How to Estimate Concrete Slab Construction Costs

Lots of concrete slab construction cost estimation calculators are there that help you in getting a rough estimate. Here we are sharing an easy guide for you where you can make a general estimate regarding how much concrete you need to pour for concrete slab casting. Furthermore, this guide will give you an accurate estimation concerning how much should be the concrete density, weight, as well as spillage. So without further ado, let’s discuss these aspects in detail;


All about Concrete


Concrete is a common construction material that is used globally. Most importantly, it is composed and packed with fine as well as coarse aggregate that are usually bound together with a cement paste. This cement paste hardens later on and gets stuck on a slab. The aggregates used are sand and gravel or some contractors like to use crushed stone. Moreover, the paste is usually composed of water and portland cement.

Concrete slabs are used as a base for all kinds of patios and sheds. You can even use them to bring a finishing effect to your basement floor. These slabs are commonly used in residential and commercial applications.

Method to Estimate Concrete Slab Construction Costs

Firstly, you have to make a careful estimation that how much volume of concrete you need. Besides, you need to get the dimensions and also the number of your slabs that you want to pave, in the cost estimation calculator. Give length, width and height dimensions of your slabs and select the area where you want to pave this concrete material. Enter all this information in cost estimation calculator and get the result.

For 20×20 feet concrete slab, the approximate cost is $2,300. And for 24×24 feet concrete slab, the approximate cost is $3,400. For 20×30 feet concrete slab, the estimated cost is $3,700. Next, for 25×25 feet concrete slab, the approximate price comes out to be $3,800. All in all, a typical and average concrete slab costs between $115 and $125 per cubic yard or you can say that it is $5.45 to $6.19 per square foot.

Step 1

You have to decide your concrete slab size first of all. Determine its length and width and carefully calculate how much concrete you actually need. You can use some online calculators as well for this purpose.

Step 2

Concrete is usually sold in cubic yards. You have to multiply your square footage by the depth of your slab and then divide it by 27. As an example, if you have got a 10-foot-by-10-foot slab, then you will need 1.3 yards of concrete. Moreover, the average concrete slab is around and about 4 inches deep.

Step 3

After that, you can get in touch with some local concrete distributors and directly ask for the price of the concrete amount that you need. You need to ask the concrete companies’ the costs for delivery and any of the overtime fees.

Step 4

It is important for you to figure out the cost of excavation as well. This is a general practice that a concrete slab is installed completely over a gravel base. The base is generally 4 inches and the slab is also 4 inches. Remember that the slab is 2 inches above the ground as well as 2 inches below ground. It all means that a contractor has to dig down 6 inches for casting a slab with average thickness.

Step 5

You need to include and enter the cost of gravel too. Like, if you have got a 4-inch slab, then the same thickness of gravel is needed as well. In other words, your gravel bed has to be around and about 4 inches deep.

Step 6

Lastly, add other costs as well like tools and equipment that are needed to pour the concrete slabs. In this job, you need a shovel, a wheelbarrow, and also a hoe or rake. Moreover, you need trowels as well as specific equipment to properly frame the edges of your concrete slab.  Avoid using wet concrete as it can irritate your skin. Always use heavy-duty rubber gloves and high-end boots while you perform this job.

Method to Make Concrete

The whole process of constructing a concrete slab is surely a time-consuming process. You need multiple ingredients to make a concrete mixture. In addition, all these ingredients are thoroughly mixed together to make a paste. In this list of ingredients, we have water, aggregate, cement, and some additives. Upon mixing the ingredients, the person should cast the concrete all in its place before it hardens. It is in the large industrial facilities and zones that this concrete production takes place. These plants are also referred to as concrete batching plants.

If you want to get a durable concrete mixture, then it is recommended to carry out careful proportioning and thorough mixing of ingredients. Beyond, if you fail to do careful proportioning and mixing, then you will end up getting rough, honeycombed, and even porous concrete. It is better to make a mixture that is overloaded and jam-packed with cement paste. Such a kind of paste is easy to place and brings a smooth finish to your slabs.

Why Concrete Slabs are so popular?

It is good to have concrete slabs instead of other kinds of slabs because of their durability and cheap price. This material is made of strong materials and carries unique adhesive properties. The cement paste utilized in concrete slab construction is marked as an excellent binding agent and easily withstands cracking. That is why it is recommended to have concrete slabs as they are resistant to cracks and dents and last for hundreds of years.

This is the in-depth guide on estimating concrete slab construction costs. The last pro tip for you is to add a margin of safety while you order concrete for your construction project. In this manner, you will not end up running short of concrete. Like, if you feel like ordering 1 to 4 cubic yards of concrete, then it is suggested to order 0.4 to 1 cubic yards extra. Now, you can share your queries with us if you want to discuss concrete slab estimation.

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