National Building Cost Manual 2023 Review – Download Links

The national building cost manual 2023 is one of the best resources for estimators, quantity surveyors, and builders in the USA. It helps in estimating the construction costs based on the building type, location, and size. One can easily estimate the construction costs based on the square footage and considering the building type. Here is a complete review of this manual and you can free download the PDF copy too.

Written by Ben Moselle, this national building cost manual 2023 has everything to offer for contractors and construction estimators alike.

For your ease, we have reviewed this book so you get a clear idea of how this cost manual works and how it can benefit you in the cost estimation of your construction projects as per the standard.

National Building Cost Manual 2023 Review


This national cost estimation manual consists of significant variables that impact the construction costs of the building. Moreover, this manual comes in handy if you want to estimate the total square-foot or in-place costs of residential and commercial construction projects. Besides, it also provides a detailed guide for the cost estimation of libraries, churches, schools, greenhouses, fire stations, and other buildings! Just follow the easy step-by-step process in the manual to do the total cost estimation of construction projects while using current data and market trends.


For your ease, all the reference and cost information required for your building type is listed in this manual. This will help you eliminate possible errors causing hindrances in estimating construction costs as per the national building cost manual 2023 by Ben Moselle.

Cost Modifiers

This cost estimating manual includes cost modifiers for the essential variables such as;

  • Quality, type, and size of equipment
  • The materials used
  • Class of Construction
  • Geographic location
  • Design features
  • Height of wall
  • Support requirements
  • And the number of floors

Besides, you can calculate replacement/renovation costs of building more quickly, and get reliable construction estimates.

And did we tell you the best feature this manual has?

This manual comes with regional cost adjustment factors. With the modification factor for 700+ communities throughout the U.S., it perfectly tailors the estimates as per your requirements while you are on any job site. Besides, you can adjust the costs for any location you desire. Using it gives you the authority to keep the estimation report in which way you like; view, email, or save the detailed report in PDF. It’s quick, easy to use, and provides reference budget figures for construction, replacement, or appraisal costs, and can be used for buildings of any variety.

Get Free Estimating Software

Now including a free estimating software download that can help you in appraising or estimating the type of building. You only need to choose the quality, class, type of building, square feet, and other relevant features to get the job done. You can free download the software along with the national building cost manual 2023 directly from amazon.

To keep the estimators up to date regarding the latest cost-estimating procedures and standards, the manual is revised annually.


Everyone who is familiar with construction appraisal or estimation understands that even a competent estimator having complete drawings, precise labor or material cost, and specifications can disagree on the building’s cost. There is always room for disagreement on the “right cost.”

The manual does not guarantee that you can do the job in a few seconds. Instead, it helps in determining the nearly-precise cost of construction for most of the buildings located anywhere in the USA. Moreover, it enables you to develop an informed opinion and proves as a valuable aid for the overall construction estimating process.

Download Links

Overall, we will give this book a 4.7-star rating out of 5 stars. The national building cost manual 2023 PDF copy can be downloaded after ordering it on Amazon. Click on the link given below to get more details;

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