimating approach. This approach makes use of more complex methods so that fairly accurate and highly precise cost estimates can be obtained.


Approaches to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


We have lots of examples of artificial learning AL methods and this generally includes machine-learning (ML) and knowledge-based systems (KBS). In addition, we have evolutionary systems (ES), as well as hybrid systems (HS). All these methods manage to bring down the sensitivity of the cost estimates and successfully reduce the subjective observation of the estimators.

How AI Transformed the Construction Estimation Methodologies

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have transformed the traditional methodology of cost estimation. For ensuring repeated construction business projects, accurate project cost estimation has become a critical factor. In the past, this task was known to be the most arduous task but now the perception is totally changed. The emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning has made it possible to ensure accurate cost estimates for construction projects. AI helps you deal with the project estimates that look complex and extensive.

These advancements happening in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have totally transformed and strongly shifted the traditional methodology of construction cost estimation. Current cost estimation methods now use a flexible and intelligent approach. The modern software comes up with intelligent solutions so that any duplicates can well be identified and eliminated. Moreover, this advancement analyzes and fully pin-point ambiguity, and process cost estimate with minimal human interference. Hence, AI and ML quickly come up with efficient and accurate project cost estimation.

Construction Estimation Challenges and Role Played by AI & ML

Below you can check out the present day challenges that are experienced while performing project cost estimation.

  • Contractors may witness the inability to factor in any of the ambiguous requirements.
  • They experience optimism bias, significant wastage of time, and also effort. In addition, they fail to identify and filter out any sort of duplicate estimates.
  • Contractors skip some of the key cost-drivers because of the pressure coming from stakeholders.
  • They become highly dependent on technological advancements as well as fluctuating market conditions.

Redefining and Retransforming Cost Estimation AI and ML

The above-mentioned challenges can be tackled if a construction company starts to make use of an intelligent system that utilizes AI and ML. The team at QTO Estimating believes that with the use of these systems, it is completely possible to overcome the above-discussed human errors. The use of AI and ML has made it convenient for contractors to reach meaningful estimates. This intelligent solution authorizes construction project managers to correctly analyze cost estimating requirements. The estimation manager gets into the position to properly weigh dependencies and instantly generate detailed reports.

Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The use of such software ensures and guarantees to give faster project cost estimation. AI and ML automate all of your mundane tasks. They promise to ensure precision improvement as compared to using traditional methods of project cost estimation. The construction industry has given its full support to this technology because it gives accurate figures backed and supported by historical data. Furthermore, this approach carries out the timely cost estimation of all kinds of big construction projects. No matter, your project details include an overabundance of parameters as well as huge databases; the whole task of cost estimation can be done quickly if you use artificial intelligence. On the same note, it weighs key cost drivers and helps you manage any of the ambiguous requirements.

Artificial Intelligence: Path to Cost Modeling

The application of AI algorithms is extensively seen in the medical and insurance sector. Same way, it has made its distinctive mark in the construction industry.

Moreover, the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the area of cost estimation has managed to solve lots of problems that were primarily caused due to the traditional parametric approaches.

It has opened up new avenues and opportunities especially for construction companies to gain proficiency, adeptness as well as competitiveness.

With the help of AI and ML, a precise cost estimate is definitely possible no matter you have got a limited number of observations.

This system has made costing particularly accurate, simple and fast.  Furthermore, this system has allowed companies to gain productivity and efficiency in their costing activities.

Opportunities lay down by artificial intelligence

The opportunities offered by artificial intelligence and machine learning in the area of ​​cost estimation are endless. Prospects offered by this advancement in the category of cost optimization are unlimited in terms of numbers. Those companies who pursue the self-learning approach of the algorithm may witness intelligent contributions at their end like that of automatic preparation of construction estimates. Implementation of AI helps companies to anticipate supplier behavior and to give recommendations on purchasing strategies.

Hence, Artificial Intelligence is showing us new horizons in the field of cost estimation and automatic cost calculations. These predictive algorithms are comparatively much more efficient in terms of accuracy and precision. Companies are no longer using traditional analytical models; instead, they have shifted their attention to statistical models due to their efficiency.  You can stay tuned with us and together we explore more of the benefits and opportunities offered by AI and ML to the construction industry.

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