25 Secret Marketing Tips for Construction Companies

The construction industry is a high-demand industry. In a society where people always want an upgrade in their living standards, they need these construction companies to build new modern houses for easy living, build roads for transport, renovate old roads, and build new supermarkets, malls, schools, hospitals, etc. We are dependent on these companies to construct projects of any kind.

In such a high-demand market, there is also high competition for construction businesses to become the best and attract the most significant number of clients. The main challenge, however, is how to grow a construction company. The solution to this is to have robust marketing strategies to make a mark in the market. To attract new leads and make greater sales and revenues, we need to market our business effectively. It is critical that you do not put your marketing plan on hold while your competitors take all opportunities.

If contractors ensure that their construction companies stand out from the rest, they have to develop a well-thought marketing plan. Here are some digital marketing strategies for construction companies to come up with such a plan that will give them that extra edge in the industry and make them ahead of their game. These strategies will make sure that your company not only survives but is also thriving and growing.




Following are some tips that can be used for effective marketing in the construction industry. These construction advertising ideas can prove to be very fruitful to your business if used effectively and intelligently.

1.    Build a Great Website Online:

In today’s era, where all of your potential customers surf online networks and sites, advertising your business online has become a necessity. You need a solid presence online, whether you are a local contractor renovating houses or a multimillionaire firm building massive structures.

You need to build a strong website that helps your customers connect to your business and get to know your business in detail. You can also hire a website designer to build a website for your company. You need a website that is professional, user-friendly, and has all the factors which make your website strong and one of the best.

Having a website gives a professional outlook on business and seems like a reliable and legitimate company. Before signing a deal, customers like to visit the website and get information about the work you do so they can make an informed decision. If you don’t have a website, customers will just move on to the next company without considering your company at all.

The important elements to be included in your website are:

An About Page —this page lets the visitors know the details about your company, including your experiences, services, and background.

A Product Page — Informs customers about the services you provide.

A Testimonials Page – It includes reviews from people who have had the experience working with this company. This helps to build trust among the customers.

A Gallery Page – To make an impression through pictures and videos and demonstrate the outcomes of your services.

A Blog Page – It is used for building a network for the company through posting news, updates, and the latest content.

A Contact Page – It is made so that people who are interested in your services can get in touch with you easily. You can share your phone number, email ID, address, etc. on the contact page.

2.    Build your Brand:

You need to build a brand name for your company to make it look more credible to your customers. A brand name gives identification and recognition to your company. It also makes your website more presentable and legitimate. To develop your business, you need to come up with a brand name that is different and makes you stand out but at the same time is relevant to your work.

You can also hire graphic design services from professionals to develop your brand. These services can assist you in establishing and marketing your brand. The marketing associated with a brand name includes:

A Brand Logo – It shows the identity of your company.

Banner Ad Design – for promoting your company at social events.

Billboard design – It helps to make your brand get attention on major highways and other busy roadways.

Business Card Design – It serves as an indirect invitation to your prospects.

Flyers and signage — to stimulate people’s interest

Having a brand gives you the visibility you need to get your customers’ attention. It makes you remembered by your potential customers and helps build a relationship of trust.

3. Social Media Marketing:

Social media doesn’t only mean surfing through Facebook and Instagram aimlessly; instead, social media for construction companies can be valuable assets to grow and spread out. Construction companies need to have strong Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. Since most people very commonly use these sites, it effectively reaches a large number of people who can turn out to be prospective customers for your company.

LinkedIn is also another platform whose effectiveness is working these days. LinkedIn connects you with decision-makers looking for people to help them with significant projects. It also allows you to get referrals and build a strong web network with your competitors and your customers. It helps to give a more professional outlook to your business and enables you to get a lot of learning and new opportunities for your company.

All in all, construction social media marketing sites help you build a more personal relationship with your customers and interact with them directly first-hand. It also enables you to create a referral community where your business can grow through word-of-mouth. Moreover, it allows your business to be in front of the eyes of millions of people leading to more clients in the long run.

However, to reach people through social media sites, you would have to post all the latest content and post consistently. You can add videos advising other contractors, Quotes from videos, Examples of finished work, Videos of projects being worked on, etc. posting regularly and smartly will help you get more reach on these platforms.

4.    Google and Facebook Advertisements:

It is helpful to run standard Google ads, but Google Service ads are specifically helpful for construction marketing. When someone searches “Construction Company near me,” the advertisement of your company appears along with a “Google Guaranteed Badge” Moreover, you don’t need to pay per click but only pay for the leads generated by the ad. Posting such ads help more people to know about your business and increases the number of people who view your websites.

You can also run Facebook advertisements which also market your services to a wide range of the public using Facebook daily. You should invest in well-produced ads and campaigns on Facebook to make your business stand out from the competitors. These ads help you reach a wider audience, generate new leads, and convert more customers.

5. Focus on Optimization of Search Engines:

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps to rank websites in search engines such as Google. If you rank better in search engines, more people will visit your website through their search for material online, and this will increase the traffic on your website. Therefore, you need to produce amazing content which attracts you visitors and also helps to rank you in the search engine.

To achieve this, you should know the demands and interests of your customers first. According to that, we have to build out relevant content to be displayed on the top of the page when users search for construction-related stuff.

You may also use keyword tools to find keywords relevant to the construction business. Once you’ve identified the keywords that your prospective consumers are using to find what they’re looking for, you must produce interesting content around those keywords.

6.    Follow-up with your past Customers:

Keeping your current audience and encouraging your previous customers to return is essential for growing your audience. Whether it was a small work or a commercial project, if your clients had a pleasant experience, it could be worth checking to see if they have any forthcoming requirements that they might need your help with. This also impresses the customer and leads to more business.

This is a great construction marketing strategy that is essentially helpful to maintain long-lasting professional relationships with your customers and ensures that your customers contact you again in the future for any other needs. It maintains the loyalty of your customers and also leads to more work through referrals and positive word of mouth.

7.    Send sale pitches through Email:

Email marketing for construction companies is a great help to reach out to new customers who might need your services. Through email marketing, you can send short emails to potential customers asking if they need any help with their construction work. You can also give a brief introduction about your work to see if it is something they are interested in. email marketing can also be used to pitch some sales campaigns to potential customers or send advertisements. Email marketing helps customers develop an interest in your company and gives you a solid reputation as a dependable contractor.

However, you have to form your emails so as not to come off as a scam. The emails should be short and something which indulges the customer’s interests. You can also set up some systems to send out bulk emails to a large number of people simultaneously. This kind of email marketing gives a massive boost to your marketing and sales efforts.

8.    Attract leads with a lead Magnet:

A lead magnet is a free service offered to people interested in your construction business. To access this service, they have to provide you with their contact information, such as their contact number or email address. This contact information can then be used to target those potential customers back to see if they would like to sign a deal with you or if they need services of any kind.

You can set up a system for your website or other social media sites that enable you to attract leads of prospective clients. Through lead magnets, we get more information to pursue and convert to actual sales, and we also get people interested in our work by offering a free service to get an idea of what we do.

9. Retargeting Potential Customers:

If anyone visits your construction website, you can get their information by installing a pixel on your website, Facebook, or other sites. These pixels track any activity on your site, enabling you to retarget all potential leads. This helps you to get back to the interested customers.

 The information you have of them can help you retarget them with ads about your construction services on any future sites they visit. We can also retarget them with incentives to attract them or send them a message on any social media site or email to bring our company to their notice. Even if someone has searched a keyword related to construction, we can retarget them with our information. This helps us to make more sales.

10. Be Specific While Marketing Your Services:

One important construction advertising idea is to avoid going overboard while making an ad for your construction company. It’s common to want to tell everyone in your field that you can achieve anything. However, the need to demonstrate that you can accomplish it all at once is a crusher of efficient marketing. Telling them that you can do everything in every marketing might possibly scare them away.

You should only market one service at a time. For example, you may market your skill in solely creating modern kitchens in a single advertisement. You may then create a separate advertisement to demonstrate your experience in creative landscaping. Making advertisements for specific tasks helps to keep customers interested and enhances their likelihood of coming to you for their projects.

11. Build Relationship with Related Businesses:

Building a healthy relationship with the people you come in contact with while doing your construction work is also really important for your company’s credibility. Building relationships with businesses related to your construction work, like electricians, painters, interior designers, etc., and are not your competitors can benefit you.

And so, it is necessary that we have good professional terms with them. Having such contact with these businesses can help get more referrals and word of mouth around, as they are more likely to contact people who might want your services. And so, we should always try to maintain a good attitude and reputation of our company among such other related companies.

12. Provide Free Knowledge:

To make new people interested in your business, one of the most amazing tactics is to attract customers through imparting free knowledge related to construction problems and hacks. Giving knowledge about problems for free can establish your reputation as a reliable company in front of your customers.

As a building expert, you may provide free information to your clients or create short DIY YouTube videos to boost their trust in you. If the customers like what they get for free, they will likely choose your company for something big in the future.

13. Providing Sale Benefits:

Proving sale benefits to customers is a fantastic way to make new customers choose your company. These offers go a long way to help the customers make their final choice between you and your competitor. Providing reduced prices through discounts, or giving the customers deals and providing one or more services to the customers for free and building a sense of trust and entitlement in your customers.

 You can give a certain percentage off on their first construction project. If a customer is getting his house renovated, you can make up a package deal including paint and electric work at a cost less than doing those separately. In this way, the customers are pleased and are likely to come back next time.

14. Join a Construction Association Group:

To make your company appear respectable, you could join one or more construction groups. Group memberships give access to industry information as well as significant networking possibilities. It helps you stay connected with your competitors and what they are doing so you can bring the same changes to your construction company. This way, you can make sure you are not lagging.

You can also learn many construction hacks and tips, enabling you to handle your business more efficiently. Moreover, you can build relationships that will help you in the long run. Because construction marketing is all about connections, you must first establish connections with people before embarking on any construction projects.

15. Use Video to feature Your Projects and Brand:

Video is an important marketing tactic that should not be overlooked. This is specifically prominent in a visually oriented business-like construction. Imagine the impact of a video if a picture is worth a thousand words. You may put this power to use by making a video of your most recent project. You may make fascinating films by filming your workers at work or obtaining good video testimonials from your customers.

Videos are a creative approach to give your company a personality, make it more personable, and help you grow your audience. You may even use these films to generate business leads and build your brand image on YouTube and Facebook.

16. Prioritize reviews and customer testimonials:

There is no better way to create a sense of trust among people than by letting your previous satisfied customers speak for you. In a construction company where people are skeptical due to the amount of fraud prevalent in this industry, you need good reviews to create trust. Good customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings for your business help people to rely on you and choose your company for their construction needs. These are usually the first and the most important thing that a new customer will look into when reaching out to you.

 Some ways for adding these are:

  • Include case studies and testimonials from your previous customers on your page.
  • Check that Google and sponsored search engines for your company have ratings and reviews enabled.
  • Encourage your satisfied clients to provide reviews on all of the main review sites.
  • Create customer testimonial videos to share on social media.

17. Do Social Service Work:

Social service and charity work works wonders to improve your company’s reputation and brand image in front of the public. The construction business has an excellent scope for charity. You can build a hospital or construct a school for children for free. This charity work is one of the best ways to impress and get highlighted in front of your prospective customers.

The more charity work you do, the more you will be popular and liked by the people. This may not be profitable to you in the short run, but in the long run, it helps you build a significant and long-lasting client network, and people are also more likely to remember your company for many years to come. If you demonstrate your competence in charity construction, people will undoubtedly see you as a nice person and a competent builder.

18. Integrate SMS Marketing:

SMS or text messages boost your business and let more people know that your company exists in the construction market. It’s a low-cost way to promote your building projects to potential consumers. You can send details about your work and the packages and pricing you offer.

However, the content in the message should be distinct and attention-grabbing, so when people receive the message, they are interested to learn more or remember you if they might need help in the future. However, be careful that you only send messages to individuals who have subscribed to your messaging list. Otherwise, they may block or report you if they believe you are spamming them.

19. Participate in Exhibitions and Expos:

Events and exhibitions allow you to meet customers and prospects face to face. You may learn about their preferences and interests, as well as the most recent trends in the construction industry. You can distribute brochures, show project videos, and employ interesting digital technologies to gather as many businesses leads as possible.

You can get the contact details of all interested customers and get back to them after the exhibition to see if they are still interested in working with you. You can even offer discounts and offers to people who visit your exhibit. These exhibitions are also helpful to build relationships and get to know your competitors and related people in your industry.

20. Build an Informative Blog:

Blogging about construction is a really effective and engaging strategy to build relationships and attract more customers. Clients do a lot of research while choosing a construction company. If the customers have a website that helps them to know the FAQs about construction companies, they will want to work with you directly because of being helped by the material you publish.

If you post hacks and tips related to construction that might help people, they will be more likely to choose you for their projects. Because making blogs about topics related to construction may increase your expertise credibility and also help you boost the quality of your website. This results in more visitors and better search engine ratings for your website. There are limitless benefits to an informative blog for construction companies.

21. Feature Your Employees:

It is fundamental to demonstrate the human aspect of your company in order to develop trust. By including your employees in your marketing initiatives, you can show the human element of your company to your customers, and they will get to know you and your company more. This is a little step toward gaining their confidence in your products.

You should strive to incorporate a human factor into all of your marketing strategies. This may be as basic as featuring some of your employees on the site or posting photographs of your staff on Instagram. Customers want to see the personal human element of a company because it helps them feel more connected to it, which increases their level of trust.

22. Create and Send Newsletters:

Newsletters are a fantastic tool for email marketing. You might request people who visit your website to subscribe to your newsletter and then email them helpful and innovative information. All of the public that comes into touch with you do not require or cannot afford your services right away. As a result, it is preferable to maintain passive communication with them through your newsletters. This increases the likelihood of their approaching you when they are in a position to use your services.

Newsletters may be used to highlight things you are working on or have finished. You may also include a sale or discount in your email, but its content should not all be about sales for your newsletter to be effective. In order to maintain relationships with your previous customers and build relationships with new customers, newsletters are the ideal way.

23. Nurture Client Relationships with CRM Technology:

Customer relationship management (CRM) is used for keeping the company’s relationships and interactions with current and future customers on track. It aids in the growth of your firm by improving business connections and keeping track of information about your leads and interactions with them.

Because leads are the foundation of the construction industry, you must produce as many qualifying leads as possible and nurture them before closing a project sale. Using a CRM guarantees that all leads are tracked and that nothing goes through the cracks. There are also several professional CRM software systems available on the market.

24. Build an Advertising Team:

It is imperative to build a brand that is robust. At the time of marketing a construction business, many small construction companies strive to maintain their marketing in-house, such as by hiring an administrator to conduct the task. This option might frequently wind up costing you money and producing little outcomes. Furthermore, this might be a source of worry for your office personnel.

A specialized team for marketing that has all the tools available within the company is better able to plan and build a marketing strategy for your construction company that will produce results. Additionally, a marketing staff that is trained and experienced will be able to perform the marketing tasks successfully, ensuring that attention is given especially to those areas that best match your company’s current situation.

25. Hire a Marketing Agency:

You can also outsource a marketing agency if you don’t have enough resources and expertise to build an in-house team. You can employ an agency to assist you so that your workload is reduced, and your overhead is reduced. A marketing agency is a professional company that is better skilled with all the knowledge, programs, resources, and staff.  Therefore, it carries out the perfect marketing plan for construction suited to the needs of your construction company.

A marketing agency will cover all your marketing needs, whether it is lead generation or making and posting ads, whether it is cold calling people or following up with potential customers. Whether it is making blog posts or maintaining your social media sites, these agencies have got you all covered. The professional work of these agencies will help to get a massive supply of leads and customers in a limited time.


Marketing for construction companies is not easy. In order for the success of your construction company, you need a solid and well-thought construction company marketing plan. Once you have that, you can easily make a mark in the industry and be one of the best construction companies out there.

These strategies mentioned above are the most tested methods that you can use to make the most effective marketing plan for construction businesses. Such a strategy can bring any construction business from a one-person company to needing an entire office floor to accommodate all employees. So go, win the market with these fantastic tips, and strive in all your business endeavors.

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